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Team Building

It is no doubt that the actions of team building are fundamental to organizations, fact that is endorsed because year after year, world-class companies, invest in them. But, is it possible that they are losing effectiveness? Are always formulas getting obsolete? You’re lowering the ROI of these actions? And if this is the case the Team Building is avocado to the disappearance? And the answer is simple, Yes, team building is dying as we know it today, but as the abacus to the calculator, it is giving way to a version of himself more effectively and with greater return; Team Building theme. So far the company events of this kind have been carried out to develop team-building programs have not evolved especially. If what is intended is motivate attendees and implement competences individual and group as leadership, communication, teamwork, efficiency is necessary to arouse the interest of the participants, draw your attention. The problem comes when we give account we are going to do a typical activity of teambuilding, for the umpteenth time is clear that we cannot maintain the attention of participants and as a result lose effectiveness when it comes to transmitting messages and work competencies. But which events have been conducted traditionally for team building programs? Which we all know, simulate a giant chessboard, racing on stilts counting with the help of colleagues, a way to go blind, race of sacks on the one hand, are games where you all someday or another have participated, either small, young or older.

On the other hand, it’s a series of disjointed activities among themselves, without conductive thread and a goal beyond the game. We must seek changes, different activities for the Organization of company events, we seek one greater motivation, surprise, thrill, so that the result is truly optimal. The idea is that participants do not issuing phrases like again the same, as boredom, this I already know should be designing new business events, start the imagination so that the result is an activity where participants are surprised, is excited, will motivate and that when they go home, that day has become something fun and unforgettable. The evolution of the Organization of company events has had on the thematic Team Building its greatest exponent. We are talking about actions with a common thread from beginning to end, in which we also find basic elements of the game, but in which there is an objective clear that guides all actions of the team. In thematic teambuilding participants are involved in a movie, the appearance is very exciting and original, with what gets all the attention of the participants towards the corporate event. For example a thief may have stolen an important secret of the company and the participants, as a whole, as in a film of white-collar thieves to the Oceans eleven, will have to overcome lots of security systems to achieve its coveted secret. But that is not all, it could be a detective story, survival imagination sets the limit. Original author and source of the article.