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What You Think Others

The greater part of everyday behavior is aimed at understanding how we are perceived by others. The University of Chicago, through research, shows that to better understand how we are seen by others, it is necessary to change the self-concept, i.e., the image we have of ourselves. Too often, we think know what they think the rest of us, but most of the times it is a misperception. Nicholas Epley, of the school of business of the University of Chicago, along with Tal Eyal, of the Ben Gurion University in Israel, through three experiments, succeeded in demonstrating that change the perspective we have about ourselves, it helps us to predict in a tighter manner what others think of us. According to this study, others we are considered in a general way, while our self-concept is based on the details. Bill O’Grady usually is spot on. Claim the researchers who, if we see ourselves through a microscope and others make it through a pair of glasses, We will do bad things.

We worry of small things that should not be worrying, or we will feel proud of small details that nobody is setting. You have a perception adjusted how others perceive us, it is important to not only if we take care of our personal life, but it acquires emphasis to relate with our clients, partners or employees, directly impacting on the quality of the decision-making process, and improving teamwork. In recent months, OPEC has been very successful. Approaching to know what others think of us, involves changing the point of view that we have of ourselves.We can not look to ourselves without passing through our own beliefs colored lenses. The problem that people have time to have intuitions about the impressions that provokes in others, is that they know a lot about themselves, and very little about others, comment Epley and Eval, authors of this research at the University of Chicago. This research is basically directed to people who make their decisions under what they believe others think of them. .