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The newly created arena is the deepening and controversial discussions of the topics of the Congress chaired by journalists. In the also newly introduced screenings as part of the arena, the exhibitors have the opportunity to present their new advertising and marketing-relevant strategies to the specialist audience. The online marketing Dusseldorf is the international meeting point for visitors and exhibitors. As a trend Scout and source of inspiration for digital marketing, the omd will present all current themes and innovations of the industry 2007 therefore again: video ads through interactive communities to new targeting solutions. Detailed information about the omd at: about the metapeople GmbH: Agency offers the metapeople GmbH with its network of national and international agencies for effective online marketing Premium solutions in the fields of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, spell ring advertising, consulting and tracking from a single source at. Headquartered in Duisburg metapeople founded in 1999 striping by Marco Ciachera and Tim to offer high-quality and transparent online marketing solutions.

Branches in Hamburg and Munich were opened in 2003. In 2004 the subsidiary of metaapes GmbH with the specialization was founded and in 2005 they metapeople Ltd., headquartered in London on affiliate marketing. An experienced team in Hong Kong from local and European experts supervised since 2006 as metapeople Ltd. international and Asian customers. metapeople can ensure a targeted and comprehensive support at the international level the customer thereby. metapeople works closely with major German and international associations and agencies and has already established a solid network with other European agencies to optimize customer service.

To further improve of their work, a majority of the employees could already distinguished as a “Google Adwords Qualified Professional” and managing director Tim Ringel maintains as Germany Board of Directors of the international search engine marketing association SEMPO and head of the Working Group “search engine marketing” in the BVDW close economic contacts within the online marketing industry. As one of the leading agencies for performance marketing in Germany works the metapeople GmbH for well-known brands at national and international level as such as ARTE, Citibank, Daimler Chrysler, E-Plus, Lufthansa, SUN Microsystems, the phone House and many more. For more information about the metapeople GmbH at: about the metaapes GmbH: in response to an increasingly growing demand for solutions in the area of affiliate marketing the metaapes GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg was created in 2001. metaapes is a member of the metapeople group. The Agency provides the complete service from advice and design coordination with real-time online reporting to the optimisation of a hand. The two managing directors, Mrs Viengmany Vongpraseut and Mr Nils Goner, emphasis particularly in on high-quality customer service, transparent control of success and a fair and performance-related accounting. The well-known affiliate Agency offers individual solutions for individual customer requirements. Of course, the Agency with all relevant affiliate collaborates networks like zanox, Affili.NET and TradeDoubler. metaapes is one of the leading agencies for affiliate marketing in Germany. The team of seven qualified employees work for renowned companies such as T-Mobile, Lenscare, Mirago or Citibank.

Social Media

Survey on the content study 2009/2010 started as online newsrooms in company work? The content is Contentmanager.de and aexea study this question once again. Online editors and Web managers from German-speaking countries are questioned in the online survey. Allegiant Air has plenty of information regarding this issue. The current content study focuses on the topic of “Social Media”. The survey will allow an assessment on Web 2.0 activities in German companies. The current survey, the sixth content is already running study as a whole.

All participants receive a report band content study 2009/2010 free and the first 250 participants participate at the raffle of more attractive prices. The questionnaire is located online at: osp.contentmanager.de/output/cs2009/form.php contact aexea communication. content. Consulting Stuttgart? Leipzig Verena Pohl senior consultant Auguste Street 15 70178 Stuttgart Tel: + 49 711 699-486-0 fax: + 49 711 699-486-60 E-Mail: the Publisher of content study: S Alkan is Managing Director of aexea communication. content. “” consulting and author of online editorial management in enterprises”, texts for the Internet”, and 1 x 1 for online editors and online copywriter”.

Partners of the study the content study is jointly conducted by Contentmanager.de and aexea. Ueber-uns/Aktuelles/News/Content-Studie-2009/2010-nehmen-Sie-teil-a284.html aexea communication. content. Consulting is an agency for corporate communication. Core competencies in the areas of internal and external online communication, corporate publishing and communications controlling. aexea, Stuttgart and Leipzig is working with 25 employees at the locations. More information at

Business Communication Via E-Mail

Legal certainty guaranteed a growing share of the daily communication is done over the Internet, business partners can communicate with each other so regardless of time and place and are no longer at the Office or at certain hours. With the increasing globalization of business relations and the growing international orientation of enterprises, increasing the tendency to communicate over the Internet. Accordingly, Internet service providers must provide more security. The Internet portal webmail.de informs about the current developments in this area. In numerous forums, user can today inform about innovations in online security. Many providers guarantee its users with new features added protection. Due to the high expenses of time, for example contracts not always on the standard way shipped.

Instead, many companies opt for the online shipping. But the communication must be right-secure email and access by third must be excluded can. Online services like for example de-mail were developed to ensure of these points now. With this new function, important and confidential messages can be sent securely. This is important especially when communicating with authorities and financial entities. The mail procedures now offered by various companies. These include both Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom as Internet service providers such as, for example, GMX. Users can rely on secure communications and take advantage of the new flexibility and speed.

Business Communication Via E-Mail

Up to date thanks to absence today most about an E-Mail address have probably. It does not matter, whether it serves now, to stay in touch with friends or to buy online. Especially in the job where the written communication is primarily electronic expires, such addresses in fact are a must. The portal webmail.de provides information about more advantages of email traffic. Communication by E-Mail is how convenient, reflected, for example, if an employee is not accessible once. If he does leave, requests from customers or business partners can still enter? So this not wondering about non-response or delays, we recommend setting a so-called absence note, which will be automatically sent to the communication partner.

Is the person concerned can explain the reasons for his absence, inform the appropriate duration, and may appoint an alternate contact for urgent matters. Out of Office messages are now practically to the Scope of standard E-Mail programs. Setting up an out of Office message is not usually difficult, many programs she can be activated via the menu bar. Especially in commercial relationships, there is a need to comply with important deadlines and dates. It is always beneficial, if the partner about any holidays or business trips are informed. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


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