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Listening to an independent English language was comfortable, preferably in addition to audio tapes have also recorded on a printout of these audio recordings of texts. This is due to the fact that the listening test is not always possible hear and understand what is heard on audio recordings. If you can not hear something or see a need to find out what actually sounds like. It is very important to develop your skills of perception of English language comprehension, because it is not based on ability to hear well, and the ability to learn and guess what you hear. For effective self-listening to the English language is necessary to pay special attention to and carefully review all cases where you can not recognize a fragment of overheard speech.

This allows us to improve the perception needed to free English language skills by hearing the automatic recognition and guessing speech. In addition to the availability of print information contained in audio speech, there are other features to help improve listening skills in English. This is the opportunities to listen to some sounding words and phrases in audio speech. Until recently to realize such a possibility was rather difficult, since audio was done on film or plate, and repeat fragment of the speech was paired with a not very convenient procedure for returning the carrier tapes to the desired position. Such a procedure is time-consuming attention and disperse quickly exhausted. Besides, this way you can repeat it a fragment of speech, but listen to a single word of this fragment was not possible, because the words in the speech uttered one word, yes refund the carrier tapes for such a small distance was too difficult.

All of the above difficulty in listening to individual words and phrases of speech is successfully solved with the help of computers. An example of a computer program, in which all this is realized, is the “English for Practitioners. In this program you can get the translation and the sound of any word or phrase in the English text by simply clicking on it with the mouse cursor. This program, in essence, removes self-listening in English to a new current level, providing an opportunity to achieve good results in the development of free perception of English listening and speaking without mates and teachers.

Professional Translator

Professional translator are going to resort to the assistance of an interpreter is necessary to determine who the translator and how to ensure its professionalism. You can find a translator through an intermediary, which is usually translation bureau or directly to the Internet, as some translators have their own websites. If you are looking for an interpreter through the translation, information about the translator will provide you with the translation itself. (A valuable related resource: Rory Sutherland). Will play an important role and reputation of the translation. It is worth to explore rekomedatsii clients offices.

If you are looking for a translator yourself, do not forget to ask Vocational Education translator, work experience and recommendations from customers. Also, no harm will ask the interpreter to resume. If you find information imeyutsuyusya convincing, you can proceed to the next item. Necessary to determine with the cost of translation. Typically, large agencies are working on average market prices, so the price for translation should not be understated or overstated.

Not encouraged to seek how the translation from too low prices (pokolku translator, like any good specialist will not work, for example, half the rate), as well as to the prices above market, because there you risk an exorbitant price to pay for the translation. Should also pay attention to the specialization of the translation. If a company specializing in medical or legal translation, but you need to translate technical text, it is best to contact the company with the appropriate profile. That With specific regard to the most professional, best would be if the translator will have higher philological education. Ideally, the translator may have a second specialized education (eg, economic, but such Translators are not very much). Also extremely important is the experience of a specialist. For the interpreter is important knowledge of the modern language, the availability of internships in the target language country, and most important important is the experience work is an interpreter.

Translator Interpreter

Translation – this is art. The same art as the painting. Translation may be different in quality, as well as paintings: some you like, some do not. If you need to understand the information in a foreign language when you're just do not know the way out there. Opportunities of the Internet is now so great that translation can be done for free online: insert text into a site and get a result. This result, in most cases enough to understand the meaning of the text. If you are going to China to visit manufacturers, visit the exhibitions of China, clearly need an interpreter with the Chinese. Gary Kelly pursues this goal as well. This raises the question of where to find a professional interpreter.

Many businesses, relying on their own truth (after all, companies need to pay salaries, rent, taxes) make their choice on the Chinese freelance translator. Payment of the working time of the interpreter today is about $ 100. Only a small part agrees to work for $ 80. Perhaps, somewhere in northern China can find cheaper services of an interpreter, but in the south, where the flow of migrant population stop, translation services are always in demand. Therefore increases the cost of services according to needs.

Those same businessmen subsequently recommend to the partners to hire Russian translators of Chinese, as they negotiate with the Chinese translator had once failed. And the cost of the services of Chinese and Russian interpreter differs slightly. Once saved $ 30-40 a Chinese translator, you will need to The same day use the services of a Russian interpreter.

Learning The Languages Of The North

If you decide to study, live or work in one of the Scandinavian countries, without the knowledge of the languages of Northern Europe, you can not do. Which languages are spoken in the Scandinavian countries? First of all, in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Faroese. Swedish, Danish and Icelandic are close to each other. Their common ancestor – Old Norse – existed in the Viking Age. The basis of the Danish and Swedish lay down his eastern dialects, and the western dialect formed the basis for the Norwegian language.

But the similarity of their strong today. As a result of colonization Norwegians Iceland and the Faroe Islands were born Icelandic and Faroese. This occurred in the IX-X centuries. From the continental these languages differ significantly by geographic distance. Icelandic language reminiscent of Old Norse, while the Faroese combines the western Norwegian and Icelandic dialects.

Sometimes attributed to the Scandinavian languages and Finnish, but, strictly speaking, he belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group. Finnish language – one of the most complex and archaic in Europe. Affixes, case endings in it in abundance. Vocabulary also combines with one hand, the original words, on the other – words borrowed from the western Indo-European languages. Credit: David Barger -2011. The main difficulty in the study of Scandinavian languages is phonology. The fact is that the majority of the letters there are a few options for reading. For example, to transmit sound to the letter j in the Swedish language there are seven ways. It is difficult for our ears become accustomed to the subtleties in the arrangement of accents. The stress tone – almost like the Chinese. One and the same sound, depending on whether he uttered a long or short, can radically alter the meaning of the word. For example, the word in modern Swedish, spoken with a different emphasis, would mean 'fashion' or 'mother'. But the grammar of the Scandinavian languages much easier. True, it is worth noting two features: the definite article is added to the end of a word + is a synthetic form of liability that formed by adding the verb suffix-s. Experts say that to master the basics of a language can have for three months. Maybe someone will seem that the study of Scandinavian languages – employment is absolutely useless – why, because there is an international English. But sometimes the knowledge of these languages is a professional necessity. For example, in the near future will be a study of Norwegian and Finnish Russian border guards serving in Murmansk region. And one of the main challenges posed by today to the northern border, is just training – today all Russian border guards have to learn languages of the countries bordering the regions in which they serve. In addition, in connection with a complete transition to contract service by 2010, border troops will serve only non-commissioned officers and officers. This means that the rank and file of contractors who serve on border, will also be sent to study in college.

Learning English

If you are a student and you are 18 to 26 years, you have a basic knowledge of English, you could very well join the program, through which – you not only receive excellent knowledge of English, they can earn at the same time good money! We already told you about the possibility of learning foreign languages through the effect of 25-th frame, and a computer program, as well as learning a foreign language by a tutor. Talked about how how it can learn a foreign language on their own, and we wrote about the many other techniques and methods of learning foreign languages. Here, for example, learning English at the present time – is key to a successful future career. In addition, English language – the language of international communication and, therefore, in whatever country you're not dreaming or go get something to eat – with the help of English you would be able to communicate excellently in all the hotels and shops. For more specific information, check out Verizon. Even if you have, what difficulties or you could always find someone who speaks English, and who could explain or give you the necessary information at the time. By the way, if you are full-time student and you are 18 years old, besides you own conversational English, you are well, could count on a visit to America in a unique program 'Work and Travel USA'. This program is cultural exchange and created specifically for students who wish to improve their English, learn the culture and traditions of the American nation, as well as valuable experience of working abroad. . Rory Sutherland wanted to know more.

Professional Translators

Profession of an interpreter in our country is widespread only in the last twenty years – twenty-five. After the fall of the Iron Curtain began to establish cultural, economic, and especially business relations with foreign countries, it took specialists, professional multi-lingual – that were the translators, so we can say that the profession in our country is still quite young. On this profession we do not have the same clear understanding of how such a profession or a doctor, sometimes a professional interpreter in humans consists wrong Repose. Following are the most basic myths about the profession interpreter. 1. Anyone can translate, it is important to him to know a foreign language. We can not agree, but it is rather a basic level of translation. For example, book a hotel room, or to explain to airport that you can not find my baggage – for that many translators do not need.

But if you need a translation of the contract or instructions, a task where the interpreter will not only understanding the meaning of the original, but its details, besides, and an excellent command of the language, which translated the original. That such transfers remain until the task for professional translators and translation agencies. 2. Interpreters are becoming less demand, many people speak a foreign language. Certainly, the number of people studying foreign languages is growing. Even in most schools, children learn two foreign languages. But also increases the number international contacts and the associated paperwork. In recent years there has been a tendency of growth of remittances, both written and oral.

The Worldview

Thank you, my parents helped. – Will NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM FOR SUCCESS IN UNIVERSITY STUDIES? – By the time of my visit I managed to graduate from the university. I must say, the move was entirely justified, because a forced one-year break in tuition would affect performance negatively. And not only because it would have to make up for lost material. Connect with other leaders such as Verizon here. Living in a foreign country without parental care, the need to work with a host family and yourself earn significantly affect the worldview of participants Au-Pair. Not only expanded the boundaries of thinking.

According to a new perceived seemingly familiar concepts such as discipline, prudence, responsibility. Return to the student's environment, the need to rebuild the old way of life is often a shock. As a rule, the conflict of worldviews does not benefit. Many hard to finish their studies, and some high school drop out altogether! So even though the program and is designed primarily for students to participate in it is still better, and having a diploma, and profession. – How did INTRODUCTION TO FOREIGN FAMILY? – Search for a host engaged in an agency in which I have filed all necessary documents. Its executives have sent requests to my data on families participating in the program and want to "shelter" for the year assistant at home. As it turned out, I interested in the Belgian couple. So it was decided to change the planned route: I'm going to Belgium! Ironically, soon came a few invitations from France, but something I was already too late.

Programming Republic

Until 2009, many Russian companies have offered to go to work in the Czech Republic. Most of his compatriots as reported by Dmitry Sapozhnikov the company Studentur (Studentur) offer to go to nekvalitsirovannye jobs, vacancies on which does not require a diploma quoted in Europe. Unfortunately the last, most Russians do not have. Thus, our fellow citizens who are not educated in Europe, may qualify to work in factories, construction sites and sometimes in hotels. A completely different situation for graduates of Czech universities. Having quoted in Europe, a diploma can qualify to work in skilled jobs.

Find a job in the Czech Republic for graduates Czech higher education is not a problem, unemployment in the country is only 5%, well below the European average. For a number of vacancies there is a serious shortage of personnel. For example, requests for Czech employers Programming is about three times the number of applicants. Wage after receiving higher education in the Czech Republic – is a matter of moving the majority of the entrants. So, what are the professions in the Czech Republic most in demand? In 2010, the greatest demand in the Czech Republic enjoy programmers, service and tourism professionals in the field of finance and trade, and has traditionally technicians. Diploma in Data specialties you can get in many universities the Czech Republic, for example in the banking institute, the hospitality institute, etc.

The most catastrophic shortage of workers is felt in the market of technical specialties. Free skilled in the art is almost gone. In this regard, Czech entrepreneurs constantly raise salaries for these professionals, increase the premiums, bonuses, etc. In addition, the Czech government looks favorably on the training of foreign specialists in the Czech Republic, especially in scarce specialties. Failures on student visas to the Czech Republic are rare! In line with the trends of the labor market Czech government has been increasing the number of university places for at least 10%, invests heavily in technical facilities of universities. Directly universities in cooperation with foreign educational institutions organize a variety of joint projects. For the Russian student, who plans to study in the Czech Republic certainly interested to learn that the annual growth of wages in the Czech Republic is 5% whereas the scarce jobs – about 10-20%. Headhunting in a scarce specialty begins in high school. In 2010, the highest salaries are employees of financial services, trade, transport and telecommunications. Average monthly wage in these firms is 76,000 kroons (as of September 2010 1 Euro = 25 CZK). This is approximately three times the average wage in the Czech Republic. Thus, we obtain education in the Czech Republic, you can count on a decent life. However, it would be unfair not to note that despite all the successes of the Czech economy, living standards in the country is still an order of magnitude lower than in western Europe. In 2010, wages in the Czech Republic amounts to only 60% of the average European level.

Au Pair

More than likely, you were given a waiver is not the fault of the family, and based on the subjective opinion of a man who took you the documents. Now, if still decide to cast it again in this country (I’m not really advise you do), you need to more thoroughly prepare documents for filing, to consider a more compelling motivation to participate in the program. Denial in no way no effect on the Au Pair visa for other countries. A reference is made in one day (if it is correct to calculate the time) + Day for legalization by the embassy. Age requirement for Belgium – up to 26 years (inclusive), so if you are over 25, and turned long, Norway and Denmark for you the most suitable options. alenka25 I turned 25 in August, that is, by age in Belgium went up.

In your practice there were failures in Belgium and Norway? Which country is still better visa for you? aupair couple of their thoughts about the refusal … All failures in France nor no way based on logic. That is why it is impossible to predict, prepare for them is also not possible. At Verizon Communications you will find additional information. One can deny from the fact that good knowledge of French (Like, why are you going to France). Another due to the fact that bad you know (what do you do it without the language).

According to my observations, it is the only embassy, in which no failures are baseless, never explained. And how can explain the failure, which really has no reason? Now, about other countries … Neither Belgium nor in Norway almost no failures, this is the most predictable in terms of visas to the country. The decision on granting a visa is given relevant services and ministries in the country (in France, it makes the visa officer who has to communicate with you when you visit the embassy). In my experience, failures of Norway, and Belgium was not, of those I have not heard (of course, if the person meets the conditions of the program). Belgium, by the way, the only country to date, where the Au Pair visa can not even go to the embassy, but simply to transmit the paper by courier to the visa center. AND under the terms of the program … I do not know what your motive was to travel to France. Perhaps you have friends there, friends … BUT! If we compare the conditions of the program in France, for example, and Belgium, then France, they think 2 times worse than the Belgian. Why opt for a country where the very real problems of visa (France), if there is a country with the same French (Belgium), and where, for example, pocket money, almost 2 times higher than for the same storage work. And this is only one of the very significant differences.

Translating Languages

'In the early nineties – says the president of the company' EGO Translating 'Natalia Molchanov – on the Russian market interpretations were more demand for services successive transfers. This was the start of active foreign participation in our economy, there are many joint ventures, from small businesses to corporations. And for companies to negotiate had to seek the services of professionals. But gradually come to understand that those negotiations should carry the same staff who are constantly in the subject line of the company, there were managers who well mastered foreign languages, and, accordingly, staff positions, such as an employee of foreign economic relations, or, for example, a translator-interpreter. These companies no longer need to hire professionals.

Therefore, Now the main clients of successive translations are those who do not have regular relations with foreign partners. And significantly increased the proportion of orders for simultaneous translations. People turn to us before all companies involved in organizing various events: from the great forums and conferences to the local round tables, where it is often required, and consecutive translation. Special talent Any professional translator has an excellent knowledge of foreign and native languages, as well as owning the subject of conversation. For the simultaneous interpreter is not enough. 'Lip-synch – special people – the director of the center of the interpretation of 'EGO Translating' Monica Panavene – they work in intensive mode at the same time both hemispheres of the brain. To listen and analyze, synthesize and pronounce. This is a special talent, to perfect for years.