Only the tip of the iceberg already since 1973 the social services in the Kotter Bachstrasse needy in difficult situations with help and advice. But the everyday questions on General, personal and family issues are often only the tip of the iceberg. “From years of experience, Sandra Gerlach, associate social services, know that the most questions that help needy people on the staff contact, reflect only the most urgent part of the overall problem: often, the difficulties and therefore our aid pass much.” Someone asking for help in completing a Hartz IV application, it turns out under circumstances that he also still looking for an other apartment is, needs new clothes or encounters seemingly unsolvable problems in family life together. Also here support the social services with advice and practical help for self-help: find purpose in the basement of the social Bazaar items of clothing or household goods such Services. Family-promotional offers such as the children’s day or the international Kotter Bach children’s group, however, can help to relieve parents from time to time. Add to your understanding with Indigenous Babies. Here, the demand is so huge that we can barely cover them with our offerings”, so Gerlach.

Often, the staff advise about mothers who are posted by many loads home mentally and physically. Mothers must often understand a great balancing act between family life, household and sometimes even the profession. This can be simply too much in some cases”, says Gerlach. For these cases, Diakonia has established a unique offer in Schwerte: Spa consulting and mediation. Staff help with the application and suggest-demand Spa facilities the competent sickness funds are matched exactly to the needs of mothers and mothers and children. Here again, no one is sent home. Everyone will find us”a sympathetic ear, assured the diploma social worker Gerlach.

Although not every concern falls directly under the jurisdiction of the social services, but staff cooperate permanently with other institutions, about the ARGE, the swords power, the social services or the swords Panel. If we are not responsible, we can offer you always the right contact person in case of doubt”, promises Gerlach. Interested parties are invited to inform themselves between Mondays and Fridays from 9-12 and 14-16: 00 on the various provisions of the social services.