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Microscope Device

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Break the pink, not fully ripe, the fruit of tomato (tomato), watermelon or apple with loose flesh. Pulp consists of tiny grains. This is a cage. They are best seen when examined with the help of magnifying devices – loupe or magnifying glass mikroskopa.Ustroystvo. Lupa – The Easiest magnifying device. Home of the magnifying glass – magnifying glass, convex on both sides and inserted into the frame. There are hand magnifiers and magnifying glass tripod.

Magnifier hand. magnifier tripod. Hand Magnifier enlarges objects in the 2-20 times. With its take on the handle and closer to the subject at a distance at which the image of the object more clearly. Tripod Magnifier enlarges objects 10-25 times.

In its frame inserted into two magnifying glass, reinforced on the stand – a stand. For tripod mounted the stage with a hole and zerkalom.Ustroystvo light microscope. With the help of a microscope can be considered a form cells. In order to study their structure, use of a microscope (from the Greek words "Mikros" – small and "skopeo" – look). Light microscope, with which you are working in the school, can magnify objects up to 3,600 times. In the visual pipe or tube, inserted this microscope magnifying glass (lens). At the upper end of the tube is an eyepiece (from the Latin word "Oculus" – the eye), through which various objects. The microscope consists of frames and two magnifying glasses. At the lower end of the tube is placed lens (from the Latin word "objectum" – the subject), consisting of several frames and magnifying glasses.

Global Aphasia

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Introduction. Global aphasia is an acquired disorder of communication, the product of an AVE (cerebrovascular accident) that affects both the spoken language (receptive and expressive) and in writing. Apraxia complexity it can coexist with the box and hamper gesture and drawing skills. Global aphasia is one of the most severe disorders of language, as there is a total loss of linguistic structures and cognitive functions necessary to operate the language. Visual Action Therapy (TAV). During the 70s, a study on the grammatical competence of the patients global aphasics through visual symbol systems and concluded that global aphasic patients may retain concepts and basic cognitive operations to communicate. Features that should have patients for TAV. The bird must be unilateral left hemisphere.

Aphasia must be global or near global presenting virtually no expressive and receptive language both. The patient should be directed and with proper attention to the environment. There may be moderate type bucolinguofacial apraxia, but not in their limbs. Characteristics of the TAV. The TAV is organized on three levels and covers the proximal extremities, distal and orofacial. Among the materials, the therapist must have real objects (not toys), silhouettes of real objects and pictures of action that demonstrate the use of real objects.

You should also use contextual support for the selected objects, such as a nail in a wooden block to use the hammer. Recommended 30-minute sessions twice a day to speed the patient's progress. Stages in the TAV (level 1, proximal extremities) Matching real objects with their respective shapes. The patient should match up real objects with their corresponding silhouettes. If the patient is unable parearlas be encouraged, with the help of the therapist, to mark the outline of each and see if after that the patient achieves the corresponding matching. At this stage assesses visuospatial skills and symbolic of the patient. Then to achieve the previous step, the patient must match up the shapes to real objects. Then rearrange the real objects and displaying the patient is going one by one and he should target silhouettes (point with your index finger) to the real object. We carried out the reverse process, ie, are displayed one by one, the real objects and the patient must point to the corresponding silhouettes. Using real objects. At this stage provides the objects and calls the patient to execute the right move with the object. Initially it can give an example, but the idea is that the patient can perform the movement without any assistance. Demonstration of action films. Are you interested in this item? Download here: Visit:

Working Materials

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

The problem that we considered the students was as to teach mathematical with the golden, material material cuisenaire, logical blocks and abacus in alfabetizao EJA. The objective of the work is to make with that the pupils know the materials manipulable not as an instrument of the infantile education, but also capable to consider problems in the relation with the half cultural partner of the alfabetizado one. Word-key: Manipulable materials, Young Education of Adult; Mathematics. Introduction.

The research on education and learning had its beginning with pedagogical influences of the sown ideas for the Humanismo for the first steps of sciences and modern philosophies. The two great thinkers: Francis Bacon defended the idea of that the true knowledge of the things if explained through the experiences and perceptions take in them to assimilate and to know what he is being studied; Ren Discardings, in turn nailed that we cannot admit no fact as true if this not to present itself as evident. The educational ideas had appeared with the biggest educator Jan Amos Comnio (1670), that it developed an educational system with the objective to prepare the individual for the life. From the decade of 1920, the pedagogia of activity concluded that the center of the education did not have to be the act to teach, but the act to learn with new techniques of learning capable to stimulate the children interior. The pertaining to school activity started to be faced of ampler form with the recreativos games and others.

Ozone Layer

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

But U.S. researchers at Texas Tech University have discovered a new kind of Amazon ants. I found an ant pale body color, no eyes. It said about the underground lifestyle. In place of the mouth are soft hairy pincers, which scientists believe are designed to chew small invertebrates. Forelimbs developed a much stronger back.

Scientists believe that a new species of ants is the oldest in existence. According to them, it is the same relative modern ants, as the platypus – a modern mammals. Scientists have discovered that butterflies have multiple systems to protect researchers from Cornell University found that the butterflies of the family Arctiidae (or bear), there are two warning systems of predators – a visual and audible. These mechanisms prevent necessary to protect the butterflies. When eating predators Arctiidae poisoning occurs, so that once you try it, they will bypass her side. On the bears hunt primarily bats and birds. At the same birds for hunting use vision, and bats – a rumor.

Scientists have put forward several hypotheses of occurrence of such multi-level security systems. One of them says that the simultaneous effect on hearing and vision to increase the efficiency warnings of one kind of predators. The second hypothesis is that the warning system are formed independently, each against a certain type of predator. Recent studies attest to this second theory. On Earth, marked the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on 16 September each year the Earth is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer – the 1994 General Assembly proclaimed 16 September the International Day Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Day established in memory of signing the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. It was preceded by the Vienna Convention, which was signed two years earlier. The main purpose of these two agreements is to prevent the destruction of the ozone layer by anthropogenic influences. As is known, ozone protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation, which is the main cause of melanoma and other skin cancers. Annually die from these diseases 66 000 people. For the first time in a decline in the Earth’s atmosphere stratospheric ozone layer that protects the planet from harmful solar radiation, scientists drew attention in the late 60s of the twentieth century. The Montreal Protocol has been to ban the production and consumption of 100 kinds of chemicals that deplete the ozone layer.

The Projects

Monday, July 13th, 2015

To the times, it is not visualized by aesthetic reasons. Ex1.: The students had studied the projects. Simple citizen (has a nucleus = ' ' estudantes' ' (substantive)) Ex2.: All had studied the projects. Simple citizen (has a nucleus = ' ' todos' ' (substantive word)) Ex3.: I studied the projects. Simple citizen In this last example has a nucleus = ' ' Eu' ' (substantive word), but you must be if asking: Why is simple if it did not appear in the phrase? Reply: when we study verbal extrimity (morphologic analysis of the verbs, remembers) we saw that the termination of the verb already indicates the proname to be used. Soon, for an aesthetic question we will not need to place the proname ' ' eu' ' knowing that the termination of the verb ' ' estudEI' ' it only can be mentioned to this proname. Then the termination ' ' EI' ' already she is one clear form to admit that the citizen is ' ' EU' '. What it had then? The citizen was occult? Absolutely therefore nobody is student of occult sciences here, not! What it occurs is a figure of called language ellipse (if does not worry, will study more to the front) soon, the simple citizen above until can be nicknamed, with logic, of: 1) subject simple ones for ellipse; 2) subject elliptical; 3) subject simple ones for the extrimity; 4) subject simple ones for the verbal extrimity; all these nicknames are accepted as logical: they appear in the structure of the conjunct. But for the love of God! ' ' occult citizen! ' ' ) 2) COMPOSED CITIZEN? It is a citizen that Exists, it appears in the conjunct and it possesss TWO OR MORE NUCLEI (one remembers of that the nucleus will be always a SUBSTANTIVE or SUBSTANTIVE words) Ex1.: The students and the professors had studied the projects carefully.

Learning English

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

That revelation Joan F.: – I remember the story of his emigration to America – without the money and the English language, but with a small daughter in her arms. Had to take on any job. If only I was able to speak in English! Alas, 10 years spent studying English in school and college, actually turned out to be wasted. In general, it was easy to learn, was seriously in life. Say – that's the main thing. Because carefully translated letters and documents only a small part of communication with English-speaking audience, and it is admittedly small. In direct communication, conversation, you will achieve much more.

What exactly? Get help, grant, work, new experiences, gain friends, profitable business partners, customers, maybe find your love Do you think so far that we can not to "exploit" to learn English? And do not make stupid feats. Enough to get online and try to work out with the electronic teacher, who never tire of repeating to you the same thing hundreds of times, if necessary. He is not provoked, does not pierce your eyes, noting to myself they say, stupid And do not even cry over your mistakes. By the way, was a case of Katharine R. from Kyrgyzstan, held a course of English in a Catholic school. A nun-teacher cried when Catherine, well possession of written English, tried to talk And then an American patient, a nun, swallowing her tears, returned a verdict: you, my dear, learning disabilities So, the course is specifically designed for such alleged ineducable.

Foreign Language

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Nowadays, a person is in need to live in such a system, where the media have long turned the world, turning it into a real big village. This significantly facilitates communication between people of different countries and nationalities. Undoubtedly, under one condition, that you know foreign languages and can perform at least translate sentences from English. After all, no other than the language long ago came to be regarded by the international language of communication. This language gives opportunity to exchange remarks with the right people, representatives of your profession, and any other foreigners who have interests similar to yours.

If you know foreign languages and are able to produce at least a translation from English. Knowledge of foreign languages makes it much empower your business – from obtaining sensitive information from competitors and colleagues all over the world and ending with directly to the conclusion of major contracts. Of course, if your state has a professional translator or anyone else of his subordinates will be able to translate from English literate. But is the full-time translator address the issue of personal conversation? When it comes to work – no doubt. And if we go to a professional translation agency, then generally a good level of translation suggest not to fear. And then, where it is not done the work a translator, they always manage to do everything together, because the professional community has not been canceled, but the translation is just that community. But there is also a dimension of personality, not just economic.

Of course, when drafting of contracts, price lists and many other papers, where a very matter every word, every phrase, so as to correct the perception of the agreement depends on the level of cooperation, without a competent translator will not work do. Do not worry, the translation will help to organize the work competently. But during the interviews in person, even a weak proficiency partner – a serious advantage. Remember, there is a saying – a good word, even a cat nice. When you speak dialect partner who intend to enter into a contract, this is a kind of guarantee you are interested not only in the material side of the contract, but also evidence of your personal respect to the partner as a person and a representative of a nation. Sometimes lack even a primitive 'hello' in their native tongue for a partner – it is already evidence of your good attitude. Showing respect for foreign partners, you demonstrate self-respect. Since knowledge of one's own language – not an achievement. A knowledge of other languages – an indicator breadth of knowledge.

Industrial Revolution

Monday, October 7th, 2013

The pedagogical work demands a series of previous knowledge that go beyond the education methods or activities as prescriptions that had given certain. To be professor and to enter in a classroom, it is necessary to know the one that came, because it came mainly and to who lode, that is, is necessary to know the pupils, to know its interests, yearnings, necessities, dreams, etc. When if it deals with the professional who works with Infantile Education, is necessary to have knowledge of some especificidades of this area of education, to start for the description of the conceptions regarding it in times and different places. The model of specific institution for infantile education appeared with known ' ' gardens of infncia' ' of France, in century XVIII, as a species of redemption of the resultant of the relations of employers and used flagelantes situations in the Industrial Revolution. Children children of diligent parents in plants suffered bad-treatments, indifference even stops with the health and exactly the survival. To this initial factor the conception of the Infantile Education is on as assistencialismo. In a capitalist society, it did not have interest of the ruling class, that the popular classrooms independent, were clarified, critical, therefore in this in case that, they would demand its rights. Soon, the health was thought about one environment of attendance the basic necessities, as hygiene and cares.

In Brazil the assistencialista model was followed per many years, or at least until the decade of 80 when it had a magnifying of the quarrels on the real functions of the Infantile Education that took care of the necessities of the modern society. It was there that the conception appeared of that the children did not need only cares, but also of education. Although the changes, the care agreement followed until the current days, one in such a way dissociado of the education concept. That is, the organization of the pertaining to school spaces if divides in periods and specific activities of care, and others specific of calls pedagogical activities or experiences. But, as Gomeses () the s professore () s of E.I are not ' ' (…) mothers auxiliary, but yes professional of educao' ' with characteristics, affectionate, even so different of the familiar ones, in the direction to be endowed with educative intention. Soon, the functions of the professional of infantile education need to be rethink. The debates point with respect to the necessity of a formation well more including and unifying for these educators. When visiting pertaining to school institutions, we verify that still it lacks in the current conception of the schools of Infantile Education an agreement of that the action ' ' cuidar' ' developed in the education institution as an educational act it is, therefore, different of the maternal one, because intentionally it is planned, of form to help in the integral development of the child, what it involves aspects as health, already seen in the assistencialistas standards, welfare, hygiene, rules of social convivncia and behaviors investigativas (criticidade) ahead of the proper actions and the actions of the others include that it, beyond stimulating its creative development.

On the other hand, the educative act, also continues endowed with care, affection, attention of the part of the professor stops with the children, so that they have satisfactory growth and since small they understand the education as a form to characterize its life and the life of its community. REFERENCES: GOMES, Vanise Dos Santos. Care and education: one soon introduction to the thematic one. Available in, access in 11 of May of 2009.


Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Currently, the more intent parents must be each time to the children, what they speak, what they make, its attitudes and behaviors. They communicate themselves with us of some forms: through its absence, of its revolt, its removal, collect, I cry, silence. Other times, shout, irritation for little low thing, escapes, notes in the school, changes in the way of if dressing, the gestures and attitudes. The parents must perceive the children. Many times, through the behavior, are wanting to say some thing to the parents. these, in the running of day-by-day, nor give attention to those small details.

The important paper is undeniable that the family plays in the learning process, in view of that if she constitutes as mediating element between the child and the society. As You mark (2006) ' ' it is born to the needed child to insert itself human generic, of aculturado individual and citizen singular' '. We strengthen the necessity here of if to study the relation family/school, where the educator looks for to consider educating, losing of sight the globalidade of the person, perceiving that, the child, when enters the pertaining to school system, does not leave of being son, brother, friend, etc. the necessity of if constructing to a relation between school and family, must be to plan, establish minimum commitments and agreements so that educating/son it in such a way has an education with quality in house how much in the school and if it prevents or it minimizes the failure pertaining to school of these individuals. 1.2 – failure pertaining to school x society Some authors believe that the biggest cause of the failure pertaining to school is the society. Following this reasoning Coast he complements: ' ' The cause of the failure passes, thus, to be situated in the proper child whom of victim if it transforms into male defendant.

House Brazilian Publisher

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

No matter how hard the mediator of the classroom created situations for the learning, that burst in intellectual challenges, arming themselves of the interpersonal relations that go if developing through the daily convivncia, and of the construction of new abilities, affectivities and not it had a space that all could the virtues of the learning be developed, all effort it would be compromised and it would place to lose all investment. For it saw of the Psicopedagogia was possible to perceive such problem and to search ways pra that the solution becomes viable with alteration in the structure of the project of the room or to place arcondicionado in the room. The ventilation of the classroom does not bring problems of dimension that permeia the health and the interpersonal relationship, compromising the learning as it was told. a pedagogical environment must be a space where the cognitivo, playful, corporal development and spiritual of the individual must generate a performance of ideal standard that does not intervene with the process of development of the child. But that it must develop in aprendente the tranquilidade, the confidence, the patience, and the generosity enters the too much colleagues of the room and stops with the professors.

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