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Clinic Vitaldent Bravo Murillo And Aesthetic Fillings

The dentists of the clinic Vitaldent Bravo Murillo define the filling as a result of restorative material placed to reshape a tooth with caries, which has suffered a partial loss of its mass, or pieces that have malformations, blows or other problems. The clinic Vitaldent Bravo Murillo affirmed that exixten different types of fillings and among the most common are composite resins, the silver amalgam, glass ionomers, the compomer and dental cements, though, underscore the dentists of the Bravo Murillo Vitaldent, most commonly used materials are composite resins. The clinic Vitaldent Bravo Murillo specialists explain differences between metal fillings and resin. The first are created with silver amalgam with mercury, zinc and other metals mix and exhibit excellent physical properties thanks to the very durable and resistant material. Despite its perfect adaptation to the tooth hollow, these fillings are little aesthetic owing to its glossy black and why is leaving to use them. Most popular fillings are the seconds, i.e.

those of resin made from a plastic material called composite which is perfectly pliable and hardens with the action of light. It adheres perfectly to the tooth and needs no other material, which allows to make one minor cavity to clean decay and preserve better tooth tissue. It also has a natural color very similar to the tooth and why is used for aesthetic purposes. However, require dentists of the Bravo Murillo Vitaldent, it can be placed only in cavities that are not going to withstand heavy pressure and are small.