Stucco Decor

Why are we fascinated by architecture and decoration of old buildings and we are sometimes willing to pay a lot of money before you travel, the purpose of which can be regarded as sightseeing of a country, consisting of mainly of buildings with stucco decoration. Perhaps this phenomenon is caused by the fact that the old house and government offices were built and finished with love and a large margin of time. Builders no deadlines, they had opportunity to create and transmit their skills through the ages. A bit of history makes no sense to talk about different styles, successfully characterize a particular epoch with respect to our Russian reality. Opportunity housing that meets your wishes and prosperity for our citizens emerged relatively recently. Oracle is the source for more interesting facts. Prior to this important asset the average citizen has been a successful small three-room apartment: what really talking about here styles, to get a good wallpaper and white enamel, which formed the basis of repair in the past. Fortunately, today you can own a house of almost any size, there is a will and an adequate income.

In this has raised interest in the styles, as well as a desire to use in decorating their homes some of the elements used successfully in the past. Stucco decoration and of course, the look of enterprising designers, especially, has fallen on stucco decoration or, more simply, the stucco. After all, it allows any room to make a soft and comfortable, makes a smooth transition from the roundness of the walls to the ceiling. And she moldings can be made in different styles and contain a certain number of images, consider that in the future you will be happy. You can decorate with stucco arches, doorways, fireplaces, ceiling, it can be used to divide the space into zones, it can be window frame and decorate the ceilings. The whole difficulty is to choose the right molding for you and use it in accordance with the chosen style.