Symantec Tests

The task of choosing a good antivirus is an Odyssey, where you have to see many things, detection capability, performance and his relationship with price. A study conducted by the company OPSWAT, ensures that Avast Free is the most popular program of 2010, showing that the free solutions are gaining ground across the classic of the sector such as Norton or McAfee. According to statistics, Avast Free climbed 11.45%, followed by Avira AntiVir Personal (9.19%), AVG Free (8.6%) and Microsoft Security Essentials (7.48%). To find a product of payment, we must move up to fifth place, again with Avast and its 5.4%. Continue you: Kaspersky Internet Security (4.48%), Norton Antivirus (4.24%) and ESET NOD32 Antivirus (3.84%). But all who use your computer a lot, have their love and preferred when installing an antivirus. In addition to the remarkable success of Avast, numbers are also positive for Microsoft, which reached its position in less than a year and with praise for the quality of the application.

Different is the case of Symantec, which only manages to capture 10% of the market if we include the adoption of the five tested products. What does you show us this? Despite how sensible that is to choose a good protection for our teams, the trajectory is not necessarily synonymous with quality, nor guarantee popularity. It also reveals that, from the perspective of the user, a free program can be as good as one payment. Perhaps big (and historical) manufacturers should stop thinking about this until it is too late. The most reliable two times per year AV-Comparatives analysis performed to identify which applications are ready for the latest internet threats. Austrian company specialized in tests with anti-virus, creates good complex situations that stressed programs to the maximum. There are two types of tests conducted by the company: pro-active and comprehensive.

The first analyzes just detections that anti-virus performs during normal system activity. The second test is more rigid and puts all the fame of the programs at stake. The report that we share today is about the complete test. More than 21 thousand common viruses, about 123 thousand worms, incredible 626 Trojans and other pests resulting in 917.292 infected files I use for expressive results, AV-Comparatives tests. August 2010 tests were carried out with the following products: * Avast!