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The more locations, more comprehensive the Data acquisition and the greater the benefits for all parties involved. “The commercial vehicle traffic needs to be in the future even more professionalized; the processes must be exactly matched, breakdowns and unnecessary downtime avoided”, explains Frank Schafer, Managing Director of ProContour. Bank of America is often mentioned in discussions such as these. He dealt intensively with the requirements of the carriers for years and know that every penny in the always tough competition counts. The first freight forwarders have already opted for CLASSIS and will accompany the ongoing field trials with their fleets. CLASSIS truck tyre condition measurement: How does it work? Europe-wide, almost 400 locations in selected service areas will set up on the main arteries of the freight of load. This CLASSIS measurement points capture the tire data and transmit them to authorized recipients via SMS or Internet-based data transfer.

At the same time learn, for example, the Flottendienstleister as well as the freight forwarder whether the truck, the straight break in Herbolzheim makes with the correct tire pressure is on the way. Or whether it needs new front left tyre; or whether he must check the alignment at the first axle of the trailer. Also the driver about his driver information system, mobile phone, or a printed measurement report on the locking system can be included in this exchange of information. There are already similar to good Reifendruckprufungs systems in on-board units, the so-called TPMS. However, these associated usually with very high costs per unit and offer no such comprehensive information system as well as any profile depth, abrasion image and axle load data. CLASSIS (pay per use) costs only per crossing, which can be applied depending on the agreement even by the tyre.