Styx Naturcosmetics

Only then oil will be successful completion of the entire range. When line and manufacturer should be guided by the needs, goals and objectives of the enterprise. Necessary to capture fine value for money, instead of tilting at the already popular brand. Equally important is the proper design: the oil can be put on the line, or staggered, in addition, some vendors are offering ready-made display case. Do not forget about the range and shape it so way that the "oil of rosemary," for example, did not meet twice from different manufacturers. A generally important for the success of such subjective factors as the desire to pharmacy and its employees to sell essential oils. If there is a desire and they are backed by capabilities, as well as the presence of a competent pharmacy specialist, essential oils and cosmetics with their addition will be a profitable product line stance. " Original or fake? Problem low-quality duplicate of not spared the market of essential oils and, therefore, give some advice on the availability of expertise the quality of such goods.

First, the label should be concise, devoid of advertising. Package of essential oils: a dark glass bottle 10 ml with the dosimeter on the neck. The exception is particularly valuable, expensive perfumes, which is packed in 1 ml (rose, jasmine, narcissus, mimosa, verbena, tuberose). Second, as already I noted earlier, high-quality essential oils can not be cheap: the average – 10 – $ 20 10 ml. Every serious manufacturer or distributor confirms the quality of its production standards, ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The document states the botanical name plants, oil density, and, most importantly, the refractive index. And finally, you can drop the oil on a piece of paper.

20-30 min. oil evaporates, not leaving a trace on paper. Essential oils are not fat and not leave the typical oil stains. Offered to the consumer … Small bottles of scented oils to buy for massage, toning, or conversely, soothing bath, add in cosmetic creams. Essential oils are highly refined use for inhalation and internal use. Aromatherapy is a primary tool in the prevention of colds, if not want to get sick – spend aromasanatsiyu room. But start with a small concentration of polkapelki. If this does not cause any allergic reactions, then increase the dosage to 2-5 drops. What brand of this product already mastered the pharmacy segment of distribution? In virtually every pharmacy that sells essential oils, said the Austrian company Styx Naturcosmetics. Despite the relatively high prices, some pharmaceutical companies acquire a whole series of products of this company. It should be noted that many of the oils that are widely available in drugstores, can be found in any supermarket. For example, the company's products Bergland, which is in the range of basic and oils and specially selected mix – from the weather, stress, even snoring. The company also offers a variety of concentrates for the sauna. Well known pharmacy buyer essential oils companies "Ltd. Real Madrid", "Aroma-style" "Farmfabrika", "Evalar", "Russian beauty". But this is only a small fraction of that arsenal, which has an aroma. Source: Information-analytical portal ''.