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Non-smoker Protection

Many restaurant operators have still with the various non-smoking protection laws to fight through the use of proper ashtrays. Often be either annoyed the smoking guests with bad solutions, or tortured non-smokers with unreasonable smoke. (Source: Gary Kelly). There are certainly various approaches to this challenge. Standing ashtray and Wandascher exterior are a possibility. You position these products in a covered environment with a heating mushroom and a table, so the smoking guest with the short stay in the open air will have fewer problems, than in a less well-thought-out solution with flower pots under the open sky.

Ascher in the outdoor area can be analysed as a meaningful implementation of the statutory protection of non-smokers. The variants available in the market are characterized often by a clean empty, beautiful design and easy installation to wall and floor. This pleased the cleaning power, as well as the smoking guests. Distinguished himself above all standing ashtray and Wall mounted cigarette bin. Depending on the type, the ashtray be theft-proof attached to the outer wall of the restaurant or stored after Zapfenstreich with billboards in the restaurant. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

However both versions have in common, that the floor before a restaurant or a hotel has been treated with fewer cigarette butts and therefore have significantly less often swinging the broom. Advantages of Wanda SAH are anti-theft mounting on the wall of the houses. These can in addition be supplemented by good plugs in the compartment hardware store. Some wall mounted cigarette bin designs are also very narrow. Integrating them is usually well into the overall environment. Disadvantage of this solution is the possibly needed approval from the landlord. This is in some cases obtaining. If this is not a problem, the Wandascher scenario is a suitable means to get smokers to non-smokers-friendly legislation. The standing ashtray are intended for permanent mounting on a base plate, depending on the version, or as portable device available. The portable versions have the advantage that no permits are needed for this by the landlord. At the same time, the stand devices have a higher volume, allowing the draining must be carried out not quite as often. Disadvantages are the missing theft safety during opening hours. While this is more likely to neglect. In addition to these specific advantages and disadvantages, you also should pay attention to the material and the workmanship. The material, a stainless steel should be selected depending on the environment. This proved the most in practice. In the covered outdoor area, also an ashtray in beautiful colors can help to bind the attention of smokers themselves. So to increase the frequency of use and non-smokers can breathe again in the restaurant. TKG GmbH, Mrs Daniela Kunze