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Yuri Fedorchenko

In some (running) may require to bring down a layer of plaster or remove it altogether. To investigate the depth of destruction can drill a few holes in the areas of maximum exposure. As 'Finish' the fungus? After all the preparatory steps should take advantage of special drugs, after consulting with experts. Fortunately, the good of today there are countless: various penetrating primer, impregnation, etc. The only condition is no choice at all biocidal products, and are designed for specific surfaces such as wood, plaster, brick and concrete. For example, the Finnish producers are leaders in production of biocides for wood. To read more click here: Gary Kelly.

You can use such a popular and effective tool for the Finnish as "Homeenpoyste" – it contains chlorine, which can effectively to resist the bacteria. German biocidal products intended primarily for mineral surfaces. But there are universal fluid – that is, for all occasions. The same Finns and the Germans produced a range of colors and preservatives, allowing mold to rebuff. Many in the market of biocidal products Russia, which is popular because the price it slightly lower than the ask manufacturers abroad. Is on sale and production of Ukrainian manufacturers, for example, means "Biodoktor" for zaschity dpeveciny and minepalnyx povepxnoctey, 19 nA icpytannoe vidax gpibkov and poluchivshee vycokuyu otsenku. When choosing sure to pay attention the appointment of funds. Import tools are recommended to deal with mold, are often designed only to prevent its occurrence.

The cost of biocidal impregnation and priming different – from 25 to 140 hryvnia per liter. Use by any means simply because they are already sold as a finished product in hermetically sealed containers of 3-5 liters. Apply the product with a brush or roller, according to the instructions. In particularly difficult cases, we have applied a means 2.3 times, maintaining an interval of several days – to complete drying of the previous layer. When you work necessary to use protective goggles, gloves, face guard, and other exposed skin from getting to them means. After treatment biocides surface ready for subsequent finishing (coating). If mold is already firmly lodged in your home, you should probably contact the experts (this issue deals with sanepidemstantsiya). By the way, developed countries do not recommend themselves to deal with microbiological contamination if the area of surface area of more than 90 cm2. Yuri Fedorchenko '> How to get rid of damp walls

The Microwave

Stove or oven can hardly compare with the microwave to speed preparation. For example, in a microwave oven can cook sausage in a minute. Thanks to the microwave oven would be no need to use a bulky cookware. Then, what dishes can be cooked in the microwave, depending on its configuration. Leading manufacturers offer various models of microwave ovens: Microwave oven grill, microwave oven with cooker, microwave oven toaster, individual and built in microwaves, etc. Oven with steamer is ideal for those who preferred food for a couple, and models with built-in barbecue grill and allow to bake dish to a crispy golden brown. Tips for cooking in the microwave cooking process in a microwave oven has its own peculiarities.

That the food turned out delicious, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. Remember that large pieces with a strong and rapid heating can be prepared irregularly. To speed up the cooking products, cut them into smaller pieces. All the ingredients are placed in a dish before it will go into the oven. Foods with high fat and sugar are heated more rapidly than usual, and can easily burn. They should be cook gently. Foods containing plenty of fluids, getting ready quickly. To expedite the process of cooking in a dish, you can add a little water.

You should not cook in the microwave too much food at once. Too small amounts (less than 100 grams) to put in the oven is not recommended. If the need arises, along with food in the oven to put a glass of water.

Planning Council Worker

Not so long ago in a modern office accommodation was calculated for those people, what were scientists, engineers, teachers and so on, which a huge share of the work done in his apartment. And in our time, apart workroom needs of almost every Russian. Repairs and modifications must take into account many subtleties. This is primarily due to the fact that urban life became different computer hardware, which requires additional space for themselves, and it is projected to how will commence work on repair of apartments. As an option, usually so the student has recently been flooded with books and drafts, and now desperately need to have learning computer. And this is not the only child of technology, winning with a subsequent day much more space in the home the vast number of people. Those people who are concerned about housing conditions business, should consider the space for such facilities as telephone, printer and so on. On the back, now as a much larger number of people, some for good work at home conditions requires a creative studio.

Very often, they themselves act as designers of their premises. This type of figures are photographers, designers, architects, builders or ordinary creative people, who are able to afford to give away a free room for a hobby, without prejudice to all tenants. That is, for recently seen a trend that yesterday topical tips on creating a workspace become obsolete very soon. A couple of years ago, for arranging the workspace PC user offered to provide a box for the content of floppies, but now they have no interest in them. Next item Cabinet to work as an old typewriter for an hour now looks even more foolish, and large libraries, with long shelves in several tiers in general are now electronic. Given these facts, we must emphasize that first-class designers can design you a workroom in a suitable style that will not lose the ergonomics of one year, due to the fact that the study of the market of finishing materials, decoration, latest development is the responsibility of each professional.

The Workplace

As for indoor unit, it is set to special bracket that is attached with screws to the wall (if the block wall) or ceiling (if the ceiling). After installation, you must test the strength of attachment. The design should not wobble and vibrate when you turn conditioner. For the floor block special fastening is required. When choosing a location, keep in mind that the muzzle of the air conditioner is not on the curtains or wall, and that he was standing away from the heat source.

After laying all communications unit to move from place to place anymore. Places, not suitable for the installation of the indoor unit: on any heat source. Otherwise the air conditioner will run constantly to cool at full capacity and fast fails, in areas where devices are constantly working with high-frequency electromagnetic waves (eg, drill, drill press). High-frequency oscillations can knock the setting of the processor, installed inside the air conditioner; over the bed or the workplace to prevent colds, and in areas where air circulation is impeded, such as behind curtains. The distance to the obstacle should be at least 3 meters. Otherwise air conditioner, which automatically maintains a preset temperature, it will fail. Cooled (or heated) air flow from the air conditioner will be reflected from the obstacle and come back with the same temperature, with what came out of the apparatus. Setting the air conditioner will show that the right climate is installed and the unit turned off, when you install the indoor unit should not be upright.

Otherwise it from the floor will follow the water (condensate), which according to the rules assembly should be given to the drainage tube in a special tank.

Quality Wallpaper

So the first thing that should be taken into account, going behind the wallpaper – it's the quality of the walls on which they are to be glued. If their surface is full of irregularities, roughness, and various knobs, ideal wallpaper pattern simulating a spray (such as from spray). For those who prefer the classics, this option may not like it. Then pay attention to the wallpaper of several layers of paper (duplex, triplex) with printed pattern – a product perfectly disguise all minor defects in the walls. It happens that on the walls of the room (especially when it comes to old buildings) is protruding beams.

Colourful wallpaper image will help make them less visible. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the geographical arrangement of the room. If it's windows face north, preferably warm sunny shades of wallpaper, compensating for the lack of light (yellow, apricot, golden), and for the southern areas are recommended cold colors – blue, lilac, silver. If the size of the room left much to be desired, light shades of the walls will help to visually expand the space. But the dark rich colors, such as, for example, burgundy or dark-terracotta look great in large rooms.

So it is not necessary to acquire malometrazhek wallpaper with a bright big picture – they are visually narrow the already small space. For rooms with low ceilings, this rescue could be drawing on the wallpaper in vertical stripes. But the wallpaper "in the box, on the contrary, the visual will make the ceiling more massive and only worsen the situation. Finally, the design Interior important task is to create a certain mood of the room, which must conform to its intended purpose. And rightly chosen color of wallpaper in this case – an indispensable tool. For example, considered that there are shades of red as the agent, so you should not glue these wallpaper in the bedroom (not to scare off a dream) and in the kitchen (unless of course you do not want to arouse unnecessary appetite). And on the walls of the study with Office computer desks, they will be very helpful – extra stimulation to action here does not hurt. The design recommended by nurseries optimistic orange-yellow, yellow and pink and peach colors, and lounges – soothing green hues. And finally – wallpaper should not be sharply contrasted with the whole situation room. Harmony and perfect color combination of wall, curtains, furniture and lighting – basic Quality of design of any room.

Upholstered Furniture

Before buying a sofa a few times to push it to make sure that the folding mechanism works well. Covers for upholstered furniture will save you from monotony, when bored and want to change. Removable Cloth bags can be ordered with custom-made furniture. Now in vogue covers and upholstery, fur a la leopard or spotted cow. Style upholstered furniture to order must correspond to the general stylistic decision of your living room.

In classic interior with the walls, cupboards, chests of drawers and bookcases look nice couches and chairs the lush, rounded forms with wooden armrests and decorative overlays. In the modern interior appropriate things easy, elegant design without unnecessary adornments. The color scheme of soft furnishings can be different. For upholstery, you can choose a bright elegant fabric of green, blue, yellow, red or natural leather pastel beige and chocolate range. Useful life of upholstered furniture is usually about 10 years, exclusive custom-made furniture with a frame of solid wood, leather upholstery and high filling will last much longer.

Some firms, manufacturers of upholstered furniture give a guarantee on all products (usually a year – half) or to individual elements of design: some companies offer a 5 year warranty on the frame, the other – onto the fabric. Office Furniture If the employee during the working day does not have time to implement all planned, it does not always mean that it is a bad worker. The reason for this may be an uncomfortable workplace that forces him to do a lot of unnecessary movements. Perhaps you and had no idea that by filling out office furniture, inherited a legacy from the more successful companies or gathered from the warehouse to close the plant, so you hurting your own business. Only because of irregular labor organization you have to hire more staff than is really necessary for the normal functioning of the firm, and spend on their maintenance money that could be used to develop company. Time – money, health, too, on what else you're trying to save, denying themselves and their employees normal working conditions? First, the efficiency and quality of work performed. Second, the health of your employees disability which will cost you. Hygienic and sanitary norms workplace organization, closely linked to the physical parameters of the average person. For example, in recent decades seen acceleration of the active working-age society, which certainly affected the height of the desktop. The number of operations that produces a single person at the workplace: he works at a computer, writes, negotiates, – he needed a much larger work surface. A man becomes the center of the system, which was created for his convenience. Producers of such goods are trying to anticipate the demand of tomorrow, and already now offer furniture that matches the office of the XXI century.