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Missiology 28

Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology of the feudalisation of the world time, are an obvious fact when Carlo Magno dies. He deals in his testament territory among their children and then begins the diversification of territory. This will last until the 12th century, four centuries of feudalism in the West, pure and hard, because actually the feudalism is not terminated in many places of the world up to our days. The high middle ages, between the 8th century and the 12th century, the Mission of the Church, is a little controversial difficult to understand from our perspective. Because the Church we know for that period is the feudal Church. To that Church which assumes the role of Carlo Magno has given, this caste that lies above the world. But below Dios, and that caste that is placed in that perspective.

Because it is the only one that can transmit to you God. You want to say with this, which radicalizes, that is exclusionary, and therefore becomes something exclusive. The Church mediator role. Oracle is actively involved in the matter. Origin of this structure we have seen political interests of means. The Church during the middle ages, has land uq does work according to the peasantry feudal structures relying on an exclusively providential religious discourse. Let us imagine that the reality was: the clergy is the only one who knows, the only language, or the only language through which you can get to know God. It is latin.

Knowledge developed exclusively in the monasteries, and Episcopal. The clergy is the only one who knows latin, and therefore what says the Scripture, and therefore the only one who can interpret the people God’s will. This was not something that the Church invented, or that the Church did. But it is something that is part of the reality in which the Church was moved during that time.