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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

It is a mistake to think that in the hands of the manager more control over execution of the subordinate. If another you as the head man is not subject. And whatever you do – it calls for, explain, criticize, punish, inspire and flattered in hopes that workers will make what you want. Required to form another installation, a different understanding: unlike Labour leader of working artist is that leadership success is measured by its success of subordinates, and depends on them is in their hands, while success artist to a great extent depends on his personal efforts. Therefore, you need to talk about implementing the remote control.

The task of this control is further complicated by the fact that no matter how people were selected, all of them are by nature different: each has its own style and motivation. Secret number 2. High effectiveness is achieved if and only if, when the head articulates the goals, sets the parameters achieve the desired result and allows the artist to search for ways to achieve goals. The truth about the role of managers if manager can not "drive the hands" of subordinates, then for what he did needed? What is the return on it? Do not you think that the success of the manager and his "cost" to the external labor market and within your company's success is akin to coach a sports team? Understand how and what the performance reserves in each team member to find ways to remove them and put at the service to achieve command objectives, to maximize the focus on achieving the desired result. And repeat as many times as needed. At It is very often not be much involved personally in achieving this result the team. Is not it so? Very close to what makes a chemical test tube outwardly neutral in the reactions of a substance and known as the "catalyst".

Corporate New Year As Part Of Team Building

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Corporate New Year as part of teambuilding As noted corporate New Year's Eve? At the entrance to the ballroom, lit by torches, were the guards with halberds. Guests met with subtle melody: the girl-harpist fingering the strings of the ancient instrument. Persons who have come – fairies, knights, princesses, ghosts, clowns, monsters – closed masks. And now the fun is in full swing: the hands are woven into the dance, all the sweet drink ale and laughing. No, it does not capture the historical blockbuster.

Such an extraordinary way employees of a foreign company in Moscow celebrated the new year. First – New Year's masquerade ball in the suburban boarding house, giving gifts, speeches midgets and illusionists. Then, a film where everyone can play a major role. And finally – the fireworks … In short, corporate new year meeting, organized by professionals. Have you decided to celebrate holidays otherwise? Zadumaemsyao how to conduct a corporate celebration, so that the charge of positive emotions from him was enough for the whole year, Is there a favorite model of Russian firms meet New Year? In most its, and our companies rather unpretentious.

Gifts, Santa Claus with a huge red nose, the Snow Maiden with parameters 90 * 60 * 90, the Christmas tree, the sea of alcohol, the collective singing of songs, broken crockery, and a headache the next morning. So seemed an ideal new year for most of the Russians. But if each of us to think and think a little pofantaziruet probably come to mind are other options. For example, want to celebrate the New Year is not under tree, and under the baobab tree, not with the traditional Santa Claus, but with black people, which, among other things, is a world famous singer. And to realize these fantasies are event-company … Today, only a few dozen in Moscow holiday companies.

The Connection

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Experts mortgage divisions pose a discount in the n-percent (40% -60%) the entire mass of personal property and that the definition of salvage value ends. The liquidation discount is determined by the experts of mortgaging the Department based on their subjective view of the situation and the subjective assessment of possible risks. The greater the probability of "no return" loan, the greater the liquidation discount. As we see the connection with the actual value of the pledged property is not visible. Similarly determined by the discount in the event of the liquidation sale of property of a bankrupt enterprise.

The bankruptcy trustee appointed by a sufficiently substantial discount on the cost of liquidating all assets. In the process of selling part of property can be realized on the liquidation value of the above, some assets will not be able to implement and at very significant discounts. Thus, we see that the direct link to the actual cost of implementing property is not in this case. The liquidation discount is determined by the cost of implementation of equipment in low-time marketing. It is believed that reduce the time required for the sale of property by Compared with a typical exposure time counterparts in this segment can only be reducing its cost relative to market value. A typical exposure time is forced to 180 days from the date of grounds for repossession of collateral, provided that all legal documentation in respect of security interests of the credit institution is framed in such a way that it does not contain conditions that impede the realization of liens, and provided that the specified object (s) of mortgage insured by the depositor for the benefit of a credit institution which has accepted them as collateral for a loan (loans) 1. However, some types of equipment are term exposure is much less than the specified 180 days.

Internal Rate

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

The cost structure in five years to change the ratio of fixed and variable costs will be at 47.62%. This is because that when calculating the cost of the project lays the annual growth rate for the following types of costs: RSEO – 10%. Variable costs are changed to 10% every year, and an increase in fixed costs is less intense because annually grow only at the cost surcharge for the combination of professions and deductions from the surcharge. In order to accommodate uncertainty, the possible incompleteness and inaccuracy of information on the conditions of the project, which may lead to negative consequences for project participants, an analysis of possible implementation scenarios project. Was examined three scenarios for the project: – increase in value transfer price of rent and fuel for 25% of the project level – modernization of the terminal loading ramps instead of buying new, upgrading ramps cost of 200 thousand rubles – the implementation of the project under the following conditions: 50% of the amount of necessary investments – equity and 50% – a bank loan.

According to the results of scenario analysis can be concluded that All projects are more efficient, even with an increase in these indicators. Sensitivity analysis showed that the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the project provides income from savings, as even a slight decrease in its leading to a sharp decrease in net present value of the project and vice versa. Less affected by changes in the discount rate. Changes in the values of variables costs and inflation do not affect the basic performance of the project.

Adaptation Of A New Employee

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

In every company there are vacancies from time to time. This is of course: someone retires, someone is fired, someone is transferred to another job. Some employees leave, their place come new. Of course, any manager knows, that can not immediately expect from the new human results. To view the new employee must, above all, to adapt to new conditions of work for him, to the new requirements, to the team, to his working place, and so on. Only fully adapt, the employee begins to work as hard. Of course, the duration of the adaptation process depends on factors such as personality traits officer, corporate company culture and so on. But this process can be enhanced through well-designed program of adaptation.

Adaptation of staff – a process of adaptation of workers to the contents and conditions of employment and immediate social environment. Very often, business leaders believe that the adaptation program staff – this is totally a waste of time and resources, a kind of excessive concern for the opener. It is not. An effective adaptation of the new employee should be concerned, above all, the leadership itself: after all, the sooner will the new employee in the course of affairs, the sooner he starts with the maximum efficiency. If he will not raise questions regarding communications or purely domestic issues, he will not be distracted from their main job. In addition, in the process of deliberate adaptation program lays the foundation of motivation and loyalty of a new employee, and it is also important.

Adaptation Program should be developed for each position available in staffing. You can put this task HR-manager, or contact the consulting company. The development process adaptation program, very long and laborious and in any case, this should be dealt with by professionals. Complexity in the fact that on the one hand, the program should be enough volume to cover all aspects life member of the company.

The Structure

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Operations are divided into basic, resulting in altered form, size, properties, and mutual arrangement of parts, and accessories, the handling of the subject of labor from one job to another, warehousing and quality control. Depending on the level of technical equipment operation can be machine-manual, machine, automated, hardware. Manufacturing operations are divided into technological transitions, receptions, the labor movement. By the nature of the object of production distinguish simple and complex manufacturing processes. Simply called processes, consisting of a sequence of operations performed (harvesting, processing). The workpieces must have the technological similarities. Complex manufacturing process (assembly, adjustment and tuning) is different from the simple presence of assembly operations.

The structure of this process are part of the production of all necessary parts, processes, assembly of all components and subassemblies, General assembling the final product, its proof test and commissioning, and operation of packing and preparation for implementation. In general, the production cycle of a complex process involves many structural elements distributed between different units (shops) and the company performed over time as a series or in parallel. Performance of individual elements of a complex process requires some coordination, whose objectives are to minimize the total duration of the production cycle of manufacturing products and the completion of the entire production process by the deadline, as well as providing the most complete Download all parts and labor. The rational organization of the production process and all its parts, is based on several principles, chief among which are the differentiation, the concentration and integration, specialization, parallelism, balance, continuity, rhythm, ram, automaticity, flexibility, electronization.