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How To Change The Wheel

At first glance, such a simple operation as a replacement for the wheel, in fact, require the driver to a certain dexterity and skill. This is eloquently proved by numerous "injuries" in the form of detached car jacks Jacking, crumpled thresholds that applied to their cars inexperienced owners. The procedure for replacing the wheel has to be such. Turn on first gear, properly apply the parking brake and the opposite side of the car under the wheels Put a wedge-stops. Wedges should be lightly hammered hand in these, otherwise they will not reliably prevent the vehicle from moving. Now remove the spare tire, put him to the ground (to the car it better Do not lean) and loosen the nut a damaged wheel. Next, lift the car with the jack, loosen the mounting nuts, remove the faulty wheel and put it on the ground. Then put a spare tire, greed, and tighten the key (as possible), nuts or bolts, lower the car to the ground and finally tighten the nuts (or bolts). Remove the wheel to remove a spare seat and pull from under the wheels of the wedges.

Classic Cars

True, if the dirt on the back of a long-standing persistent, then one only water it will wash out pretty hard. So brush here will be far more effective. If you wash the brush cleaning the car from Dirt is done by rapidly rotating brushes. Accordingly, if the portal is washing the car is standing still, and the arch with the brush moves uniformly along it. (As opposed to Vanguard Group). 3. Hand wash most "humane" way.

Here significant factor is that when the car wash, if the goal is not to restore gloss, see which sites are most contaminated and in need of more thorough cleaning. Of course, using too much pressure Hand washing can provoke corrosion and abrasion ink, as water can penetrate into the cracks and have a negative impact on coverage. Manual contact wash with water at home (amateur) conditions reduces the quality of bathing, there is a danger of damage to the lpc for inept actions, but has minimal financial cost. If you want to get the job done on the conscience, to wash themselves, dividing the work several stages. Rinsing.

First, thoroughly rinse the surface, dirt and sand are softened and removed much easier. Ideal – drenched with water from a hose, but not under pressure, and a light drizzle. Sink – microfibre, overturning it. Wiping – remove a layer of silt and water clean, dry cloth. A quote from the classics: "During the crisis, remember the word" automatic car wash – Wash your car yourself and breathe fresh air.


b) Depending on the deposition conditions can be hard or soft chrome. Soft chrome is easily scratched, hard chrome – hard to polish. c) For polishing chrome can not reach a decorative qualities as for the "right" decorative plating. Polishing paste penetrate the coating cracks, giving last dull hue. In electroplating, there are two types of chromium: a solid (wearing) and protective and decorative. Moreover, the coating is not typed on the physical properties, and on functional purpose. Directly to steel, hard chrome is applied thickness of 10? 300 microns.

Appointment of hard chrome – increasing the hardness and wear resistance of the product as well – holding lubricants. Physically hard chrome can be less rigid and durable than the decorative coating. Today, many manufacturers offer hard chromium coating as a decorative, even though such coverage is usually loses as a protective (for a small thickness sediment) and decorative properties. Protective and decorative chrome plating involves an intermediate layer between the chromium layer and the substrate. Coverage is a multi-layered "cake", the percentage of chromium in which – up to 1%. However, the protective and decorative coating properties are determined mainly by quality and exactly the type of sub-layers.

Properly applied chrome thickness of 0,3? 1 micron. At this thickness of the layer transparent. When you look at Chrome product, then you're really seeing a sublayer of nickel. Chrome only protects the nickel from tarnishing (no corrosion) and gives it a bluish tint. In terms of the standard "pie" is as follows: steel (substrate), nickel (delay), copper aligned, semi-bright nickel, nickel, shiny chrome.

German Automobile Association

World crisis has affected the automotive market. Automakers have huge losses, bankrupt, car dealerships are closing. In each country, trying to find their way out of crisis and save the automobile industry. Gain insight and clarity with baby clothes. In Ukraine introducing 13% tax on imports to the U.S. release of huge funds to rescue banks and stock markets. But such measures have proven to be ineffective.

How could save the industry from the crisis? Germany has found the recipe – care about people. Begun to pay money not , and consumers. Buyers of new cars allocated a grant of 2500 ($ 3310), subject to passing a wreck car older than 9 years. Measure proved so popular that the German Government has increased the volume allocated to finance it up to 5 billion euros from 1.5 billion previously provided then, funds for incentive program has been decided to increase to 5 million euros. each. As reported by Automotive News Europe, with precondition for the agency Reuter, in May, sales in Germany rose 40% over the same period last year and amounted to approximately 390,000 vehicles. This increase follows the April sales rise by 19,4%, which was sold almost 380 thousand cars. The German Automobile Association of reporters vdik forecast assumes an increase in annual sales up to 3,4-3,5 million vehicles. Previously, the association pronozirovala volume of the largest market in Europe this year at slightly more than 3 million cars. Countries that followed Germany’s example so well begin to emerge from the crisis: Frantsuskoe government also implemented a program to stimulate sales through subsidy.

Finding Winter Tires

Now there are fierce debates on this topic alone scream that we should put tires others argue that the best option is to neshipovanye tires under the name "Velcro." So which is better? unequivocal answer to this question no! And I think that will ever be. Ron O’Hanley understood the implications. And so it is a "velcro" is that these tires stick to the surface. Some argue that Moscow is better to use "sticky", but I would warn you away from this because in Moscow ispolzuetsa huge amount of reagents, and there are situations that simply do not sprovlyayutsa with their obyazanastyami. Example was not so long ago, in spring 2009 when abruptly poured a lot of snow, and who had already removed the spikes, or stayed Velcro or rode the subway, or driving 20 kilometers per hour, or waited for traffic police officers. And so my inference confirmed a recent tire test, test results,'V their tests conducted for more than a dozen winter (and winter, Naturally, there have been different – from 30 degrees below zero to thaw), we occasionally come across this phenomenon. Ron O’Hanley pursues this goal as well. To give finally a clear answer to the question of whether the Velcro on the ice spikes and slow is better, if so, under what conditions, we conducted the study. Of course, we are interested in the opinion of specialists from different companies, but received a rather cautious answers.

Engineers Continental and Michelin, for example, argue that the temperature of the "equinox" and studded non-studded tires – 15 Celsius. If warmer, the ice spikes are more effective, cooler – Velcro. Financial Asset Management Corporation oftentimes addresses this issue. It is very important in the ice and the weather. Rough ice helps Velcro, which cling to microscopic and glossy surface more successfully cope with the task of thorns – this is obvious and requires no explanation. But the bright sun, even in cold weather can be a little podtopit ice and make it more slippery, especially for sticky. Therefore, in the bright sun and pure ice spike may be even better at 20-25oC. " were shocking was that the lower the temperature and the more ice the better the grip of "sticky", but Moscow is not so often freezing and the road is not made of ice. And the tires at a temperature ranging from -10 to +3 and show the best performance braking and grip qualities. Hence the conclusion suggests itself and so far Moscow has not banned studded winter tires they should be used without shamelessly!

Alarms Safety

Currently, owners of personal transport is becoming more and more. This is dictated not only convenient, but the pace and lifestyle. The pace of life increases, and people in a short amount of time necessary to get from one part of town to another. the matter in his writings. AMCU pursues this goal as well. By public transport, such a rapid rate of displacement is difficult to achieve, so many people buy a private vehicle. But how to protect your car against theft or other force majeure? For greater confidence in the safety of a vehicle requires a high quality alarm system.

Installing the alarm still does not give you complete confidence in the safety of your car, but it will increase the time over which to save your car is still given the opportunity. Car alarm – an electronic device installed in a vehicle designed to protect it from theft, theft components of the vehicle or other things in the car. Alarm systems installed in garages. To date, there are a large variety of alarm systems: mechanical safety devices (interlocks, hood, steering shaft and transmission), shock sensor, and opening doors, hood and trunk volume sensor (ultrasonic, microwave), inclination sensor, , marking on the back (duplex) communication, alarm with auto and so on. Each type of alarm has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of species depends on storage conditions and operation of the vehicle, the technical characteristics of the car – make and body type and cost of the car. Signaling through a variety of sensors to prevent penetration into the interior of the car thieves through windows or door. Of the shortcomings of signaling can be distinguished: the complexity of installation and lack of resources to prevent theft. To set the alarm system uses special equipment and instruments, so self installation of security equipment will not bring the desired effect.

Western European Car

This process can be done here at the technical station salon, but this service relate only to the largest car market such as, for example, "AAA" or "ESA." Still, the risk is to buy low quality goods on the automotive market is present to a greater extent and, therefore, another tip for you – take it with you specialist who understands the car and be able to choose a reliable and a good option. This must be done in order not to be offended, and then in the process of operation of the car to discover that he had been in an accident, had large expensive repairs came in a flood or in the car for some reason changed the engine, gearbox, replaced by foreign elements and their subsequent painting or even repainted the body. Well, if you do versed in automotive technology and are not just buying and selling cars, you will not be difficult to understand the huge range and make the right choice. Another piece of advice you insist on passing a test drive, as on new and used cars to the more such services are provided by all companies who sell cars. To do this you need to bring a driver's license in any state with international category "B", and of course to be able to manage the facilities. In the Western European and secondary automotive (including Czech) present cars caught in floods. In recent years, countries in this region are often susceptible to this type of disaster.

In Russia

In electronically controlled boxes, in contrast to European, not all transfers are included automatically, only those enjoyed by most. The main transmission – single, conical or hypoid. Planetary stupichnye regulators almost never occur. In a huge resource of American bridges simply do not believe it. Usually, two or even, say, three million miles! What's gear – they 'iron', here is the hub of an aluminum alloy, and hairpin semiaxes not break out! Hubs – not only here part of the light metal. Fuel tanks, wheels, perforated lining the steps, and yet still have a cabin, in which only a skeleton of steel, the rest – aluminum and plastic. As a result, a huge 'Freytlayner' weighs as kamaz, and nearly two tons lighter KrAZ-258B is also a lightweight cab from a tree. Because of this, and very good aerodynamics and fuel consumption of 36-38 litres/100 km, while cargo carries a lot more.

Money – is not only time but also pounds, and liters. These huge booths is not on all Freightliner, there are options for more modest. In Russia alone, they are particularly in vogue not to buy an American truck to sleeping in overcrowded conditions. We prefer long, with three variants of the roof: a little elevated, the middle and the highest, where the ceiling can not get a hand. When an accident is triggered not only the airbag – tightened belts seat immediately lowered and tilted in a sleeping compartment. They say that the main thing is to have time to let go of the steering wheel.

Handbrake also a kind of – two buttons, yellow on the tractor, the red on the trailer. Gearshift paddles easier than anywhere else: the right lever – 'parachute' trailer brake control, the left – turn light, the light signal and emergency gang under him. It would seem that trucks with comfortable booths are expected to issue a huge and Russia uncomfortable, but not in America with her oiled roadside service and plenty of motels on the highways. But alas, not that living module – standalone oven does not all have. Language does not turn accuse sellers of used American trade in trucks imported junk. For our truckers such a car – a dream. And wherever met Freightliner – at the show or just on the track, he always calls to his interest.

Automobile Maintenance

Minimum cost of insertions and filter maintenance. scope filter Automobiles – trucks and cars, buses, municipal vehicles, cranes and other equipment on the chassis. Road-building machines, agricultural machines, forklifts, compressors, etc. Engines sea and river vessels. Stationary engine-generator and pumping units. mining machines, gas stations and oil depots It is also possible to supply special filters to order.

Insertion filter separator 2000 is installed in the suction highway fuel system, ie between tank and booster pump. In a convenient location for mounting the suction line is cut and installed the filter. Filed under: cloud computing. Available in this line filters should be established removed. (Full-time filters in the discharge line remain.) Pay attention to the possibility of connecting the inlet and outlet pipes on either side of the filter. The filter can be built above or below the fuel tank. The most desirable option – a level inlets filter coincides with the level of the upper edge tank. When placing the filter is above or below the tank needed Insertion shut-off valve / with a through cross-section of section of the pipeline, because otherwise, when removing the filter cover can leak fuel.

After the insertions separator 2000 is filled with fuel, thereby removes the air from the supply system, which eliminates the long-idle operation booster pump. Avoid the 90 angles at the installation in conduit, or use the 90 fitting. Use the original installation fitting with mounting rings supplied by our company. Hollow bolt with copper gaskets is difficult to sealed, which can lead to loss of pressure.

Dollars Proposals

Real fall in income and an end to mass banks' lending to purchase a car, make the market the car second-hand shops all the more attractive for Ukrainians. Today buy a second hand car has become much easier and most importantly – Better! Great offer a particularly popular segment to 10000 U.S. Earlier this money you could buy a new wha, or rather worn-5-7-year-old foreign car, the buyer now has a real choice! Good alternative may be, for example, the Ford Fiesta. Updated minicar, economical enough pick-up with a decent standard. Machine is well established on our roads. And although the reliability Some units of the Ukrainian consumers have a complaint, for the third year of life, previous owner, and it is likely there was a girl or a frugal family man, was changed to an authorized service were all affected nodes.

Spare parts are not expensive, and the car is still quite able to stand on the warranty from the dealer. Another viable option used car to $ 10,000 – a kia Rio. For this price you can even take a half or two years of a car with an automatic cat. Problems with spare parts not. Oracle spoke with conviction. Prices of service is quite good, but turn on the service to owners of these vehicles have not so rare. But the owners of the Nissan Micra – rare visitors to the srt! Repair of these vehicles rarely required, and when required, it is easy to fit parts from the previous generation Micra. While certainly better served by a respectable, but informal service, not to overpay.

The cost of man-hours on letterhead srt Nisan bites! However, the model is very popular thanks to the original design and numerous comfort options, and therefore the proposals fit in with 10,000 dollars, the market is enough. For $ 10,000 you can get and 2-3-year-old Lancer ix engine 1.6. The model is not new, but the assembly – a European with all its attendant advantages. The design is not flashy, but the car is fairly simple and reliable. Have the opportunity to purchase low-cost spare parts on numerous disassembly. List of notable proposals in this most popular segment of the market of used cars can still go on. Choose is from what! And since today offer greatly exceeds the demand, the market road from second-hand transformed and goes to meet the buyers. This is evidenced not only a gradual decline in prices. Buying has become much safer. On all car markets Ukraine can check the technical condition of the vending cars. But many sellers are pre-sale preparation, and receive a certificate Evro9 (Euro9), which is a guarantee for the buyer. In recent years, incidentally, this certificate buyers are increasingly asking. So those who are going to buy a car in the near future is likely to make a purchase on wound used cars.