According to Smeltzer and Bare, (2004, p.307): The careful election of the small farm will increase the probability of the well-succeeded venosa puno and the preservation of the vein. To use small farms you dictate in first place preserves the proximais small farms to the small farm previously canulado for the subsequent venosas punes. The veins of the feet and the inferior member must be prevented had to the tromboflebite risk. Item seven analyzes if the professional requests to the patient whom the hand opens and closes some times, and in this was gotten that 100% they do not carry through this request. According to Nettina, (2003) this process increases it arrives in port sanguineous in the area of the incero of the catheter, thus facilitating the puno. In the item, to clean the proximal distal skin was observed that 88.88% had not made the antisepsis Making the assepcia of the place it reduces the number of microorganisms in the skin and diminishes the infection risk.

(NETTINA, 2003 P.). In the accomplishment phase, the item to introduce the needle with the bevel for top 83.33% carried through this stage. For Nettina, (2003) the bevel directed toward top allows that the lesser sharp point and nmais of the needle penetrate first in the vein. Smeltzer and Bare, (2004, p.307) agrees and adds that ' ' the position with the bevel for top generally produces little trauma for the skin and vein. A vein superficially needs an angle of lesser cannula, and a deeper vein in the fabric subcutaneous requires a cannula angle maior' ' Item four of the procedure phase analyzes that when inserting the catheter the professional to hold in the transparent plastic chamber and not for the manbrio where 66.66% had carried through this technique in incorrect way, holding in the manbrio colorful. If you would like to know more about David Rogier, then click here. In the requirement to fix lighted the 17 multivia and to identify technician (94.44%) had carried through this stage.