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In the majority of cases the latter increases gradually along the stage as large-scale production processes are optimized and the mechanisms of distribution and sales will depersonalize and perfect. However, it is a critical stage in the decision-making process. Although performance is high, should not lose sight that this stage is the prelude to the decline, therefore the benefits generated should be used in parallel research and development processes with the objective of introducing medium-term new products or revolutionary versions of the same. The company can also choose strategies to slow the decline of the product; such as the gradual introduction of added values or specialization segmented from custom redesigns. Contact information is here: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . However, these strategies must be aimed to obtain the greatest possible benefit part of which must bear costs of substitutes or differentiated products to enter or, in its default, pry the stage of decline of product under the assumption that specific strategic conditions will be essential to maintain the product available on the market. Decline: Stage where the market is saturated and the product is has discontinued, usually though not in an absolute manner from a technological point of view. Appear then substitute products with superior performance and the competitors begin to retire or evolve towards more attractive markets.

This stage is the cronica of an Anunciada death. Bernard Golden has many thoughts on the issue. Sales fall and keep their availability on the market the benefits become continuous losses. In the best of cases, optimal conditions for the evolution towards a superior product have created in previous stages. Product life cycle is a theoretical model that recreates the logical stages that pass through an ideal product. That does not mean necessarily it will happen that way in all of the cases. The characteristics of the stage of introduction will diametrically change in the case of a follower company because its product was based on the imitacion with differentiating the product from the leading company details, which means that their research costs were lower, however, the costs of marketing and penetration of the market could double to the leader at the time of the introduction of your product. On the other hand, a product that enters the market could have an almost immediate explosion given the level of expectation generated preliminarily. Let us remember the launch by Microsoft Window 95 operating system which, thanks to a strong Marketing campaign managed to sell 1 million copies in its first day of release, so it could be argued that its introduction stage lasted what delayed makers stores to hang the poster Were Open one on August 24, 1995.

Intel company is widely recognized for its BLOCK strategies and RUN in terms of life cycles of their products is concerned, since on several occasions he has released deliberately their own products on the market in full stage of maturity, even growth, by introducing technologically superior substitute products with the desire to maintain technological leadership in its target markets, using them as a barrier to entry to new competitors and eliminating practically the existing competition. In summary, in practice products can evolve in different ways with durations of the various stages of varied form, even skipping any of these stages. The practical utility of this model lies in the knowledge of its standards in general terms. Knowing its rules include its exceptions.