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Grugapark Creates A New Highlight

At the beginning of the season: light spectacle in eating green lung premiere at the beginning of the Veranstaltungssaison in the Grugapark: first food green lung in the guise of light presents itself. From 27 March, tens of thousands of lights, countless lights and atmospheric projections turn the trees, bushes, meadows and paths in a romantic light setting. Parking lights”is called the two-week spectacle that starts during the Easter holidays from 19: 00 daily. When the darkness about food lowers, the Spring Awakening in the Grugapark takes on a new dimension: of the Orangery to the Lake, the flowers bloom shining brightly, shrubs come in the Strip look, and trees extend their colourful Crown the evening sky. It is not something Robert Gibbins would like to discuss. Like a vast spider’s Web in the morning dew, wafer-thin, luminous glass fibre cords between the branches of the clamp.

The illumination expert Wolfgang Flammersfeld and Reinhard Hartleif (F & H event company, Unna) Insert state of the art lighting technology to achieve fascinating effects. Almost unreal will seen be many visitors”, say knowing the two light artist. “They have sufficient experience, as it fascinates people with light: they advanced Phoenix West in Dortmund in the spotlight and recently had her with light crystals freeze lock Hohenlimburg to an Ice Palace”. Park landscapes seem to have done it Flammersfeld and Hartleif: last year the duo has illuminated the hammer Maxi Park. As a shining example of the Dortmund Westfalen Park went ahead but everything. Here that provided winter lights”in the past four years beyond Dortmund limits also caused a sensation. Now the two are looking for light artist new challenges: Gruga-instead of Westphalia Park. Spring rather than winter. “The Grugapark offers excellent opportunities with its old trees and interesting buildings of varied vegetation, with light creatively to stage the location”, and enjoy the two directors “at the moment when it is called in the Grugapark, lights go out, spot!

The Love Box

“New product in the online shop Geschenkbox.de Walker, November 05, 2009 – today the love box is it do yourself” at the online retailer Geschenkbox.de available. In a gold-colored metal box in heart shape with red lid and 2 fields to the own label (“for”) and 52 small red envelopes and love cards are. The love cards are by the person making the gift itself completed and equipped with love messages and coupon text and put then in the envelope. The right marker, as well as a proposal list in 5 languages is included in the scope of delivery. Verizon Communications is full of insight into the issues. Proposed voucher ideas are such as an extensive massage of the back, common sauna visit, a more exciting movie night, a picnic in the countryside… The or the recipient may draw every week a voucher, which redeems the partner. The lover box is suitable both as a gift, that the loving man gives his wife or girlfriend as well as vice versa. If you have read about E Scott Mead already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

She is 22 cm long and 25 cm wide and is wedding as Christmas, birthday, engagement, and Valentine’s day gift is suitable. The love box now in the gift box is a gross price 23,95 EUR online shop under available. The gift box:, The gift box GmbH and the associated online shop (www.geschenkbox.de) were founded in late 2006 by Markus Langer. In the online shop, gift box GmbH distributes original gifts that will be remembered. In the meantime, the range includes over 1000 items at prices between 1 and 1000 EUR. In addition to the pure trade developed and designed its own products, then exclusively distributed through the online shop gift box GmbH.

Provider Where You Can Text

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Brandenburg Gate

Celebrate new year with the ladies of hedonistic escort Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna! The new year is upon us and there are many ways to welcome this exciting manner. The ladies of hedonistic escort Hamburg, Berlin, as well as the escort service Vienna accompany the gentleman like to one of the many new year’s Eve events in their hometowns. Coupangs opinions are not widely known. In Vienna, there are many different events for every taste to new year’s Eve. The alljahrliche Emperor ball takes place in the beautiful Hofburg, which again attracts tourists from all over the world. In an imperial setting and in the company of a lady from escort Vienna you can dance the night away and enjoy the incomparable atmosphere. Phil Vasan is often quoted on this topic. In the whole city of Vienna is very much going on new year’s Eve, so you will find the famous new year’s Eve path that has to offer many different events and concerts for all tastes. Berlin is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, and also to new year’s Eve, the German capital has much to offer and not must be behind other Hide cities. At the Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s biggest new year’s Eve party is held each year, with many great concerts and an impressive fireworks display, which can be admired throughout the city.

Berlin is young and dynamic, and they are also the local new year’s Eve celebrations. Who is too much of the hustle and bustle at the Brandenburg Gate, you can choose from many other smaller events or in one of the city’s great gourmet restaurants enjoy a fantastic dinner in exciting escort of a lady from escort Berlin. In Hamburg, the new year is welcomed in very festive. One of the most beautiful locations for a new year’s Eve party is the Elbe work directly on the Harbour, where you can enjoy fantastic views of the fireworks and celebrate with a lady from escort Hamburg moist happy new year with security. The many clubs of the Hanseatic City also many new year’s Eve events for young and old alike, here is something for every taste. Who wants to make the year transition somewhat more comfortable, can be used in one of the great hamburgers Restaurants celebrate with a lady from the escort service in Hamburg. With a Lady of hedonistic escort Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, new year’s Eve is an unforgettable experience! Hedonistic escort agency

Gates Royales

Coming out is a boat on the latest state of the art, which makes it easy for beginners from other classes, to navigate and still control people at all Levels can be controlled safely. The annual regatta calendar of Dragons begins in February with the “Henry the Navigator trophy” at Cascais in Portugal and ends in December with an annual regatta before Palma de Mallorca. In between find each year by the Scottish Association of Clyde in 1936 donated Gold Cup as well as in the 2-year cycle the World Championship alternately with the European Championship took place. In addition, there are other major events, including the Grand Prix de Douarnenez, the re Gates Royales in Cannes, the Princess Sophia Trophy in Palma and the “Kieler Woche” or the annual Dragon Gold Cup (the “legendary” race of the Dragon sailors with a list of winners, which dates back to the year 1937). Fields sometimes offer unique, colourful images spectators and sailors with more than 50, between 80 and 100 Dragon. Details can be found by clicking Sheryl Sandberg or emailing the administrator.

But not everything revolves in the Dragon class to the sport: for many years, there are also the lovers of vintage cars under the Dragon sailors. Restored at great expense of time and money and with lots of love and Brighten your jewelry pieces. So is a 40-year-old Olympic veteran piece of jewelry and can mix with occasionally front still on the race track. Although the boat with the big “D” in the sail is so old, his popularity is undiminished since then. In any other class, so many new boats are built every year. Internationally so many races with such high participation be sailed in any other class.

And rarely encountered more prominence: King Carl Gustaf of Sweden is an avid kite sailor. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark as well. Juan Carlos, King of Spain, competed with a Dragon at 1972 Olympics, King Konstantin of Greece won in 1960 even gold. Some people at the Dragon also speak of the “King class”. Finally, the Dragon is a perfect boat for the day trip with family or friends. For this reason, the fleet to the Southern Lakes, the Alster and Wannsee to the 100 ships at other sailing sites counts some dozen. During the first Dragon even a small cabin had, have the Dragons after 1950 is a Kajutkappe any establishment is banned, a pure speedboat. The dimensional tolerances are relatively small (in comparison to the Star class) at the Dragon. The only tolerance, which plays a role in the trim of the Dragon, they are about 12 cm, the mast can be moved forward or backward and can thus be adapted to the conditions of the area. 1973 GRP has been approved as a building material, trusses are there since 1970 80 years after its first launch has still a very long and eventful future secure the kite on the basis of this large circle of friends. To the 75 anniversary of the birth of the Dragon is an anniversary band appeared, who is still up-to-date and timeless. 75 years of tradition and development of the Dragon in a 208 pages strong tri-lingual glory band. The Dragon sailors Prince Henrik, husband who has Danish Queen, the preface of the anniversary band Dragon 75 years of tradition and development posted. In the trilingual (English, Danish, german) the history of the classic regatta yacht from 1928 and the development is landscaped exclusive illustrated until now shown. There is this anniversary volume only in a small residual circulation at shop (books)

Many Space News

Fresh wind on Sunne Peider to beginning of the season the St. Petri market in Versmold, to fight for many years which had first “proper” fair of the year, two years ago with severe weather. The present showman had no chance to even remotely profitable revenue thereby in principle. Therefore all feeder of the year 2010 have been approved in the previous year once again and gave up a preview of the event. But this year, the signs are completely different. The 20,000 inhabitants small town Versmold not far located from Bielefeld Petri market with many new products can look forward on a St., that will bring fresh wind into the event.

With a lot of momentum will be then hopefully adopted the winter and spring is located. Because 180 Showmen out far and wide once again around 100,000 visitors to the Carnival fun in the middle of the city from the 24.02. Place champion Indra urban had to fight for that, but premium in advance with a relatively short term cancellation of a season premiere Substitute could be found. Traditionally on Friday, the 24.02 at 13:30 Mayor Thorsten Klute so will invite visitors from a fire ladder with the popular free card distribution on the Town Hall square to the opening of the colourful hustle and bustle world. Konga 1001 night, making the new skyline 2012 the novelty at the St.

Petri market will be the 2012 the CMM swing KONGA from master chef from Dortmund, Germany. Konga offers an impressive and rapid suspended swing fun with up to 100 km/h with a maximum swing height of 45 meters up to 20 passengers. The giant swing only celebrated its world premiere in the summer of the previous year on the Rhine meadows in Dusseldorf to the biggest funfair on the Rhine and has been ever since through their excellently implemented through theming in the jungle design on all places where she performed for art.