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Dollar Against Euro

The agencies of financial notation finish to say the investors, not to buy Portuguese public debt, debt and headings of the great companies, obligations of the banks, passing a message of risk increase, relatively to the insult. This game that is to be made by the agencies of rating is part, of a vaster plan, international and geoestratgico politics. These agencies are to make the game of the investors, who want to gain money with the insurances of the sovereign debts of the countries. The more raised it is the country risk of insult, more money gain the investors. Euro is to go up in relation to the dollar, already the much time to this part. The United States of America have the most serious problem in relation to the dollar, therefore much currency lately without the economy was emitted to grow, thinking that the World continued to buy dollar indefinitely, but this is not to happen, the World already perceived that the dollar is sick. These agencies also serve the obscure interests of the North Americans against euro, being the moment targets most easy Greece and Portugal, following themselves it Ireland and Spain. While euro not to by hand fall of these gentlemen, them does not go to rest and the speculation goes to continue.

First, the solution passes for the European Central banking to leave to have, as main criterion, the classifications of the North American agencies of rating, for evaluation of the public debts of the countries. In second, Mr. Duro Barroso, instead of coming to make politically enfadonhas declarations, will have quickly to touch the bells the striking again and to join the vassal Merkel baroness, Sarkozy prince, and remains, to catch in deep Europeans, to go to the market, to emit obligations on behalf of the Europe and to loan this money, directamente Portugal, to Greece, Ireland and who to need it, paying to the countries only one administrative, relative tax to the costs of the emission of this money. If this will not be fact, euro will finish for at one’s feet falling those that lead this obscure war, but very determined and objetive.


Everything of form that if has the direct and indirect participation of the people, except subjects that can compromise the nationality, the territorial integrity, the economy, the external sovereignty and interests or of internal security. If even in the countries where it can be bragged on long practical the democracy thus is displayed the critical ones and attacks, are because thing goes badly. In the young States, the democracy seems premature; in the old ones, she seems exceeded. In the last century the public opinion saw in it the formula of the future; they judge it now inadequate, inadaptada to the current system of its proper workmanship. The people sees and felt the effect maleficent of the liberal democracy, through the scandals and the great corruption that between its defenders and adepts, always acting and governing for segments or groups and never for the collective. The governing fall in the narrow dependence of the Chambers and the succession of crises ministerial, next ones to the others, allied to the long duration of some, indicates enough that nor everything goes well in the relations being able between them.

The executive seems impotent to more still conceive one politics in long stated period and for p it in practical. The inconveniences of this situation would be lesser if the executive alone had restricted attributions, or still she found a period of calm, what certainly it will not have, due to greed already installed being able in them. for its disaster, the liberal democracy is identified as the liberal capitalism. This confusion between capitalism and the politics always was harmful, but the elites turn in it the form continuity the power. Thus being, we can locate a new model of State, invested of responsibilities and new attributions, but, surrounded for the social forces, modifying in deep way the governabilidade.

Cabinet People

That is, a candidate does not have reason some to prevent company of intelligent people, mainly to have in its cast intelligent people and enabled, for the opposite, it he must know that they are these people who, if well intentioned, will be able to assist it in the best conduction of its government. Those that always looks the company of ignorants, people badly instructed, bajuladoras and imcompetent people, finish for denoting that they do not possess proper light, and therefore have fear of being dimmed by assessors more intelligent than it. As much is that Tito Lvio also already asseverava saying: ' ' With good bad and employee laws still are possible to govern. But with bad employees the best laws do not serve for nada' '. A good candidate must make, before everything, a good pair with its ' ' parceiro' ' , the Vice one. He must have between them, total integration and confidence, therefore a Mayor can and ' ' deve' ' to all make use of its vice one during its mandate. Its function is simple and is clear in the law: To substitute the mayor in the case of avoidance or other impediments and to assist it whenever he is for convoked it for missions special. A Vice one cannot simply be one ' ' alliance object poltica' ' , as everybody treats in electoral period, even because, making this, the candidate can be giving a shot in the proper foot. What I want to say, is that the mayor must be tranquilamente ' ' livre' ' (available) to know the problems of its city, to search investments, to find and to receive people, to look new tools of management even though or, to copy projects that had given certain in others places, why not? The function of a mayor is very beyond its Cabinet and it cannot become attached itself as if he was ' ' its empresa' ' , its house.

Global Economy

if the economy is global, the profits and consequentemente the distribution of its results (positive) also must be global. What we see in the reality is that the only thing that is distributed of form equnime in this process of economic globalization is the degradation of the environment (the ambient liabilities). Some can until finding that certain communities immediately will be reached with the happened catastrophes of the respect lack stop with the nature, as is case of the populations caiaras and creeks – the small islands of the Pacific or cities as Palmares in Brazilian northeast, recently devastada by floods -, however the certain result is that all, without exception, of a form or of other go to pay these damages (the account of the damages is globalizada). The happened ambient problems of the ominous capitalism that we follow for the sensationalist media are the perfect copy of the model standard of our description-social evolution, where the man occupies the conqueror paper, and the nature, of victim. This Capitalism that is there, a Capitalism in the molds of the neoliberal school, is a preface of the Average Age of the capital that was successive of the Average Age of the altar, dominated for the clergy. The neoliberal contemporaries had fallen the same in error of the forecast of the socialist teoristas that as much had fought – it seems that they had not learned the lesson of that if cannot institute a model and/or regimen as only, as newness and absolute truth..