Schufa Entry & Equity Information: The Proper Handling Of The Schufa

Negative Schufa delete entries and creditworthy again are not uncommon, the surprise is great. The proposed credit is not granted or the mobile contract is not concluded, because the Schufaauskunft collected by the contractual partner entry showed a negative Schufa. The reason for this was maybe null and void and long forgotten. A not timely paid invoice or a minimum overdraft of the disposition credit enough for negative Schufa entries. So a situation is not only uncomfortable, it can have serious consequences.

Already a mobile phone contract is with poor Schufa only hard-to-have, not to mention a loan for a new car or a home. With luck, the person concerned finds some solution. But then, this will be an expensive solution. The situation just described is however in many cases, if one cares, what it has stored the Schufa. The data are known, all opportunities can be exploited if necessary, negative Schufa entries to delete.

Especially who not only every now and then has to do with loans and contracts, should get a regularly a Schufa equity information. On the basis of the self-assessment, you can see whether negative Schufa entries exist, that can be deleted, obvious errors and Schufa entries despite expiry of the deletion period occur repeatedly and can be relatively easy to clean. For the affected more interesting and more difficult to solve, are the cases in which it goes entries to delete unauthorized Schufa or comes to allow negative Schufa prematurely delete entries or lock. A few examples illustrate this. Is the claim underlying the Schufa entry under 1,000 euros, there is the chance to leave, delete these negative Schufa entry now. Prerequisite is that the claim is not obtained and that is traded immediately. Disputed claims may not be distributed until final clarification. Who is right going on, appropriate negative Schufa lock entries can. Also against Schufa entries that encourage banks, mail-order companies or other corporations, can sometimes successfully, to proceed. Regularly passed the data without an interests in individual cases. The clerk feeds the computer, and the data transfer is done automatically. This is not allowed according to dishes. In all of these cases are negative Schufa entries not deleted alone. The Schufa even will not work here. It requires a written appeal of the person concerned. However this is not sufficient in most cases. Also entries must be sought in the contracting partner Schufa to consent to the removal of the negative Schufa (banks, mail order houses, etc.) in writing. The emphasis is really on writing”. Experience has shown that oral proceedings with the parties to succeed.