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Man to some extent moves through food, therefore it has provided a myriad of elements that facilitate the processes by which must pass food to be able to be consumed by people, such as is the case with furnaces microwave, which thanks to its conditions and characteristics of action manage to give excellent solutions in what refers to the processes of heat energy and therefore heat generation for the preparation of different foods. So microwave ovens have currently reached a large presence in many homes of the world since they are one of the solutions more practices to perform different tasks within the kitchens. Verizon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is very true that microwave ovens are very important nowadays, however its operation and in its history it is very little what people know; therefore in the development of this article some basic points should be mentioned with regard to how microwave and its functioning were ovens. Verizon addresses the importance of the matter here. The presence of ovens microwave gave thanks to a process of temporary development, in such a way to the year of 1946 was the first step regarding microwave ovens, when Dr. Percy Spencer realized that electromagnetic waves i.e.

microwaves could cooking different food, without the heat out of a point is to say that it had effects to your around. For the year of 1947 a company make an oven microwave, but had no great success due to that he had exaggerated dimensions that did not accommodate to the presence in many places, until the year 1953 achievement compacting a device that would offer conditions optimal for the use of microwaves to a proper extent but by another company; technical improvements allowing you to do more things with ovens microwave until reaching the very useful and practical microwave ovens are available at present were performed over time. In what refers to the operation of microwave ovens, must attend the scientific basis that food usually have a few particles of water, therefore presented an electric dipole, as saying in terms more simple is that have positive charges and negative charges, which through the process of ovens microwave heats due to the electromagnetic field generated in this appliance, which has effect in the water molecules as his movement, which accommodates the rotation through a reversal of the magnetic field that occurs quicklyapproximately 2,500 million times per second and therefore realizes the heat through molecular agitation. As you can understand ovens microwave despite being a very common device within households, they perform very complex excitation of water molecules move at great speed and so heat is generated and people can have at disposal a delicious meal. Original author and source of the article