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Working Furniture

Monday, October 12th, 2015

In our time, is simply huge and diverse selection of multi-functional appliances and devices necessary any housewife in the kitchen. As rich market kitchen utensils and crockery. Proper placement, and assembly of furniture can turn your small, but cozy kitchen in a very tech production with minimal effort mistress. This requires wall cabinets in various sizes and configurations and built-tech appliances: oven, dishwasher, freezer and more. We should not forget that the distance between the hanging cabinets and tops should be about fifty centimeters. Often, to increase the area of cooking using a wide window sill as a cutting table. If it is low, it can serve additional seat for guests.

Thus, due to what can be visually enlarge the space of the kitchen? Bright sunlight, bright tones of the walls and ceiling, glossy translucent plastic or glass surfaces tables and cabinets extend the space. Proper positioning of the furniture will make your kitchen a comfortable and cozy. If your apartment or home kitchen can accommodate a band, and cooking and drinking area cooked, the location of furniture, cookers and hoods, washer and dryer can be concentrated in the center of the working area cuisine and dining area form the other side of the room. In the kitchen, a large area of the flight of your imagination does is not limited. Fit here and a bar that is suitable for both cooking and for its consumption, tea or emotional conversations with friends over a glass of spirits. In a large kitchen can be used for ceiling walls and furniture a bright and rich colors, though not give up the warm pastel tones, if they are to your taste.

Planning Council Worker

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Not so long ago in a modern office accommodation was calculated for those people, what were scientists, engineers, teachers and so on, which a huge share of the work done in his apartment. And in our time, apart workroom needs of almost every Russian. Repairs and modifications must take into account many subtleties. This is primarily due to the fact that urban life became different computer hardware, which requires additional space for themselves, and it is projected to how will commence work on repair of apartments. As an option, usually so the student has recently been flooded with books and drafts, and now desperately need to have learning computer. And this is not the only child of technology, winning with a subsequent day much more space in the home the vast number of people. Those people who are concerned about housing conditions business, should consider the space for such facilities as telephone, printer and so on. On the back, now as a much larger number of people, some for good work at home conditions requires a creative studio.

Very often, they themselves act as designers of their premises. This type of figures are photographers, designers, architects, builders or ordinary creative people, who are able to afford to give away a free room for a hobby, without prejudice to all tenants. That is, for recently seen a trend that yesterday topical tips on creating a workspace become obsolete very soon. A couple of years ago, for arranging the workspace PC user offered to provide a box for the content of floppies, but now they have no interest in them. Next item Cabinet to work as an old typewriter for an hour now looks even more foolish, and large libraries, with long shelves in several tiers in general are now electronic. Given these facts, we must emphasize that first-class designers can design you a workroom in a suitable style that will not lose the ergonomics of one year, due to the fact that the study of the market of finishing materials, decoration, latest development is the responsibility of each professional.