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Fitness Clubs

The format of a fitness club depends on the price of services. Somewhere in the sleeping area workout in the gym can be, and for $ 100. When classes three times a week a year it costs the client $ 400. A a large fitness center, an annual membership that provides visiting the club at any time of day, costs $ 1000-4000. – Customers are willing to pay – the director of advertising a fitness center Sergei Ivlev Marina Club. – Reduce the price has meaning: almost all the existing clubs are filled. Elite clubs, where the annual card costs $ 2500-4000, occupy a small portion of the capital market, about 10%. A major share falls on the middle level clubs – the ones where the annual card costs $ 1000-1500.

Moscow large fitness center today – is a complex area from 1000 to 10 thousand square meters. m. One gym for people willing to pay for the big money is not enough. Therefore, in a decent, from the client perspective, the club must be a pool, a spacious fitness and power facilities, rooms for aerobics, martial arts, tennis courts. As well as additional facilities that make staying in comfortable club: beauty salon, beauty salon, sauna, bar, shop sportswear. – People have become more demanding and exacting, – says Marina Vasiltsova. – Competition is growing, and in such circumstances the club should be attractive in all respects. We have every client work and personal trainers, and nutritionists, and doctors, beauticians, that person could actually achieve its goal – to put in order the body and appearance.