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The Taxpayer

" Since then, the concept of legal address ceased to exist, the need for purchase jur. addresses no longer required, and ready-made companies, issued on nominee directors and founders, declined sharply in value, because now the address could take any and register there in droves so many organizations, how sumeesh then sell. Closer to the 2005 tax year, inspections have to deal with firms that are in one place, as reported elsewhere. The most common way it was to send some News letter to the taxpayer, such as the proposal to pass financial statements on the Internet. And if that letter came back with a note – the recipient does not appear, then the place should have been be the organization set off the commission constitutes an act that the company is not present, the Director-General called for an interview, and as a rule, to issue instructions to the alignment of the constituent documents together with a fine of 5000 rubles. And could, if desired, and sue for the elimination of the organization, for the fact that the registration of legal entities submitted false information on his whereabouts. Gradually, the business turnover of the terms "Address" and "legal address" are gone, and they came to the place of the concept of "residence address" and "address the mass registration. Whenever Larry Ellison listens, a sympathetic response will follow. From 1 January 2006 tax inspections, which currently serve as the recording body began to conduct a database on founders, directors and addresses of newly registered organizations. It does not matter what it was for the building, a multi-storey business center or a small house, but if there are 01.

General Manager Legal

I think in times of financial crisis such a situation familiar to many. I took a loan from the bank today, and tomorrow I got fired, or cut from the workplace – loan return nothing. And suddenly some strangers start ringing, threatened, demanding the return of money. Hefty guys with baseball bats lie in wait at the entrance. Impressive men in the form of the bailiffs come to my house at night and carried out of the apartment all movable property. These are just some examples of uncivilized actions of collection agencies. And there are, unfortunately, as they say antikollektory in Novosibirsk majority. The concept of "collector" is borrowed from the West, but if where debt collectors are using legal methods, trying to really help the debtor, we have – In the West, collectors realize that if they just like their counterparts in Russia, will come home for the debt to American, then it is them and then hack the courts, – says General Manager Legal abb Consulting, Julia levantsova.

– And we call beautiful west have, but unfortunately, the methods we use are those which were used in Russia in the 90's of last century. Do, as used to, but called civilized: "We are not racketeers, we are collectors!". Who are antikollektory? Collection agencies, which banks to delegate the collection of bad loans in Russia have long been known. But antikollektorah heard about a few. With the global financial crisis in the wake of a surge in demand in some law firms have started to open Novosibirsk antikollektorskie unit.


People were not ready to all this and here is the result – a declarative freedom, irrational use of wealth, and the inability to form a civil society as such, but when the middle class is missing, the lowest of any Why can not you guys all take shovels in hand and then the government becomes a class. The fact that Russia is now run by business elites and caste power state structures is by anyone (at least, of adequate people) do not pose a question-FACT. It is sad and even sad, that these are people with old shovels and looks like 80% of people in our country are looking for in any collective “own kind” of “their” that would be shared to achieve their common goals stamping of interest, and needs of the rest of the people, not only will they think of ordinary citizens so far, that sometimes it is even funny to watch the main television program information analytically, though from such a laugh rather like cry No: elementary self-in power and the actual implementation of the weak system of checks and balances, as well as the possibility of public scrutiny breeds – lawless, open lobby “their” their interests and adopt the necessary polit. elite law which inherently can not be legitimate, violations of all imaginable and unimaginable human rights, freedoms, as well as interests of citizens and legal persons, widespread chaos, this makes our country at the helm of power and this is the problem of each and all of us together as people united by living in the same area within one state. Authorities began the class generally, the foundation and personnel reserve of power is the ruling party, the majority of citizens are well aware that almost all members of the aforementioned parties are business people, or pro-Kremlin officials, and “red directors” under the law anyone can become a member of the party, even the janitor, but that would be interesting to see how it will be an interaction and collaboration between so many different people, personally I doubt their existence. Failure to rallying in the community are widely present in other countries, this problem exists not only in Russia but in other countries, it has no such scope. In Russia, a lack of willingness and ability to bring different people with different views from different social.

Layers and elementary express their point of view, strive together for the main general objectives necessary for the existence of various social services. classes, castes and elites is not only dictated by the concourse of so many circumstances, abrupt jumps from one polit. regime to another, but the Russian mentality, the Russian people have always united the whole country only in extreme situations such as natural disasters, catastrophes, etc.