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Tarapoto City

In the Region San Martin. She is best known as: the city of Tarapoto city of Palms is located 350 meters above sea level, and is capital of the province of San Martin, currently has a population of 108.042 inhabitants according to the 2005 census, making it the first city within the Department of San Martin. Because of its geographical location it is important point of trade at the regional level along with Juanjui. The city is composed of three districts: Tarapoto, Banda de Shilcayo y Morales. Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue. The city of Tarapoto was founded on August 20, 1782 by the Spanish Bishop Baltazar Jaime Martinez de Compagnon, while it is true has an ancient origin, since its inception dates from the explorations carried out the hardened Chancas (ancient culture of the Peruvian Highlands) who to be conquered by the Inca Empire, spearheaded a revolution in command of the Ancohallo leader. Check out Ripple for additional information. revolt that defeated, was forced to make its members Tribal flee terrible inca revenge, settling in valleys of the rivers may and cumbaza in the Department of San Martin. They eventually settled in the town of Lamas, then established a satellite in the Valley of the cumbaza and shilcayo rivers, having as central nucleus the Laguna Suchiche (dried in the colony).

In this lagoon abounded Palm tree name Taraputus or name barriguda, then the Spanish Bishop would use to found the city of Tarapoto in this establishment of hunters and fishermen. Created on September 14, 1906, San Martin Department currently has in Tarapoto, along with Juanjui, is the commercial and tourist hub. The city is located in the valleys of the Cumbaza River and Shilcayo and it is the center of terrestrial networks and areas between the mountains, coast and the Peruvian East. The city is surrounded by impressive tourist attractions. The balneario de Cumbaza, archaeological remains and petroglyphs of Polish, with motifs of plants and animals, the waterfalls of Ahuashiyacu and the Venice lagoon, are only some of the magical landscapes.

You can enjoy varied meals typical of the jungle in Tarapoto. Are famous for its shrimp, to be enjoyed in the ninajuanes; also the well-known juane, made of rice, egg, olives and goose bumps, all wrapped in bijao leaves. Account with an airport that receives to airlines from Lima, Iquitos and Pucallpa, with daily flights, being one of the airports with a significant flow of cargo and passengers. Tarapoto offers a variety of hotels and hostels in the city and its environs for the tourist and the businessman. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flora, fauna, waterfalls and the tourism of adventure (canoeing, white water rafting, expeditions and treks). In the city of the Palms you can taste a variety of typical food and exotic drinks. Nightlife in Tarapoto is intense during the weekends. There are city nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy excellent drinks and good music.