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The Market

In addition, almost all kids do not like to wear tights. So what same thing? Try to pick up the child such products, that he was comfortable. What we look for when choosing tights for a child? 1. Composition. Today the popularity of tights associated with the addition of elastane (Synthetic fiber), as they are significantly softer and more elastic cotton. The ideal percentage of elastane to the cotton 80/15, plus the need to add 5% PA (polyamide, nylon).

In addition to the aforementioned composition, socks, hosiery factories and production use acrylic, wool, microfiber, lycra and other components. Modern manufacturers of yarn for tights create a genuinely new environmentally friendly, natural material – Bamboo yarn. Bamboo fiber are added to the pryazhnuyu thread, so the product of a great yarn absorbs moisture (3-fold greater than the 100% cotton), without losing the original color and does not stretch when washed. Socks, hosiery production of "Ida +" has launched a new series of children's stockings with bamboo yarn. 2. Product quality. Good products a pleasure to hold in their hands.

Pantyhose should have a special strength, do not roll after the washings and does not pinch the vessels still be soft and smooth to the touch, the stitches should be neat and not interfere when wearing. 3. Design. Manufacturing companies often offer original design tights: embroidery, weaving, computer designs, openwork. Here and flowers, butterflies, and Spiderman, and drawings for babies, and cartoon characters, and even the design decisions on any subject, ranging from wildlife and marine themes ending with a beautiful pattern. Fans of plain colors can choose from a huge range of colors available on the market tights. 4. Stylish packaging. Packaging depends on the imagination of the designer of the manufacturer, image of the manufacturer on the market and the budget spent on the label. As in the paragraph "structure" is important to correctly balance of quality products and money spent on the label design. Often produce low quality dressed in a bright, attractive and expensive label. Callback option: when the products are high quality and attractive packaging leaves much to be desired (it was sinful, until recently, domestic manufacturers time). When buying pantyhose pay attention to the label: it should contain all the necessary information on the composition and size. 5. Price. The average cost of tights usually depends on the composition: from 30rub (cotton), 60 rubles (lycra) to 400 rubles (bamboo). Thus, for a variety of proposals on the market of "Ida + Recommends: try to make the right purchase price, and to correlate the quality of pantyhose, because your choices affect not only the comfort, appearance, pleasant to wear and heat retention, but also the health of your child.