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Milli, Micron And Nano

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Milli, micron and nano These prefixes of units are more common of what we think, especially ' ' milli' '. This text is an attempt to clarify them. In our life, innumerable times, for example, when going to the supermarket/market/bakery to buy cooling, we know that a can of any cooling/beer/juice contains, in volume terms, about 350 milliliters. Also one knows 1000 milliliters (ml) are equivalent the 1 liter. The prefix ' ' mili' ' that it precedes ' ' litros' ' in the word ' ' mililitros' ' power -3 wants to say 10 mathematically high, that is, 0,001. Thus, when some product contains the volume in milliliters, this means that the volume is being express in a unit where each express milliliter 1 liter divided per 1000. That is, a small volume of the liquid in question. Thus, the can of cooling contains, in the total, 350 small volumes equivalents the 1 liter divided per 1000.

Also it can be said that 1 milliliter is equal the 0.001 liter that, as already mentioned, is equivalent to one liter divided per 1000. Of the same one form, when a ruler is used, generally the unit presented in the ruler is of centimeters and still it is possible to notice subdivises of the called centimeters millimeters. One knows that 100 centimeters are equivalent the 1 meter. Then, one millimeter consists of a unit of equal length the 1 meter divided per 1000. One remembers that the prefix ' ' mili' ' the power wants to say 10 high -3. Thus, it can be said that a ruler of a meter possesss about 1000 millimeters, that is, is composed for 1000 subunidades of the meter where each unit valley, in terms of length, 1 meters divided 1000, that is, 0.001 meter.

Also it can be said that 1 millimeter is equal the 0,001. Although much less common, the prefixes ' ' micro' ' whose symbol is ' ' ' ' ' ' nano' ' whose symbol is ' ' n' ' they mean, respectively, 10 high raised -6 and 10 -9. To know more about this subject visit Phil Vasan. As it can be noticed, ' ' micro' ' ' ' nano' ' following, for example, meter still assigns lesser units that ' ' mili' ' that we finish of to present. Thus, 1 millimeter is greater that 1 micrometer that, for its turn, is greater that 1 nanometer. A micrometer is equivalent to the subunidade of the meter that, in length terms, wants to say 1 meter divided for 1 million, that is, 1.000.000. Thus, it can be said that 1 meter is equivalent the 1.000.000 micrometers and that the 0.000001 micrometer is equal meter. Thus, it is an extremely miniature unit of length. Using the same displayed reasoning above, 1 nanometer is equivalent the 1 meter divided for 1 billion, that is, In other words, it can be said that 1 meter is equal nanometers or that 1 the 0.000000001 nanometer is equal meter. Thus, also it is an extremely miniature unit of length. In the example, only the meter and the liter had above been used because they are more common units in our daily one. However, milli, micron and nano can be used to subdivide any bigger unit in several of the knowledge as chemistry (MICROmol), physics (MILLIgrama) and much more.

Administrative Reformation

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Brazil I attracted interests is who will be the President. Google announcements the Method always was and it will always be the sistmico method, it is only enough to control the President, therefore the never dumb extrutura and never will move, therefore who controls the Future, controls the Gift and who controls the Gift controls the Future. The Squid did not make nothing. It are to extend the Stock market Family, Nothing. It did not make the Reformation Tax, it did not make the Reformation Politics, did not make the Administrative Reformation, that is, it made the Obvious one.

Then I want to know that diacho it made. Brazil all was in Ecstasy because the Doctor Barack Obama said that it was the Face. One is finding that, because of this, the very special Squid is somebody for President Americano. We have that to value the values of our Country, the Customs, the Culture and Not to internationalize Brazil. We finish to see an Integration in our State of Rio De Janeiro, that was occult in the senrio Brazilian Politician since whom he was poscrito for the Dictator and President Getlio Vargas in the decade of 30. Vontando with total force and the support of the Population only perceived that with the Integration and the Integralismo, the civil forces and military they will be able for ORDER IN the CHAOS, installed in Rio De Janeiro, for corrupt and defective and subversive Politicians Capitalist and communist the service of the Occult and Private World-wide Government, by means of Private Nets.

Ves is confirmed plus one that we live a Democracy of Faade, as General Philip said Gervsio to the Periodical the Globe: ' ' For that they think that we saimos of the power, that is thinking.we act in the embroidery frames of this false Democracy and the hour that to quizermos to come back, we will come back ' ' We have that to fight against the division of classrooms and to take off this smoke curtain where the occult enemy if hides, manipulating the Institutions and the Governments, dividing them and dominating them. thus is our Brazil ………….. ' ' When to arrive the Time To govern openly and to show the benefits, of our Government we will remake all the Legislaes, our Laws will be brief, clear, inabalavis, without commentaries, as much that all will be able to know bem' '. (Protocols of the sio scholars – 1934 – translation Gustavo Barroso) *Carlos Searching Martins- – Writer – currently dedicates to the studies politicians, economic, social and its on phenomena the science of the religion and the philosophical comparison between theological concepts of the new trends of the new were and the project of construction of the new world-wide government, escatlogico subject very commented in the churches and centers of advanced studies of the entire world for countries mainly developed.


Friday, April 8th, 2016

The culture of milk for the microrganismos and excellent half had the high activities of water, pH next to neutral and the wealth in nutrients. During it milks the contamination can happen; being that and more I propitiate that occurs this contamination during its productive chain; also we can detach that the quality of all derivatives basically goes to depend on these microbiological conditions of the raw material; we always observe as microbiological defects the flavor and different odor, alteration of color, rancidez, alteration in viscosity and gas production. The alteration in the flavor and odor of milk if to give through reactions of fermentation you sweeten of them, other differentiated odors and flavor can be provoked by cepas of lactobacillus lactis to var. maltigenes, development of enterobacter, pseudmonas mucidolens and aeromonas hydrophila. The color alterations must to other occured chemical reactions for the processing or growth of producing microrganismos of pigments; the colors appear in milk as blue (pseudomonas syncyanea), turns yellow (pseudomonas syncyane gn. Flavobacterium) and red (serratia marcescens and micrococcus roseus beyond some leavenings). The rancidez if must the bacteria of gn. Pseudomonas, alcaligeres, bacillus, proyours, clostridium, beyond bolores and leavenings through lipolticas enzymes; they act in the fat hidrolisando and/or oxidating responsible for the odor and the flavor that characteristic of the rancificao. The alteration in viscosity occurs mainly in milk, cream of milk and milk serum; the increase of viscosity happens in the surface of milk or in all its interior I eliminate through alcaligenes viscolatis, to enterobacter spp, klebsiella oxytoca, lactobacillus lactis and lactobacillus spp. Finally the gas production normally is folloied by the acidificao of milk and its derivatives, the main bacterium detached in the gas production is the coliformes, clostrilium spp, some bacillus, beyond the propinicas and heterolticas bacteria; foam formation in the surface of milk in its liquid state identifies the visualization of the gas production.

Programs Global

Friday, January 29th, 2016

On this form the capacity to hinder the dispersion it heat depends on the concentration of these gases, then how much bigger its bigger concentration the heating of the planet. Another factor that can help in the heating of the same planet that in lesser levels is the water vapor, but the antropognica action (caused for the man) according to Cortez (2004, p.10), does not possess significant interference in its total volume, the same not occurring with the too much gases greenhouse. Which the main measures to brake or same to diminish the global heating? Some treating had been elaborated, as well as the protocol of Kyoto, created in 1997 and signed for representatives of some countries according to Fernandes (2007, P. 67), that it has for objective to reduce the emission of the gases related with the effect greenhouse. Cloud computing contains valuable tech resources. This treating foresees the fsseis fuel substitution for alternative fuels, as the alcohol and biodiesel. In recent years other measures come being taken stop to control the global heating, between them according to BEZERRA1 the Conference of Bali, organized for the ONU, on climatic changes that occurred in December of 2007, in the island of Bali (Indonesia), and the conference of Copenhagen (Denmark)? Conference of the United Nations occured one in December of 2009 are efforts organized for nations to elaborate goals that will have to be fulfilled in such a way by countries developed how much for the developed ones.

The clean energies that can be great estopim for the substitution to fsseis fuels of origin (as oil, coal and natural gas) can help and very if not in the reduction at least in the stagnation of the global heating. According to Guide of Estudante and Atualidades (2010, P. 51) is described as: Programs of I stimulate to reduce the consumption of engines of transport, industrial machines, systems and buildings of great transport; Programs to stimulate transport not motorized, the foot or bicycle; Constructions with intelligent architecture of commercial and residential buildings, that they search to be auto-sustainable, improving the efficiency of the use of the solar energy; Construction of energy plants that burn natural gas produced by sanitary aterros; Governmental programs to extend the manufacture, the sales and the use of plates of solar heating and fotovoltaica energy and aeolian mini-generators for residences, At last, are necessary for the correct management of residues, laws that function and are fulfilled, in Brazil such management are normatizado by following documents: NBR 10004 of the ABNT, for art.