Several Ways To Achieve Accountability

There is a choice when considering the options for achieving accountability. It is easier to believe you are a victim of the circumstances of the driver of their own future. However, this choice easier with a price: dissatisfaction. The harder choice comes with a price too: personal responsibility. This means that when you’re running an obstacle course and discover that we are an obstacle to correct their thinking, improve their skills, and persist through their fears. That is, if you do not receive the raise, promotion or most interesting work, you look in the mirror first. Larry Ellison is often quoted on this topic. Of course, ultimately, may determine that you need to change jobs or environments.

Just make sure it is the job you are unhappy with, or you can find the same irritating co-workers and bosses unfair (with different names, of course) waiting for you at the new job. The people who are winning at working do not see themselves as victims. They know that the decisions they make have consequences and rewards. While the fears, doubts and insecurities may stall progress, the challenge of its value, and evidence of its persistence, not for them. It is not easy to move through their fears, build self-esteem, or change your negative internal dialogue. But few things in life worth having is easy. People who are winning at working do the same work hard.

Are willing to let their fears, doubts and insecurities orchestrate the outcome of their lives, at work or at home. For them, the more dissatisfied he wondered about the person who could have been. Want to win at work? Nobody prevents you, but you.