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Gross Composition

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

As it follows reflecting the mirror of the first analysis, the industrial sector if characterizes as most intent of the State. Figure 1 – Curve of Lorenz of the Gross domestic product and the Value Added (VAIN) of the Farming one, Industry and of the Services? 2008. Scott Mead might disagree with that approach. Elaboration: IDESP? Management of Studies and Socioeconmicas Research (2010) This concentration of the industrial sector or distanciamento of the angle of 45, reserve some explanations for the state economy, between which: reduced industrialization in the cities is notable, designating at least that the industrialization effort still is very small in all the State and lacks of strong public incentive and mainly of the materialization of investment of the private sector, for being this infinitely biggest one that the capacity of the State to invest; the production structure has as reference a low dynamism characterized for the small level of raw material processing and absence of aggregation of value in the productive chains; on average the contribution of the sector in the composition of the GIP of the cities it does not exceed 17%, presenting lesser values for previous years. How much to the sector services it was between the extremities, indicating bigger concentration that the farming one, however less concentrated with regard to the industrial sector. As the relative participation for the year of 2008 it was of 56,6% of the state GIP, the curve of this sector was next to the one to services, data this that is strengthened by the raised participation of this sector in the composition of the product of the cities, that is, in more than 87% of the analyzed cities occurred predominance of the sector of services in the composition of the product (figure-1). 1.2A RELATIVE PARTICIPATION OF the SECTORS As continuation of the consolidated analysis, this section made use of the relative participation of the sectors in the composition of the state GIP, the objective and to identify the degree of dependence of the one economy or more sectors, the level of this dependence, processes of transference of value between the sectors will be occurred being able to signal an increase of industrialization or indications of some process of desindustrializao, or still to be able to catch signals of changes in the productive structure of the State identified for the period of 10 years (used clipping).


Friday, January 29th, 2016

This confusion all generated by the global crisis drained in consequences politics with reinforcement of ideologies as nazism, the facismo and the communism. For regimes from there totalitarian, dictatorships and for the second war are known steps. In the two crises, the beginning if gave for reasons that if are similar in many things. Still well that the ominous ones consequences of the crisis of 29 had not been felt in 2008, excepting one or another sector that fired more and adjusted the belts, but without comparison base. The social problems of the world are endemic, but on account of the current economic crisis, the Hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and desperation in the families and the population had not occurred now, but we could have facing the same problems with consequences unexpected politics. As we always said, other crises after 1929 could have had serious consequences in the world, had been managed with ability and the new premises of the age of the knowledge had collaborated. The 2008 crisis can have been of bigger risk in the repetition afflicts of it of 29.

The premises had moved, the experience of the past helped in the administration of the current problem, the management tools are our allied. The 2008 crisis already is almost part of the past, but few can imagine the risks that the humanity it ran. Who knows the history of the decade of 30 can testify. To understand the past is not to regredir in the time, to walk in the future needs to understand what it happened.The experience last helped very in the management of the current problem. She is necessary to be always intent to the movements that the globalization imposes to the countries without refusal possibility. A problem in Iceland can re-echo this way, vide 2008. The ideal is always anticipating in them to the problems and being cliente that the new economic order is real, but still can hide surprises of all nature. Who knows a little of what it happened in the crisis of 29 with the society and its funestos sufferings, knows of what we escape. We do not have to leave that this if repeats. The theory of the economic cycles still is inconclusiva academically, but in the real world of the one to perceive it clearly. Let us wait the next wave, without repeating errors without passing for the calamities and you distress lived in the past.

Global Economy

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

So Paulo, 28 of June of 2005Para the partner-director of the Global consultoria Financial Advisor, Miguel Daoud, currently has an excess of liquidity in the decurrent world-wide economy of the change of the profile of the international savings, that after the succession of crises between 1997 and 2002, had carried through adjustments in the direction to form reserves. ' ' The countries that had suffered with these crises had had a very strong adjustment in the direction to have saving, to have reserves. Only that these reserves are in dollar and finish financing the North American economy, reason for which U.S.A. can have a twin deficit of more US$ 1 trillion. It has availability of recursos' ' , it explains. The partner-director of the Risk Office Consultoria*, Carlos Antonio Rocca, also sees an excess of saving in world-wide terms. ' ' as U.S.A. continues being a dynamic economy and has all a trustworthy picture, of baixssimo credit risk, would have then a trend of credit excess if to direct to mercado' ' , it says.

For Daoud, if it did not have a retrocession perhaps in the consolidation of the European Union, with the rejection of the Constitution and the problems with the rightness of the Budget, it was possible to see the beginning of adjustment in this disequilibrium, since euro also would appear as option for the formation of reservas.' ' Euro, that it is configured as one second option, still is very unstable. Until if it stabilizes, U.S.A. continues with offers monstrous of resource because it does not have opo' '. Still in accordance with the Daoud, the North American economy today consumes 85% of the available financial saving in the world. is this dynamics that favors the formation of bubbles in the economy mundial.*Marcelo Rabbat is consulting at risk of credit and risk of market. One of the partners of the RiskOffice, the Rabbat is also managing of the PR& The Consultoria de Investimentos, together with Sergio Malacrida, specialized in modeling of systems of credit and market risk.

Global Economy

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

All crisis has its herald. That emissary of the chaos, that arrived before and informed the incautos on what it would go to happen. Current rise of subprime also has its: it takes care of for the name of Nouriel Roubini, also known as ' ' Dr. Apocalipse' '. In the last week Brazil still had ' ' prazer' ' to receive this visit ' ' ilustre' '. Roubini was in So Paulo, in Wednesday 11, the invitation of the BTG, the financistas Andres Esteves and Barren Prsio. With a voice of Conde Drcula it made jus to the fame. He started saying that the world-wide economy is in ' ' coma' '.

Later, he said that one of the customers of its consultoria, one of the biggest American multinationals, confidenciou not to know to it if, daqui the two years, the company still will be alive. Roubini spoke in ' ' tsunami' ' , in ' ' Armagedon' ' also in one ' ' Triangle of the Bermudas' ' macroeconomic. It arrived until playing with the auditorium suggesting that perhaps it was the case of if storaging ' ' weapons, the ammunition and alimentos' '. informed that the world will not leave the current contraction before the end of 2010.A forecast of Roubini of that the world-wide contraction, pulled for the American, will be extended until the end of the next year takes in account the adoption, for the governments, especially of the United States, action effective to take off of the markets the toxic assets. also the premise of that it will have a temporary nationalization of the banks contaminated for these assets with recovery capacity. According to its estimates, instead of the US$ 2 billion that foresaw initially, the total volume rotten credits in world-wide the financial system arrives the US$ 3,6 trillions, being the half of them is in being able of the institutions americanas.' ' – Exactly knowing that it had reinforcement of the capital (of the banks) for the American government and increase of the provisionses, the American banking system of an aggregate form seems that it is almost insolvent – said, continuing ahead: – And most of this money will have to come of the government and not of the private sector, because until if cleaning essses active of the financial system nobody in the private sector goes to invest money to lose everything.

European Union Government

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

The idea is to convince the companies who dominate the market to work with lesser prices, to reduce the profit edge and to diminish the barriers to the entrance of new competitors. In case that they demonstrate resistance, the government can leave for a harder action. As another study divulged in the end of March for the Ministries of Justice and the Farm and for the Central banking the sector very has a tax of profitability above of average practised in the Brazilian economy and this necessary picture to be I coat. According to survey, the profit of the credenciadoras (the companies that take the cards for the store) increased 300% between 2003 and 2007, passing of almost R$ 600 million stop close to R$ 2,5 billion. The study she considers that the edge of profit of the companies disproportionately is raised in comparison with the risk of the activity. Moreover, the edge of profit in Brazil is well superior to the one of the European Union.

Another option of the government, considered more difficult to implement and evaluated as more interventionist, is to determine the desverticalizao of the sector. Today, the companies of credit card control the process all: credenciamento, supply of payment terminals, captures and processing of transactions, guiding of authorization order and compensation and liquidation. This would diminish the fire power of the company of the sector, therefore the verticalizao is the biggest source of the power of these companies. The alternative most radical, but not desired for the government, it is to transform the segment into a regulated sector, what it could mean the price control of prices. Beyond these possibilities, the government studies to promote some regulation of the sector, being tried to close breaches that guarantee the concentration of the system and to stimulate a bigger competition. Bibliography: Periodical Leading Brazilian business newspaper of 28 of April of 2009Jornal the State of So Paulo of 29 of April of 2009


Saturday, August 30th, 2014

In Mexico we are also witnessing of a devaluation of the peso. The central bank has had to intervene with billions of dollars of reserves in order to contain the fall. Someone is taking the money. Better said: the value of money. In marriage, when there is separation, the importance of signing certificate of marriage becomes apparent. If there is no such document, surely rights no may be required.

Moreover, if any, compensation for at least part of the damage can then be requested. Why purport that the market be free? If however the authority has to intervene. United States is the great example. They already have his FOBAPROA (rescue financial firms by the Government) and on a super scale. Uncle Sam has had to interfere in the companies to rescue them and try this protect the rest of society. And all for the mismanagement of some Admins and distrust of the owners of the money.

The problem with this is that to the managers inept thieves and fearful investors or malice charges not be can ask for their acts that cause of crisis. Nor is can point them as criminals because there are no written rules make them offenders. Looks necessary today introducing and agreeing formulated laws to prevent financial crises caused by human beings and protect the population from the world of the voracity of some few. Hopefully in the largest of the planet by taking 20 economies meeting held these days in Washington resolutions are taken in this regard. And recognize that the role of the members of the market is different for each part, but everything comes responsibility, and how accountability is often mentioned. The Government must act in time to maintain the balance, i.e., justice and fairness. More justice and equity will not come while there is no legislation governing the actions of participants of the market and as long as those who dream and live as if freedom were right divine to abandoning the needy. Today I read the following words: do not accumulate treasures on Earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves get to steal for themselves. Rather, collect treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust there, nor thieves get to steal for himself. They have much sense. Or what to say. Here there is much thief and much pest.

Hotels Cheap In New Zealand

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

For those who wish to go on motorhome now they have gotten into the article that does not touch! For the rest, who are also many who choose the car as a mode of scroll during a trip to New Zealand, is good to give a couple of tips in order to be able to find cheap hotels in our antipodes. Do put cheap hotels on Google already does not often give the result that we want, really? It is that increasingly more search engines above are most important and most expensive companies that invest heavily in the search engine optimisation, and leaves behind all the rest of small businesses, many times with much more competitive prices, and that they can only find knowing its exact name. This of course represents a small problem, though in a travel consulting could help us. Thus, to find cheap hotels in New Zealand not just life strategies. A good idea is always walk through forums to see some traveler who makes recommendations of hotels. However, this always brings its problems because a hotel may be sold in a page at a price and another to another much higher price. There are certain pages that have a series of guarantees at the level of price with which you can ensure that you are not ripping.

But to do this you will have to check other pages first! Pay close attention to the added details, because in many cases is added you a mysterious charge by management which elevates your booking considerably. Another small detail: terminology in New Zealand is very extensive, and the accommodations come with names such as Hostel, Motel, B & B, Lodge, etc. A long list which will be the first to discard the Lodge. And it is that normally it’s luxury accommodations located in spectacular landscapes. Perhaps suitable for a honeymoon, but not for travelers seeking to find economic accommodations. Finally, note that between a 3 star Hotel and a hostel, in Spain can be much difference in price, but in New Zealand do not. Thus, there were shelters for 20 Euros per person and per night, and some very good hotels for 21 Euros per person and night, like what got used to recommend to our clients in low. !Happy hunting hotels!

Judiciary Power

Friday, December 20th, 2013

The new law of the trusts was approved in the end of 2008 peloSenado one and soon later sancionada by the dRepblica president. A stated period of 120 days was given to this law to paracomear to be valid. Then, naltima friday the same one only entered in vigor. With certainty, it will change the scene of the trusts noBrasil. Some changes partially represent antigoanseio of the population and that already estavamsendo judged for the Judiciary Power. Before who desejavaparar to pay or to rescind the contract alone quepagou would receive it if it only had balance and to the end of the group. In September de2005 the Court of Justice of Mines before determined the umconsrcio that returned to all the paid values the desisting umconsorciado one, exactly of the end of the group. Now, with anova law, the desisting excluded one or continues participating dossorteios e, will be drafted, will be able to receive what it paid, remembering that the reimbursement is made only on parcelareferente to the good.

The paid money for the insurance or taxes deadministrao is kept. Seno will be drafted, joined desisting ouexcludo will have to wait the end of the group to parareceber the paid value already. Newness also paraexcluso that now will have to be informadaatravs of notification, what antesno happened. Now serpossvel to use the trust paracontratao of services, what antesno was allowed. Of this form, any will pessoapoder to participate of a group specifies paraservios and the important one will be the value of the decredito letter and not it type of service.

The decrdito letter, for example, could be used for arealizao of plastic surgeries, trips and courses. In the item plastic surgeries the Plastic deCirurgia Advice if located of formacontrria, therefore, according to this, not possvel to define, without relatriomdico, if that person can or not make umaplstica. In these cases they had always been long facts pagamentosdiretamente to the doctor for the service or opaciente, in many cases, appealed to the bank to search umemprstimo. Then, the law made a novaverso of what already it existed of other forms and comoas credit letters are directed aoprestador of the service fit to this, in the casoespecfico the doctor, to take care of the ditamesticos, and if this to only opt to make servioo money will be used. Another great novidade the possibility of the use of umacarta of credit to quit another financing, since quea letter has a superior value to the value of the debit. Better Agorao was the determination daseparao of resources and patrimnioda administrator and the groups and establishes rules deresponsabilizao and puniodos administrators of these companies in case dem-management. With this the focus was changed, therefore emcasos we recentssimos of joined osprprios trust in addition is that they had been punished, poisesto being charged in new dosconsrcios values due the breaking. We point out that in this in case that cited some sentences jexistem confirming queno can be charged new values of the joined ones, mainly, of that already they were quit daliquidao before of trusts.

The Coins

Monday, September 30th, 2013

By writing this post I pushed one personal observation, and one phenomenon, which saw all the people who use in your everyday calculations, bills worth 10 rubles. So, in order: Watching the first in his native city on several kiosks saw an inscription which read: "We do not accept a 10-and 5-penny coin." From this we can draw the following conclusions: 1) for the money to buy this stand is nothing unreal (former example, in any newsagent, you could buy a box of matches for 10 cents, and now the same box is worth 1 ruble, which corresponds to a tenfold rise in the cost). 2) All price lists terminate or on a ruble, or 50 cents phenomenon is our second Mint issued banknote five thousand rubles and coin denominations of 10 rubles. Ten rubles bimetallic coin appeared long ago, but they were coins for collectors, the coins are confined to the significant dates. And just recently been released dozens of new metal, which should completely replace paper bills in the same denomination. From what actually that a 10-ruble coin into a trifle! 10 and 50-penny coins are transformed into atavism, in their place come Dollars and Five, and the ruble, cheapened by 10 times, replaced that same 10-ruble coin (which is even phone through an ATM will not put).

Five thousandths of bills, as stated in the CBR issued for the reduction of paper pulp, with major purchases, such as when buying a cash machine or apartment, are not so large bills. Increasingly, people in stores are calculated by them, because it is easier to bring a piece of paper, it will pay off her one and get a pile of stuff surrender than to carry a 50 hundred for example. Based on these observations, I and concluded that prices in Russia over the past 10 years, it grew by 10 times! Like it or not, it's up to you, but if my conclusions are wrong, there is every reason to believe that as soon as statistics show the rise in prices on the order. PS This is Russia, and the figures that I remembered …

The Hegemony

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

What it is interesting to notice capitalism is in this way the participation it and of the globalization. It has some that nail that the formation of economic blocks discourages the performance of the globalization, that is, close the doors for the economy exterior if to infiltrate, well, what we go to perceive is that this is a conception total maken a mistake, for the opposite, this fact stimulates the globalizantes relations enters the nations that composes the group, and in turn, this group acted of globalizante form with other not regional groups, thus establishing, a globalizante capitalism. On this Magnoli quarrel it affirms: The economic theory explains that the formation of zones of free commerce causes two consequncia simultaneous. Of a side, existing commercial flows already are redirected, in function of the attraction exerted for the removal of customs barriers. Of another one, new commercial flows create themselves, in the measure that the withdrawal of customs barriers stimulates importation of merchandises the costs lowest.

The first phenomenon acts against the trend to the globalization; as, the favor acts. (MAGNOLI, 2004, P. 75) Well, as we saw the process of regionalizao of the markets we have favorable and contrary factors before the globalization. But what I believe that more would affect the structures politics, economic, social and cultural with the effect regionalizao of the markets, would be the hegemony that a nation would create on excessively in the block, if to use as example the proposal of the economic block of the HANDLE, we will perceive that the American companies nortes would jam in them, would distort our culture (what already they are making), would modify our social structure? improvement does not stop, everything this in search of more American isolated incomes north. We cannot see the regionalizao process and only approve looking at its economic character, but its position politics, its social and cultural conceptions, only for reason of the globalization this if it does not explain, we cannot be one in such a way irresponsible one to attend all these actions of form ' ' bestializada' '.