Stretch Muscularmente Speaking

We are daily subjected to different external charges, accumulated in our muscle in the form of tension system. This tension can have two origins:-physical: either by excessive movement, when we make a gesture repetitively in our work, practicing some sport, or lack of movement, adding hours of postural paralysis in front of a computer, of standing behind a counter, emotional: trying to divert our stress towards the upper part of the back musclessuch tension will somatising our anxiety by squeezing strong jaw and hands while we sleep, start, only produce effects purely muscular, increasing muscle tone (your voltage at rest), increasing the apparent hardness of these and sometimes, not always, causing pain to palpation. Over time, muscle builds up so much tension that modifies its structure, reducing its length, giving rise to what will be our great enemy, the muscle shortening. he story. On the one hand we will be more likely to suffer muscle soreness or joint, even becoming frequent our cervicalgia, back pain, tendinitis, and other muscle injuries. On the other hand our mobility will decrease, the pressure inside joints will intensify and our natural degeneration will be even faster. The practice of muscle stretching will help us in both cases:-will compensate for overloads to which we are subjected, freeing our musculature of the tensions of the day. You will help us to maintain healthy length of our muscles or, failing that, to recover it. Thus, muscle stretches can become the basis not only of our daily well-being, but also the prevention of suffering from common muscle injuries, as well as slow down the wear of all our locomotor apparatus. It includes stretching in your training and your life. They are basic to a good muscle health.