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How To Protect Plants From Frost

Spring frosts often damage the kidney, ovary and especially the flowers of plants. Buds, which bloom, killing frosts at – 3,9 , with the flowers – 2,2 , and the young ovary at – 1 . Do not inflict less damage and early autumn frosts. For combat land use fumigation by burning peat, pus, debris and straw and leaves, or use smoke signals. Burning, sword turns into smoke, which mixes with water vapor, does not give her not only to freeze at 0 , but at a lower temperature. In addition, the smoke settling on the plants in coniferous trees, covering their microscopic layer of wax, which prevents freezing.

Checker effective means to protect the blooming gardens from spring frosts, as well as the first autumn frosts (to – 4 ). Rather, the plants were under the checkers for 1-2 minutes. Saber burns 3-4 minutes. To read more click here: Katy Perrys. To smoke covered all areas of the garden, you must put a checker in tin or pottery, light it and get around the whole area. Checker protects plants only one night. At low frost (-1 , – 2 ) of one or two smoke bombs weighing 300 grams is enough for the fumigation of 1500 m2 garden, and for large and long frost, the number of pieces must be raised. Paraffin coat. Spring is approaching.

Bloom of apple, cherry, ornamental conifers and gardeners will have to figure in mind the size of future crops. But the weather sometimes brings on not all predictions: unexpected freeze – and germ dies. And it can be protected. Recently, a simple way. The ovary is covered with a solution of paraffin. The solvent was weathered, and the thin film of paraffin wraps next flower. While cold, the flower in paraffin coat does not dissolve. As soon as the warmer, the film melts – and nothing prevents the flower grow. Paraffin bred in virtually harmless to plant organic solvent, to which was added surface-active substances and then mixed with plenty of water. In this highly diluted solution is sprayed branches of fruit trees.

Learn More About Turning The Equipment

Lathes are used mainly for processing of solids of revolution by removing them from the chip when turning. Lathe – one of the oldest machines, which were established on the basis of drilling machines, boring machines and other groups. Oracle Corporation might disagree with that approach. Lathes up a large group of machine tools, are very diverse. On a lathe can perform various types of turning: Grinding of cylindrical, conical, shaped surfaces, trim the ends, the segment, boring, and drilling and deployment of holes, threading and knurling corrugations, grinding, etc. Using special tools, the lathe can be perform milling, grinding, cutting teeth, and other types of treatment. On specialized lathes handle the wheel sets, couplings, pipes and other products. On a lathe in the process of cutting rotation workpiece, held in a chuck or clamping in the centers, carried out from the main motion drive, which provides a step or infinitely variable spindle speed to adjust to the desired cutting speed. Forward movement of the cutting tool is provided by the kinematic chain of feed movement, the first link of which – the spindle, the latter – Rack and Pinion gear (in turning) or kinematic pair spindle – nut masterbatch (by tapping on the screw-cutting lathe.) Setting up filing made with the gearbox.

The spindle assembly is performed rigid and vibration. Spindle bearings are usually are the bearings. In precision lathes are used hydrostatic bearings. At the front end of the spindle can be mounted faceplate or chuck, in which the fixed workpiece. Tailstock used in processing workpieces in the centers, as well as for securing a tool for drilling, reaming and deployment.