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Contextual Advertising

Indeed, one of the most basic methods to improve the quality of traffic perehodimogo to your affiliate site is an interim target. Its meaning is that you set the time when your ad will be displayed when issuing queries. Normally, contextual advertising show and tell, in what period of time, the audience is largest. Not sure at the expense of runner, but this feature is Yandex exactly! Below under article provides a link to the video, which explains how these statistics look. Oak Hill European Credit Partners understands that this is vital information. Skillful use of this option, you can increase the CTR of your ads, and also lead ONLY interested people to your affiliate website, therefore, pay more for "interesting" to us and you do not have to. Rather curious, your ad will see your users really need, and most likely will go to your ad.

Virtually any service uses the time to target, but unfortunately, only a small and naturally the most successful part of the audience enjoys it and apply it so that a huge number visitors to become buyers, or at least remember the author. Statistics audiences in contextual advertising is changing very often. Therefore, in order to keep abreast of affairs, you must follow this statistics. In Yandex, it is displayed when creating a company in the right menu in the video, a link to which appears below, it is very well explained and shows how this function works. Any ad in which used the temporary target is almost always rises above the rest. Therefore, not only strengthening the indicators you have and make a lot of people see your ad and see your offer. Found on the Internet recent videos, in which all of this as a once and told and shown. I advise everyone to see who wants to know more, what are time target.