Summer Tyre Shops Compared Test has the various well-known summer tire shop from the Internet tested need summer tires stores compared with the now upcoming daylight saving time summer tires also again. Currently on this topic, the site has tested 12 online shops for car tyres. Four categories were crucial for the eventual placement, product and price were the most important criteria, behind it, then how good the stuff works and how good the service is. Also, the security of the entire ordering process and the website was tested, as well as the construction and comfort. Here you will find a summary of the test winner.

Taking into account all results, the online store was with a score of 1.6 of the test winner, who with “very good” in the categories of product and price, as well as security, convinced in the other two “good”. Followed with the endnote by 2.1 everywhere reached the grade “good” and thus landed in second place. The dealer tire-tires reached a 2.4, as for all tasks, on order and Service with “satisfactory”, a “good” has been reached. The well known tyre dealers in this country, ATU, came up with the own homepage the same average score as # 3, but the most important point, product and price, section here only with “satisfactory”., who was able to convince mainly because of very good security and good website and the order placed just behind also fifth.

Only the price and the product achieved a “satisfactory”. Sixth, the shop of succeeded with the endnote by 2.8. Here product and price, as well as the appointment and the service shared a “satisfactory”, however, the security and the building of the website was “good”. You can query the prices of the summer tyre shops with cheaper tires free of charge and without time. The other six tested pages cut off all worse, the grades ranged from a 2.9 up to 3.5. Here was in product and price for all providers only a “fair” reached, only had the best deal. These Provider, with the exception of car tyre, achieved in security even just a ‘poor’. All other headings vary depending on the page, but none achieved the extensively explained test results. Summer tyre test 2011: alarming results in the summer tyre test GTu summer tyre test: Ecology versus security