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Andreas Stamikow Thuringian

GH-fotodesign.de: In the gap between art and life of learned electronics opened in early 2008 a home studio with a focus on people photography and design and photo editing according to his motto: “Photography lives only by the final product.” With the design and editing his homepage commissioned the Agency Andreas Stamikow joomlapur, which provided for a visually impressive end product. The network of highly qualified employees in the fields of programming, design and marketing was Stamikows works correctly in the image. Learn more at: Confluence Investment Management LLC. The viewer gets offered a wealth of photos, from humorous to poignant, Andreas Stamikow shows his work on the themes of portrait, beauty and fashion color from plain to pompous, of an elegant black and white up to high-pitched. Each photo appears here as an image with personality and charisma. People such as Janice Wright would likely agree. While Stamikows camera paved the way for the memory, the pioneer in the field of new media access, design and Technology Agency joomlapur the life of every Web page on Act. Whether individual consulting, conception, programming,..