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Twitter, Your Best Productivity Tool

Following one of the latest trends in web 2.0 Twitter is now the third most popular social network in the world. This is a microblogging platform with which we can communicate and connect with others using 140 characters through frequent answers to one simple question … By the same author: free ringtones. what are you doing? . This social network is so famous that its users range from ordinary people to movie stars, large firms in the industry, among many others profiles.

What can your company on Twitter? You can promote your products, extend your brand, generate interest in the company and retaining customers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary Kelly. Besides being a perfect tool for building relationships, also in a strategic way to drive traffic to your website as a company very well think you’re going to communicate, remember that you only have 140 characters to express yourself, and your content should bring something interesting those who follow you, so I suggest you always post a link to expand your information. Do not focus so much on what are you doing? But rather on what can bring my business to my niche market? Another thing that may be useful is that you have many applications that increase your productivity in your twitter profile. Check out Philip Vasan for additional information. These are some of these: Bit.ly: this system is by default when you post a link in the twitter post. What it does is to shorten the URL like this: But if you want to track your links it is best to create an account in bit.ly.com. Twitpic: A system that lets you share your photos on twitter importing your images directly from your PC, make a video to see how.

TweetLater: With this system you can create welcome messages, follow those who follow you, see reports by keywords etc … all automatically. There are two versions: free and professional. Find more information on TweetLater.com Twellow: ideal for segmenting markets because it is the yellow pages of twitter, it can seek and follow profiles by category, states, keywords and others … it is important to know that only works for the United States and Canada. Twitter Tools: is a plugin that integrates your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. So every time you post your blog content automatically posted it on twitter and vice versa. You just download the plugin and install it on your blog platform. Twitter Feed: the content can also post your new blog on Twitter no matter what platform you are using. It is necessary that you have an OpenID to use this system. TweetDeck: it is a personal browser that connects you with twitter and facebook at the same time and the latest “updates” to your fans and friends in which you discuss your condition, forward messages, create groups to keep your desktop tidy and updated digital and much more, you can download the desktop application TweetDeck.com been omitted many more applications that improve our profile on Twitter to convert more followers and extend our brand in this medium. In conclusion I say goodbye, but not before we invite you to follow in Twitter.Xzito_Creative.com soon. PS: If you want to know more about web 2.0 strategies, call us! to 401.709.43.42 or contact us for additional information on. Waiting for you! Xzito your best solution