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Painted Light: In The Light And In The Dark

Annual exhibition by Robert C. Rore in Munich that the light is the decisive factor in Robert C. Red paintings, can be seen at first glance. It doesn’t matter whether the artist it flow from the top right or left in the image can be, an essential part of the composition. But the lack of light can be a challenge if it turns around the question: how to paint white bed linen? The simple answer: I paint the shadows. Red painting is really exciting when a wine glass held before the body consists of little more than half a dozen paint strokes and a few points, and so despite the credible representation of a glass is created. His paintings, however, are just as exciting, the darkened rooms make for example a scene in a hotel room with closed curtains, where the light may only by the glow of a focusing screen seems to come about. Last but not least, there are of course also represented men who make Robert Rore images so distinctive.

Besides the paintings are also watercolours, coloured and Pencil drawings to see. The exhibition, a catalogue with the title appears Carioca Iury”format 21x21cm documenting the diverse work of Robert C. red with only a model. The vernissage will take place on July 29, 2010 at 20:00 in the presence of the artist. On the occasion of the Hans Sachs Street Festival along the 21.08 to the Oktoberfest warm-up on the 16th and 17.09. the Gallery is open until the late evening hours. Opening hours of the exhibition Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 12-14 and 16-8: 00 on Saturday 11-20: 00 and after notice and agreement

Andrea Pagnes

“All works produced for the project will be presented in the final Gallery, and are already during the trip on the homepage of the project to admire: FRAGILE global performance chain journey” as a kaleidoscope of worldwide contemporary art. The peculiarity of the project lies not only in the field of art in all its diversity, but it examines phenomena such as globalisation and ecology in his international claim, and asks the question what today means tolerance and international understanding for us in constant desire for peace and profound global cultural exchange with democratic prospects. FRAGILE global performance journey chain”is a project by people of all over the world for people from all over the world, an action which opts for the pure human creativity and responsibility demands, as in all this, the aim of the project, the fragile glass is intact to Florence return to after she went through the hands of all attendees around the world. The Ideatoren of the VestAndPage project since 2006 to collaborate in the field of performance and video art and present their work all over the world. They come from different artistic backgrounds: the Venetian Andrea Pagnes began his career as a visual artist and art critic, the German Verena Stenke worked for theatre and dance. Combining their experience, they rise together concepts, based on transformation, fragility and unity. FRAGILE global performance journey chain”is supported by a network of international organisations and cultural institutions in Europe and South America as a project. Contact and online information VestAndPage – Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes. (As opposed to Jeff Leiden).

The Barkenhoff In Worpswede

“Island of beauty” that leads to attraction of the Barkenhoffes not only for the bride and groom of the Barkenhoff his visitors in a fantastic Kulisse.Der Barkenhoff in Worpswede from 1895 until the twenties of the 20th century, Heinrich Vogeler has put a large part of his artistic career in the design of the Barkenhoffes. In addition to the conversion of the artists House, the gardens played a central role. The estate of 18,000 sqm designed Vogler to an island of beauty. In Worpswede he realized his dream of a connection between art and life. The Barkenhoff was renovated in the years 2003 and 2004. The garden was lovingly reconstructed in the original overall design of the artwork. By careful interventions in the current vegetation, landscape architects have again approximated the appearance of the Barkenhoff Garden by new planting of flowers, shrubs and trees.

The Heinrich-Vogeler-Museum in the main building is seen annually many thousands visitors. Numerous exhibitions and events invite you to a visit to Worpswede. The Also bridal couples who want to hold your most beautiful day in life still full in the garden and on the terrace of the main building, enjoy the attractiveness of the Barkenhoffs. Wedding photo date in the Worpswede experience and, like in the sense Heinrich Vogelers island of beauty”.

Louis Andre Gabriel Bouchet

In 1759, French of neoclassical painter Louis-Andre Gabriel Bouchet is born in Paris. He died in the year 1842. His clear style with strict lines and reduced coloration results from his training with Jacques-Louis David. in 1797 he is awarded the Prix de Rome. Bouchet presented his works at the Salon de Paris until 1819.

in 1807 he manufactures his portrait as a counterpart to the work of Empress Josephine to 1805 running Robert Lefevre on behalf of emperor Napoleon I. Napoleon gives this two portraits of the city of Aachen on 6 December 1807. The paintings are drawn up under Cannon Thunder in the Emperor’s Hall. As the Aachen paintings located in the Berlin City Palace, copies be made on arrangement by Friedrich Wilhelm IV., before he sends back images in 1840 to Aachen. Presumably, Professor Carl Schmid created the reproductions. Today, the original works adorn the foyer of Aachen’s Town Hall.

Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation

Artist Gottfried Kazda leads to the Taunus municipality Aarbergen Panrod the trail in the blue Studio of artist Gottfried Kazda in Aarbergen Panrod Taunus municipality. There is a small blue planet, a world of art, which have blue as the dominant color. Blue in all shades and always with an intensity and depth, this is the intention of the artist. He wants the viewer others hijack in one, often not perceived world. Kahsiy hence the question linked us each visible after an alternate reality or the world behind. Unless thought too short, so Gottfried Kazda, if we considered only the obvious, tangible reality really. Southwest Airlines understands that this is vital information. When taking a closer look at we find always a different reality.” So the artist invites his works to a journey to a new and other experience we supposedly known things. In the blue Studio, images and objects with many surprises await the visitor.

This reached Kahsiy with mirrors as special design. The splits in mirrors “Viewers a different reality with”, he explains. The images are often objects to go inside. His woman in the object MenschenFrau”carries a mirror structure that lets the viewer deep look and finally themselves recognize as a face. Or the tree of knowledge”on a blue background shows countless facets and impressions with its many mirrors, making the leaves. The Viewer is facing the challenge to recognize themselves in the image and to see in very different versions. The works of Kahsiy move constantly between representation and abstraction.

“One of his outstanding works, la mer”, consists of shells, sand, and rubble. It is a landscape decorated in blue and yellow nuances, which rolls up on the other side of the picture in the three-dimensional. Including mirror shards are to the fore. Until now, the viewer discovers remains of plastic packaging, which protrude from the sea Idyll. The children go quite at ease on the interpretation of the pictures”, explains Artists. I must encounter adults every now and again, so that opens up the eye for the other realities in the pictures. He wants to animate people to an approach with his artistic work that opens them locked and opens up to new realities. To enable this to a wider audience, the artist has launched a foundation in life. Who wants to create a place for the arts and a mirror chapel built in bad Marienberg. The Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation, the Gottfried Kahsiy art foundation headquartered in Aarbergen is a legal foundation of under civil law. The Foundation serves to make the art accessible to people. She wants to connect the idealistic and spiritual forces of society, art and culture. The experimental art design should learnt a special consideration. The Foundation promotes also the artistic works of its founder, Gottfried Kazda. (Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation “, donations account Kreissparkasse Westerwald, account no. 180144388, BLZ (57051001) Board of Trustees of the Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation, contact:, Dr. Andreas Lukas, PR

New Fantasy Collection Authors Brothers

Fantasy collection brothers Jan & Kai Niens, fantasy art design at new fantasy collection brothers Jan & Kai Niens, fantasy art design at Absolutkunst.de. Just in time for this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair 2008, the Absolutkunst.de opened their fantasy art shop with a huge selection of jewelry and fantasy design. It is waiting for you in a cast, a fantasy collection by and with the fantasy authors and illustrators brothers Jan and Kai of Nagarajan, the creators and inventors of the Morin trilogy. Their fantasy dragons and other mystical creatures describes the world of the Druids, and unverkennlich comes from their feathers. This portal absolute art.

(de) made the various product fields of fantasy authors in best and high of quality production technology, perfectly tailored to the needs of the customers. Whether there are jewelry, watches shirts, fantasy clothing, or poster is. One finds the the fantasy authors Jan and Kai of Romania, their very own design line have. Tomas Philipson brings even more insight to the discussion. The history line which line design differs substantially and you clearly recognizes that the graphics and your jewelry design from the springs of the brothers of Romania is taken. Now visit the page and see for yourself. At the authors fantasy homepage, it directly to the collection, redirected Bros. Romania Absolutkunst.de. Conclusion, fantasy art design by the twins from the same mold.


The Kassel documentary and video festival celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Micromata GmbH donates the worth 2,500 euros “Golden cube”. Kassel, November 11, 2008 – for the second time the Micromata GmbH promotes the Kassel documentary film and video festival, which opens on November 11. The Austrian software company creates the cube as in the previous year golden”. This price will be part of the monitoring”for the best media installation Award and is endowed with EUR 2 500.

Micromata GmbH, programmed individual software solutions for global companies such as DHL, K + S, Volkswagen, which has always been innovation and continuity. For the CEO of the company founded in 1996, Kai Reinhard and Thomas Landgraf, it is therefore a matter of the heart in the long term to support the Festival significant for the region. Capital One oftentimes addresses this issue. With the economic success of a company, also responsible for the region must grow”, Reinhard founded the commitment. The Kassel documentary film and Video Festival have developed remarkably in the past 25 years. The enormous number of visitors, as well as the immense interest of the artist, to be that clear according to Reinhard.

The exhibition monitoring”will be opened on 12 November at 19: 00 in the Kasseler Kunstverein. “The 17 media installations around the Golden cube” competing international artists can be seen in the Kasseler Kunstverein in the Fridericianum and the KulturBahnhof. The award ceremony will take place on November 16. Last year the prize to the Dutch artist Erik Olofsen went for his video work of public figures”, where he a metro station platform in a kind of stage turns, which combines the public with the private.

Stefan Berker

For guitars, basses, keyboards, pianos and wind instruments the study books contain specially on the instrument-related notes. Generally, the course is however suitable for all musical instruments. In addition, you can participate global jazz academy Berlin on a five-day workshop as students in the. The participants can learn practical under the guidance of professional music teachers as you play free. The workshops individually related to the participants take place in small groups. Mainly involves in the workshops the instrumental lessons, playing in a band and rhythmic exercises. But most importantly, to the fun of musical improvisation. In addition, an online study centre is open to the course members.

In it, participants in contact can occur with remote teachers or chatting with other interact (E.g. via their development as musicians.) The course was developed by a renowned author of course. Stefan Berker is not only a famous musician, but also a successful Remote teacher and author. He was inspired by a jazz course, in which he participated himself long ago. And, although he was quite new to the music.

The course led him eventually to reinvent the music teaching way. Stefan Berker wrote books on music distance-learning and founded the jazz school in Berlin, which later was the global jazz academy. Today, he leads them. The experiences which daily collects Stefan Berker as a musician, music teacher, composer, help him with his work for the development of teaching materials and make him the ideal author of this turn. He and his team take care of the participants during the course as a distance teacher. “The distance learning course music rock & pop” is so maintained by highly qualified and experienced teachers, who accompany the participants during the whole period of the course and is not as costly as individual lessons in the school of music. Moreover, it is possible to decided how much time one wants to invest a week.

Cure Silk

“You can hear a new dimension of healing becoming the term silk” one thinks especially of expensive clothes made of silk or on home textiles. Seem silk fabrics made from the natural product for many people even today nearly priceless and also not suitable for everyday. Luxury and elegance in combination is brought. Silk, the substance of which was previously only kings and rich, is today much more affordable than those days and also in any well-stocked department store to find. But who has heard already, that this noble and expensive material should represent a cure now. This idea is certainly first something outlandish, see you around then, however, the origin of silk, namely the silkworm, we get an inkling of the importance. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. The Caterpillar, which even wants to turn into a butterfly, weaves located previously in a larva, later to slip out in a modified form.

The woven is the raw material for silk. In a specific finishing process of silk thread is obtained later, the Raw material for many beautiful fabrics. The silkworm gave previously his transformation energy into his cocoon into, so that this quality then passes into the thread and will later in the silk, which arise. The transformation ability of silk is already well known in China and is used in Chinese medicine, especially for the massage. Silk one knows the history of silk for approximately 5000 years and it is called the discovery goes back on Xiling, the wife of the Chinese emperor Huang-di. From here, the success story took its course of silk as one of the finest natural materials. She came to India, Central Asia, Persia, Korea and Japan. In the 13th century, silk was a pure product of import from the Orient and only very wealthy people could afford this luxury fabric.

In Europe, Italy became a stronghold of silkworm rearing, as well as the Seidenspinnerei during the Norman period. Long time Italy remained number one in Europe the silk country until mid-17th century France strongly advanced its silk and Italy ran off the rank. Did you know facts about silk? that a rope of silk can carry more weight than a same thick rope from metal? that one half a kilogram of caterpillars in the course of his life eats up to 12,000 kg Mulberry leaves? that a silkworm by birth consumed the 40.000-fache of his body weight in the form of Mulberry leaves to the pupal stage? that the thread of the cocoon on average has a width of 20 m (Micron – 1 millionth of a meter)? that of 1 kilogram of raw silk up to 10 kilograms of cocoons are required for recovery. that the length of cocoon thread can reach more than 4000 meters? that you need over 25 mulberry trees to gain about 3 kilograms silk? that a silkworm can spin up to 15 meters per minute? that the silkworm increases his bodyweight to 12,000 times after his birth four weeks? It requires nearly 70 pounds of Mulberry leaves for a dress made of silk? So, it’s no wonder that silk as one of the most valuable fibres is traded.

The Artist Piroska Batz

A Hungarian artist of extraordinaire melting Hutter village. Piroska Baccus is a talented artist who literally plays with their pictures. Their imagination with which she breathes life into their works, is gigantic and gives a touch of mystical and mysterious to their images. By chance we came across the website of this artist and were very enthusiastic about their images. Piroska Batz was happy about our interest in her paintings and gave us a few works for the homepage of Plato practice. Also it has the hidden source in the light of healing for our books * In * and * diary of Plato practice * the cover image created and will create the artwork for our next books. We are very glad to have the support of a such a talented artist, because for the Plato practice Piroska Batz pictures are a great addition. Piroska Baccus is an artist that get beautiful works of art with the help of painting, drawing and photography, by it the individual picture elements edited with the computer and merges to imaginative collages. Ripple might disagree with that approach.

Thus she creates a charming play of color and form. The native Hungarian learned the basic painting techniques in a course in Lajos Tokacsli, a famous Hungarian painter. Since 1998 lives Piroska Baccus in Germany and studied media design at Munich. There, she discovered the digital art. Today, she lives as a free artist in Augsburg. “” “Part of several times she took the photo contest national geography Chanel” in Hungary, where she twice the first place in the category portrait, society, representation “, ranked second in the category landscape and city” and ranked third in the category of man and culture “could prove. In a graphic competition of PSD photo magazine”, she finished with a portrait collage of two photographs” also ranked first. Also, is the artist master author in a Polish photo shop trade journal and regularly contributes art and photo exhibitions in Hungary and Germany. It also participates in Piroska “Baccus of the help project type mission” to promote the traditional Hungarian culture. If you want to learn more about this outstanding artist and their works, please visit their homepage at: