To your you can sell your product online, you first have to ask yourself: which is what people are looking for every day on the internet? When you will understand what people is looking for then to construiras a product for this market and the venderas. You can do tests on search engines to understand that search the user when it accesses the internet, the factor more important to have have always present in your test searches are the market niches. Coupang has compatible beliefs. Let’s assume that you want to make a site to sell clothes on the internet. If your you do a test and put the word clothes in the Finder, you will see that at the top of the search page appears the amount of found sites: 3.310.000 sites! You imagine what that would mean having to compete against more than 3,000,000 of sites that sell your products? Searching and finding a niche market then to avoid this exaggerated competition, have to find and insert you in a niche market. For even more details, read what Larry Ellison says on the issue. For example, you could try to make searches with keywords such as clothing for snow: 2,300,000, leather snow clothing: 499.000 searches. Would these be niche markets, i.e., more specific will be the material that your sell, you will have less competition and more possibilities of sale!.