Service Providers

Google updates: its programmers try with Panda and Penguin before place stark because Google pursues the goal at the top performing high-quality offers in its search results, regularly changes the search algorithm to filter out low-quality pages. To punish Google Panda, the most important update of 2011, aim mainly the so-called engaged”. These include purchased links as well as pseudo comments on other blogs or forums; Links so that alone should ensure to appear high up in search queries and especially potential customers to the own offer should this lure. Since Panda, such links in calculating page ranks are relegated. Google Penguin, so far the most important update of the year 2012, to ensure that low-quality content no longer contribute to a higher page rank. The new search algorithm now also classifies results according to relevance and originality of the content of the page as to the quality of grammar, spelling and expression. By Penguin should be recognized even senseless and-entstellte texts, copied content and incorrect facts and therefore devalued whole domains.

Search engine algorithms are simply impenetrable for most medium-sized companies and small businesses. Yet they can help themselves to stand high up on Google. Important is one thing no matter whether a Web site offers services of any kind or a single self-developed product, if potential customers on Google search, that is almost impossible for all too general searches. With the proposed strategies, however, you can dramatically improve the own page rank at least in local searches. That’s why you should: complete list business address on every single page of the Internet, while the business place in the meta tags, so the program parts of an HTML page. About Google places enter its own business in Google maps, so also the own salon on the map will be shown E.g. in the search after a Hairdresser. Google local, create a company profile and with customers and other businesses in the vicinity to interact.

Check with local chambers of Commerce or trade associations to link to one’s own side. Register all available online directories of industry (including yellow pages, The use of social media. About to create a Facebook page, use but also LinkedIn, Google + or Twitter, to maintain customer contacts. It is however important to regularly update their own profile as to be present on all platforms. Provide your own expertise as a Gratiswert. Contentmarketing is an important opportunity to establish itself as an industry expert with valuable content. Who builds as trust between themselves and other interested parties, win more customers. For example, a cleaning company that offers cheap services, may be persuaded so product reviews with tips for stain removal, washing machines, or even advice on the purchase of vacuum cleaners.