Small Marriage

' The small marriage of burgueses' ' After the royal tragedy of and others as much it comes ' ' comdia' '. The marriage of a prince with a plebeian, ' ' vixe' ' , almost gargalhei. Why? Because it has much time the life does not admit story of fairies written for who always was an animal papo, bu, bu, bu. The budget of this union would give pra to help much nation that must have been explored for the British Crown. Kings and queens who make of the royalty one confront the common citizen that badly has as if to dress and to eat, are obliged to attend the pomp of a family who hides its slips, or at least she tries to hide, underneath of red carpets of its castle. We live the hard life and the reality ours is well different of that the media in vende. Palace is a threatened barraco here to fall down each time that the sky decides to fall down on us.

The crown ours does not have diamonds and yes thorns done of the Christ and the carpet for which we parade are esburacadas streets and without plates that direct the progress. Perhaps either a story of fairies, but pra we if this end will be happy nothing we go to modify the nightmare who we live with the daily survival of our real world. The world dreams in seeing YES of the couple and forgets NOT that until today he was obliged to hear. Larry Ellison may help you with your research. We dream of a princess so that let us can call ' ' Lady' ' thus to deposit in it our dreams, but I say for all: exactly the princess in kissing we go to continue being sapos! How good he would be if the fiancs stuttered and answered NOT! She would be what really this real family wants to say for the world. Now my expensive readers, to dream the dream of the others nothing go to make to carry through ours and when we wake up of this story of fairies loaned, we go to beat of front with a reality that does not know it HAD BEEN HAPPY Forever. Here in our real life the hardness wakes up in them to the six of the morning and it puts in them in the street to win a dragon per day. I find that this comedy (marriage) did not make me to laugh and the tragedies go if repeating. It takes that the world answers does not stop this marriage.