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A good place to complain of the life is the line of the bank. In the line, surplus time to comment episodes of family, neighbors or colleagues. To speak of the other people’s life is so empolgante that, it turns and it moves a smart one pierces the line without the falante perceives. When the bank agency is opened, the agitation is visible: hasty customers, detectador of metal barring the ticket, tumult. In the reality, the customers came facing two lines, it are and inside in the agency, and unsatisfied, they complain with the security of the bank. The security in turn, attributes the problems to the system, the system is slow, stopped, is the villain of the bank. Observing in return, a woman commented with Mr. who was to its side.

– It is the first bank that uses screens of protection for the attendance. – Owner Knows, all the banks must have the protection, prevents that delinquents perceive the customers drawing money. – It is truth. – Personally, I am calm with the protection, thus nobody sees what I am making It was called you for attendance and the dialogue was interrupted. Behind the screen, Mr. was possible to hear the high estuary, ‘ ‘ I want to draw 500 reais.’ ‘.


Suffocated in nervous fast kisses e, he could only struggle itself, of beginning frantic, later devagar e, finally, remained itself property, as that relieved, it delivers. It was, in its 13 years, extremely surprise and started to wait with apprehension the times where it had that to go to the corral, when did not obtain to give one escaped of the service. It had fear that Antonio took greaters freedoms, what it always tried, but this age only plus a factor that stirred up and excited its adventure. It always finished coming back to find the cattle tender after to swear a thousand times that more would not go to see it. For Antonio, Teodsia was only one conquest more, a certain privilege that if still granted for it to be so young. But wise person who all age a time question.

Its hedonism forced primitive it to use to advantage it the maximum, to make what it was possible, after would leave what it. Perhaps Teodsia has had luck to not finding it for the farewell In any way, now, in the bitterness of its solitude, he idealized it and it was not more the coarse laborer, and yes an attractive knight (even so never a gentleman, what he would not combine with its lineage). He also thought about the parents, casinha felt homesickness of the aconchegante simplicity of its, of aluminum plates in which the brothers beat with the few places setting to the hour of the cooked beans, of the conjunct of faith and hope that its old one made to the table before the meals, of the stove to the firewood, the light of the lampio, the boards that used as bed, of washing clothes in the stream, of helping in the weeding, the high and powerful voice of the father fighting with everything and all, of the mother crying, of lack of money that brought the certain air of solidary suffering, of the visits of compadres that they always came to count ' ' causos' ' interesting, of the father leaving pra to hunt and coming back successfully, of the mother sewing with the friends and making fofoca, of the radio chiando, the enormous belly of being irmozinho of 4 years, of the hens in the place of fetichism, the separate bathroom of the house (called ' ' quartinho' '), of it I sing of the buzzers deafening the afternoon, of the racket of the trees chacoalhando its leves to the wind, I sing of it mixed of all the birds, of the cachorros that did not stop to bark, at last, of acolhedora ternura of its simple life.