Soil Acidity

Soil – surface layer of the hard shell of the Earth (lithosphere). Soil is a kind of biological membranes, formed as a result of vital activity of organisms and other conditions occurring on the surface of the Earth. Definition acidity of the soil at elevated soil acidity, some crop plants may not receive adequate nutrition, due to limited access of nutrients, macro-and micro-elements and increase the solubility harmful substances. In the Russian market there is a special device to measure acidity pochvy.Pri desire, this instrument can be found in specialty stores for gardeners gardeners. Acidity measured in the ph. Also, soil acidity can be determined using the indicator litmus paper, familiar with the school course in chemistry. To do this, you need to take a sample of soil, moisten the sample with water and attach the indicator litmus paper to the image of the soil.

Change the color of the indicator to blue indicates neutral soil; zelovaty blue color – the soil, whose acidity is close to neutral, yellow – weak acidic soil, pink – a sign high soil acidity, the red color indicates high acidity of the soil. There are still some natural features, indirectly pointing to the characteristics of soil acidity. There are some observations that relate diversity of flora, soil acidity. For example: mint, plantain, prefer soils with high acidity; * tricolor violet, grows in soils strongly and * on slightly acidic soils grow raspberries, apple, nettle * Neutral soil is in most cases, the inheritance of birch and chamomile