Service Numbers

Servicenummer4you with new services Berlin, 22.02.09 can business customers with the intelligent branch solutions of provider service numbers, Servicenummer4you Berlin, reduce their telephone costs significantly, improve the quality of the own service hotline and open up new sources of revenue. The team of specialists of Servicenummer4you realized individual requirements of large call center operators, such as insurance companies, banks, hospitals and media institutions. Just media authorities and clinic operators can open up new sources of revenue through the intelligent tools by Servicenummer4you. But also for the middle class, new sources of revenue be sought in times of crisis. The establishment of the service numbers or by winning games, Servicenummer4you takes over. So, not only hospitals can generate a large amount of five per year, but also many medium-sized companies. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

It goes without saying that the patients benefit from the hospital solutions. Filed under: Facebook. Using the correct rate and the childcare costs are a simple Web interface for almost any company with telephone customer contact significantly lower. An intelligent control of the caller in addition, so that both components, service number and online platform, a decisive contribution to make. All service numbers and services can be realized within a short time. Depending on the complexity of the issue here is a window of time up to a maximum ranging from just a few minutes a day. Servicenummer4you customers must invest a penny in additional hardware or software.

All necessary modules are available on the smart platform. The Servicenummer4you platform is accessed by login data automatically received by each customer. So for example, hotlines can be set without much effort and cost for airlines or contests for food companies. Meet a few mouse clicks. Our solutions include 0180-, 0800-, 0900 and 0137 – phone numbers. On our Mediation platform can independently control his incoming calls the customer and manage. Of time switching options, overflow or mail box functions up to real time statistics the customer finds everything he needs to control his caller volume. Our online platform can replace expensive PBX, so to reduce costs and increase revenues”, so Dr. Temme, Managing Director of Servicenummer4you.