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Graduation Moved

If the protection of your research moved in the fall whether to be upset? "You want to laugh God – tell him your plans!" Folk wisdom *** The recent increase in cases where the decision GAK thesis defense postponed to the autumn. Tears and tantrums in young women, tightly clenched teeth and depression in youth, loss of time, self-respect and respect for the family – this is an incomplete range of consequences of such a transfer. The reasons for the failure to protect time may be different. Imogen Lloyd Webber takes a slightly different approach. Disease, "nefartovy" lecturer, employment, "unsatisfactory" on gosah, a general policy of commercial high school, etc. Causes of reasons, but here is the coming six months are under the sign of discouragement.

However, whether all that bad, and is whether to be upset, if the protection of your research moved to the fall / winter? *** Answering a question in the title of this article and say, 'Yes, should be upset! "I slukavil would be if written that we should rejoice. Speaking candidly Electron Capital Partners told us the story. Only here the disorder disorders are different. The frustration must be experienced, understood and forward in a constructive way. Try to analyze why this happened? Not enough time? Knowledge? Forces? There was a conflict with teacher? Everything is possible in this best of all worlds, given us in sensation, but rather a defense – not a cause for despair. It is my conviction, backed by a practice of a number of students. Alternatively, you can get a number of advantages of this situation. .

Federal Constitution

The decade of 60 it was configured more in the organization and the pressure of the civil society for popular measures if intensifying each time, what for the elite it meant a threat to its interests. The result of this crisis is the Blow of 1964, that it braked the growth of the popular interests in its fight for the democratization of the access when knowing, keeping an elitist model of education. The attempt of implantation of an education of tecnicista matrix occurs. LDB 5,692/71 did not mean substantial changes in relation to LDB 4.024/61. As Saviani (1998, P.

21), the dominant elite understood to be necessary to the country the changes with concrete steps to the society for the military regimen. Whenever Sheryl Sandberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For this point of view, in the scope of the education, ' ' the new situation demanded adequacies in the educational scope what it implied changes in the legislation that regulated setor' '. With the promulgation of the new Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in 1988, it had the necessity of a new regulation for area of the education, then institutes a new Law of Lines of direction and Bases, LDB 9.394/96. The constitutional principle of education is marked by the full development of the person according to art. 205: The education, right of all and to have of the State and the family, will be promoted and stimulated with the contribution of the society, aiming at to the full development of the person, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for the work. Thus, the Federal Constitution of 1988 had great conquests, one of them was the fact of the education to pass to be seen as subjective public law. In 20 of November of 1989 the Convention on the rights of the Child, adopted for the General meeting of United Nations was carried through – ONU was ratified by 192 countries was the instrument of human rights more accepted in universal history.


Very well, we are just learning the actual shape of as attract customers highly interested, to do so, I will illustrate with a phrase that is used in the attraction marketing: can not sell a filet mignon perfectly cooked, to a vegetarian, even if it is with the best Argentina meat export some entrepreneurs who don’t know how to make new customers, cast the blame on your product, your companyyour marketing, etc., when the problem is not that, but that does not is this focusing on capturing people in highly need your opportunity, are actually losing time and money with a list that has not been well focused from the beginning. It is not to have a large list, what is at issue is having a highly effective list, that is the secret to make money on the Internet. Let’s look at summary of what it is: 1 must find a niche or market (if possible a micro niche that has a number of people interested in is) which offer the opportunity that I have. 2 Create a funnel of marketing => a) create a gift product PDF, Podcast, Video, a course, ((((etc.), b) do a landing page, c) do a download page, and d) create a form to capture the name and email of the prospect and future client, i.e. create the list). 3 Establish one or more platforms to market your products or services (Online: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the different methods of payment;) Offline: Marketing through media, meetings, invitations, etc.). Others including Eric Kuby, offer their opinions as well. 4 Purge list, i.e., move to another list to prospects willing to purchase the service or product that your you offer or in the event whether they are customers, i.e., we must create the mechanism to convert them into recurring customers. In order to earn more money with the list, it is recommended that you create a list very segmented and studied.. .


Listening to an independent English language was comfortable, preferably in addition to audio tapes have also recorded on a printout of these audio recordings of texts. This is due to the fact that the listening test is not always possible hear and understand what is heard on audio recordings. If you can not hear something or see a need to find out what actually sounds like. It is very important to develop your skills of perception of English language comprehension, because it is not based on ability to hear well, and the ability to learn and guess what you hear. For effective self-listening to the English language is necessary to pay special attention to and carefully review all cases where you can not recognize a fragment of overheard speech.

This allows us to improve the perception needed to free English language skills by hearing the automatic recognition and guessing speech. In addition to the availability of print information contained in audio speech, there are other features to help improve listening skills in English. This is the opportunities to listen to some sounding words and phrases in audio speech. Until recently to realize such a possibility was rather difficult, since audio was done on film or plate, and repeat fragment of the speech was paired with a not very convenient procedure for returning the carrier tapes to the desired position. Such a procedure is time-consuming attention and disperse quickly exhausted. Besides, this way you can repeat it a fragment of speech, but listen to a single word of this fragment was not possible, because the words in the speech uttered one word, yes refund the carrier tapes for such a small distance was too difficult.

All of the above difficulty in listening to individual words and phrases of speech is successfully solved with the help of computers. An example of a computer program, in which all this is realized, is the “English for Practitioners. In this program you can get the translation and the sound of any word or phrase in the English text by simply clicking on it with the mouse cursor. This program, in essence, removes self-listening in English to a new current level, providing an opportunity to achieve good results in the development of free perception of English listening and speaking without mates and teachers.

Rio Grande Do Sul

But it has another one that is important that it says respect to the pupil if to understand as subject in this process of construction of the space being had conditions to construct to its identity and belonging. Thus I reaffirm that to study the place considering the scales of analyze, having as it has supported the development of specific abilities, and constructing the concepts, it can be the alternative to learn Geography and if to construct as subject of its history to the time in it produces the space as subject social. to finish appeals to a citation that says: ' ' When reading the space, unchains the discovery process of the reality that is lived daily. The concept is constructed, that is an abstraction of the reality in itself, formed from the reality in itself, from the understanding of the place concrete, of where if they extract elements to think the world (when constructing our history and our space). In this way, when observing the place I specify and to collate it with other places, an abstraction process has beginning that if seats between the apparent Real, visible, perceivable and the concrete thought about the elaboration of what he is being vivido.' ' (Callai, 2005:241) To study the place to understand the world can be the alternative to study Geography of the escolarizao at the beginning, but the way to arrive itself is winding as well as is the meandros of the rivers or waving of coxilhas of the Rio Grande Do Sul. But it is the way that must be pursued by us that we work with the Geography and in this level of education, either as professors either as researchers, and the possibility to make with that the professor either it studious it of this question can be the alternative most efficient. After all geographic education is not for the school, or the professors, but it is with c


The first information about the existence of microorganisms in nature received from the Dutch naturalist Anthony Le venguka (1632-1723). With the help of an optical device manufactured them – a microscope, magnifying the image up to 300 times, Leeuwenhoek saw a drop of "rotting" of water, plaque, and feces everywhere showed the smallest living beings. Opening Leeuwenhoek was the beginning of the development of science of microbiology. Intensive development microbiology was the second half of XIX century. The French scientist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) proved that the cause of fermentation and putrefaction, but also cause infectious diseases in humans and animals are micro-organisms. For prevention of communicable diseases, he developed special products – vaccines. Learn more at: Oracle. At the same time a German scientist Robert Koch (1843-1910) developed the basic methods of microbiological analysis, through which science Microbiology has been further developed. He opened the agents of tuberculosis (1882) and cholera (1883).

A prominent role in the development of microbiology has played a Russian scientist II Mechnikov, who created the doctrine of immunity (Immunity) of an organism to infectious diseases. Vinogradsky at the end of the XIX century., Studying soil microbes and showed their role in the cycling of matter in nature and laid the foundations of 'agricultural microbiology. In 1882, Russian scientist DI Ivanovski were first discovered viruses – organisms that are not visible even under the ordinary microscope, numerous agents of human diseases, animals and plants. Studies of microbes and their use in Industry provided a number of valuable products for the national economy. (Microbes are used in the production of lactic, citric and other acids, acetone and butyl alcohol.) Yeast cells are circular, diameter of about 10 microns. For more information see this site: Verizon. Yeast cell consists of a membrane, protoplasm and nucleus. In the cytoplasm there are valyutinovye grain. Reproduce by budding, a direct division, sometimes disputes or sexually.

Yeasts are active activators of alcoholic fermentation. Widely used in the brewing industry, bakery, a wine industry and other industries. Contain a large amount of valuable food protein and vitamins, and therefore used as a food supplement for people with poor health, under certain metabolic diseases and lack of vitamins (hypovitaminosis). Specific types of yeast which cause disease in man – blaetomi-goat. Imperfect fungi. Multiply by simple division or by spores. Among the large number of imperfect fungi, there is a group of pathogens that cause several human diseases (scab, ringworm ringworm, thrush, etc.). Ray fungi (actinomycetes), multiply by fission or spore formation, are found in soil and in grass plants. There is a group of pathogenic actinomycete causing major disease cattle and humans – ak tinomikoz. Of the ray fungi produce antibiotics – streptomycin and other spirochetes have the form of filaments, which helically "wound" tape of protoplasm. Nuclear matter is distributed throughout the protoplasm. Have the ability to actively flex, mobile. Propagate by dividing the cross. To include syphilis spirochete, relapsing fever and other infectious diseases.

Professional Translator

Professional translator are going to resort to the assistance of an interpreter is necessary to determine who the translator and how to ensure its professionalism. You can find a translator through an intermediary, which is usually translation bureau or directly to the Internet, as some translators have their own websites. If you are looking for an interpreter through the translation, information about the translator will provide you with the translation itself. (A valuable related resource: Rory Sutherland). Will play an important role and reputation of the translation. It is worth to explore rekomedatsii clients offices.

If you are looking for a translator yourself, do not forget to ask Vocational Education translator, work experience and recommendations from customers. Also, no harm will ask the interpreter to resume. If you find information imeyutsuyusya convincing, you can proceed to the next item. Necessary to determine with the cost of translation. Typically, large agencies are working on average market prices, so the price for translation should not be understated or overstated.

Not encouraged to seek how the translation from too low prices (pokolku translator, like any good specialist will not work, for example, half the rate), as well as to the prices above market, because there you risk an exorbitant price to pay for the translation. Should also pay attention to the specialization of the translation. If a company specializing in medical or legal translation, but you need to translate technical text, it is best to contact the company with the appropriate profile. That With specific regard to the most professional, best would be if the translator will have higher philological education. Ideally, the translator may have a second specialized education (eg, economic, but such Translators are not very much). Also extremely important is the experience of a specialist. For the interpreter is important knowledge of the modern language, the availability of internships in the target language country, and most important important is the experience work is an interpreter.

Translator Interpreter

Translation – this is art. The same art as the painting. Translation may be different in quality, as well as paintings: some you like, some do not. If you need to understand the information in a foreign language when you're just do not know the way out there. Opportunities of the Internet is now so great that translation can be done for free online: insert text into a site and get a result. This result, in most cases enough to understand the meaning of the text. If you are going to China to visit manufacturers, visit the exhibitions of China, clearly need an interpreter with the Chinese. Gary Kelly pursues this goal as well. This raises the question of where to find a professional interpreter.

Many businesses, relying on their own truth (after all, companies need to pay salaries, rent, taxes) make their choice on the Chinese freelance translator. Payment of the working time of the interpreter today is about $ 100. Only a small part agrees to work for $ 80. Perhaps, somewhere in northern China can find cheaper services of an interpreter, but in the south, where the flow of migrant population stop, translation services are always in demand. Therefore increases the cost of services according to needs.

Those same businessmen subsequently recommend to the partners to hire Russian translators of Chinese, as they negotiate with the Chinese translator had once failed. And the cost of the services of Chinese and Russian interpreter differs slightly. Once saved $ 30-40 a Chinese translator, you will need to The same day use the services of a Russian interpreter.

Learning The Languages Of The North

If you decide to study, live or work in one of the Scandinavian countries, without the knowledge of the languages of Northern Europe, you can not do. Which languages are spoken in the Scandinavian countries? First of all, in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Faroese. Swedish, Danish and Icelandic are close to each other. Their common ancestor – Old Norse – existed in the Viking Age. The basis of the Danish and Swedish lay down his eastern dialects, and the western dialect formed the basis for the Norwegian language.

But the similarity of their strong today. As a result of colonization Norwegians Iceland and the Faroe Islands were born Icelandic and Faroese. This occurred in the IX-X centuries. From the continental these languages differ significantly by geographic distance. Icelandic language reminiscent of Old Norse, while the Faroese combines the western Norwegian and Icelandic dialects.

Sometimes attributed to the Scandinavian languages and Finnish, but, strictly speaking, he belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group. Finnish language – one of the most complex and archaic in Europe. Affixes, case endings in it in abundance. Vocabulary also combines with one hand, the original words, on the other – words borrowed from the western Indo-European languages. Credit: David Barger -2011. The main difficulty in the study of Scandinavian languages is phonology. The fact is that the majority of the letters there are a few options for reading. For example, to transmit sound to the letter j in the Swedish language there are seven ways. It is difficult for our ears become accustomed to the subtleties in the arrangement of accents. The stress tone – almost like the Chinese. One and the same sound, depending on whether he uttered a long or short, can radically alter the meaning of the word. For example, the word in modern Swedish, spoken with a different emphasis, would mean 'fashion' or 'mother'. But the grammar of the Scandinavian languages much easier. True, it is worth noting two features: the definite article is added to the end of a word + is a synthetic form of liability that formed by adding the verb suffix-s. Experts say that to master the basics of a language can have for three months. Maybe someone will seem that the study of Scandinavian languages – employment is absolutely useless – why, because there is an international English. But sometimes the knowledge of these languages is a professional necessity. For example, in the near future will be a study of Norwegian and Finnish Russian border guards serving in Murmansk region. And one of the main challenges posed by today to the northern border, is just training – today all Russian border guards have to learn languages of the countries bordering the regions in which they serve. In addition, in connection with a complete transition to contract service by 2010, border troops will serve only non-commissioned officers and officers. This means that the rank and file of contractors who serve on border, will also be sent to study in college.

Learning English

If you are a student and you are 18 to 26 years, you have a basic knowledge of English, you could very well join the program, through which – you not only receive excellent knowledge of English, they can earn at the same time good money! We already told you about the possibility of learning foreign languages through the effect of 25-th frame, and a computer program, as well as learning a foreign language by a tutor. Talked about how how it can learn a foreign language on their own, and we wrote about the many other techniques and methods of learning foreign languages. Here, for example, learning English at the present time – is key to a successful future career. In addition, English language – the language of international communication and, therefore, in whatever country you're not dreaming or go get something to eat – with the help of English you would be able to communicate excellently in all the hotels and shops. For more specific information, check out Verizon. Even if you have, what difficulties or you could always find someone who speaks English, and who could explain or give you the necessary information at the time. By the way, if you are full-time student and you are 18 years old, besides you own conversational English, you are well, could count on a visit to America in a unique program 'Work and Travel USA'. This program is cultural exchange and created specifically for students who wish to improve their English, learn the culture and traditions of the American nation, as well as valuable experience of working abroad. . Rory Sutherland wanted to know more.