Staphylococcus Penicillin

The maintenance of the termoneutralidade state can be obtained through incubadoras or cradles of radiant heat. The shunting lines of the hidroetroltico balance must be monitorizados and readily reestablished, through the dosage of electrolytes, control of the renais losses and extra-renais, density and/or urinria osmolaridade plasmtica and variation of the weight. In the same way, the riots of the acid-basic balance and the glicemia must be corrected (hipo or hiperglicemia) that these just-born tend to present. The nutricional support is of great importance; in the case of the child to tolerate feeding for saw maternal milk digestive is that one that must be used. The parenteral nutrition, especially by peripheral veins, must be carried through to prevent the autocatabolismo and to keep the nutricional state. The adjusted oxygenation, to keep the saturation of hemoglobina between 95% and 97% or the PAO2 between 50 and 70 mm/Hg, must be carried through through the oxigenioterapia or, if be indicated, ventilation mechanics. Antibioticoterapia Must be initiated more precociously possible, then after the harvest of material for cultures.

In sepse precocious, the initial treatment must include: penicillin and aminoglicosdeo (penicillin or ampicilina + amicacina); in sepse delayed, oxacilina and aminoglicosdeo. If it will have meningite, the initial treatment it consists of: ampicilina or associated penicillin the cefalosporina of third generation (ceftaxima or ceftriaxona). The treatment must be after coats the attainment of the result of the cultures. In the intra-hospital infections it is important to know the responsible agents most frequent for the nosocomiais infections in each hospital. For the treatment of sepse for Staphylococcus of intra-hospital origin, the vancomicina is the choice drug.

In the infections for multiresistant gram-negative bacteria it is of great importance the analysis of the antibiograma, to prevent the incorrect use or indiscriminate antimicrobials use. In the infections for anaerobes, the use of cefoxitina or metronidazol is indicated. The duration of the treatment is of 10 the 14 days or 21 days in the estafiloccicas infections and the meningite.