Screw Air Compressor

The main assembly plant is its compressor – a machine designed to compress gases. Industry produces many different compressors (for compressed oxygen and other gases): piston, helical air compressor, rotary compressor. Reciprocating compressor. The principle of reciprocating air compressor is based on reducing the amount of (compressed) air in the cylinder moving the piston. Rotary compressor.

and of the rotary compressor is based on the compressed air in the cells gradually decreasing during the rotation of the rotor, limited internal surface of the cylinder, rotor and air plastinami.Vintovoy compressor. Screw air compressor consists of three main parts: the two rotors (propellers) with the cutting – the main and auxiliary and housing. Housing at one end of a suction pipe, and on the opposite – discharge pipe. Main rotor screw air compressor is driven by the engine. The motion of the auxiliary rotor is transmitted directly from the main. The rotors are placed in the body and its ends based on the bearings.

As the rotor rotates the screw air compressor air entering through the suction pipe, fills the entire length of the cavity are cutting the rotors, which at that time were connected with the atmosphere. Upon further rotation of the rotors of the air that filled the cavity cutting rotors, cut off from the suction port and subjected to a gradual contraction. At the same time through a tube into the working cavity of the screw air compressor on the slave rotor is fed pressurized oil, which, mingling compresses air, cools it and forms a mist mixture. Compressing air mixture in the screw air compressor lasts as long as the cavity cutting rotors, filled with a mixture of mist, is not suited to the discharge nozzle. Compression of air mix ends with the connection sockets cutting rotors with nozzle injection. The condensed oil / mixture enters the air collector. The principle of the screw air compressor is based on the displacement and compression of a mixture of mist in the hollows of one rotor protrusions of another rotor at their simultaneous rotation. In a single-stage compressors compress air is compressed once and then enters the air collector. In a screw air compressor two stage compression air is compressed twice: first to certain pressure in the cylinder stage I, then, having a refrigerator, until the final pressure in the cylinder stage ii, and then enters the air collector. In a multi-stage air compressor screw air is compressed so much times as compression stages is the compressor.