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Customer Is Always Right

In fact, all online stores are beginning to attract potential buyers to your website. Someone does the job better, some worse, but it's not about that. If coming to your site buyer has not received adequate attention, money advertising you have spent in vain. And this, by the way, according to experts, the main expense item for Internet projects. What are the most common mistakes? Advertised product is not available, the stated price differs from real, the site is running slowly or not at all loaded, the phone line is busy or on the end no one answers, the goods delivered are not in the specified time, bring another modification model or a different color.

A key task online store should be customer-oriented, which lies in the fact that the evaluation criterion is the buyer's opinion. It is time to remember the old conventional wisdom – the consumer is always right. From this point of view The main task of the seller – not so much the actual sale of goods as the creation of positive emotions from existing customers. Sooner or later they are transformed into new purchases. To cope with the existing problems, the first step is to identify and understand.

A good way – put yourself in the buyer, or better yet – ask them to pass the entire chain of search, order and pay for the goods until receipt is not involved in Project people – relatives, friends. You then need to analyze their feedback. Locate the problem in terms of importance, to make the necessary improvements to the site and changes in business processes and repeat the assessment. Much useful Information about the convenience and efficiency of the site can provide such specialized tools as Webvisor and Clicktale. Because in fact, online shop – it is not just a virtual showroom, and the people who provide services for others, it barely Do not critical to the company, according to representatives of the successful pro-ects have aspects related to the work of staff. Therefore, this issue should focus on constantly. Importance and skills, and motivation, and willingness to work on the result. For each post must be developed standards of service, you must regularly conduct training, monitor the quality of responsibilities and as a result encourage or punish. Invaluable assistance in this matter may have the clients themselves – just think about and properly implement a system of feedback (on this site by outgoing calls, etc.) that will allow you constantly monitor the situation and identify trouble spots.