Sabine Gladkov

cibX-premiere at the Medica cobixx innovative solution combines the current recording or station data with the information stored in the hospital information system his. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. The status of a station identified as near real time represented open beds, patients, process – and location information in a simple, intuitive interface. Contact information is here: Oracle. Stefan Derle: shows cibX with a sister on right off the bat, that a patient whose laboratory findings have just arrived, has gone about an hour ago in the cafeteria. The lab requires medical action, it also appears immediately.” Strong components are the core of this valuable localization features the active Ekahau tags. To generate position-related data that are evaluated cibX and represented by the cobixx software solution, via the Cisco WLAN infrastructure. cobixx sees an additional as a certified Cisco partner in this joint technological basis Added value: In terms of quality and future-proofing the appropriate solution.

“Stefan Derle: by cobixx and Ekahau alike build on the technology of the market leader and to a tailor-made solution lead them through their own innovation and expertise, we give our clients the security that their investment in the long term will pay for themselves.” About cobixx the cobixx GmbH is an internationally active company, specializing in the needs of different industries IT solution provider with focus on system integration and consulting. The company combines experience on the market for nearly 30 years with the dynamics of a young, innovative home and erwirtschaftete annual revenues by about 20 percent since 2002. About 30 highly qualified and specialized in different sub-markets employees develop on two whereas near Munich and Dusseldorf sophisticated and customized solutions for customers and others from the fields of healthcare, fire/rescue service, carrier, textile / clothing, technical AussenDienst, food & beverage – by the multinational corporation up to the smaller middle class. Further information for, see about Ekahau Ekahau Inc. industry leader in Wi-Fi-based RTLS and site survey solutions. Ekahau site survey is used by thousands of network administrators and wireless engineers all over the world.

The the House of Ekahau RTLS technology is regularly awarded for its superior performance in customer benchmarking and competitive evaluations of Wi-Fi-based location tracking solutions. Ekahau RTLS is used worldwide in more than 150 hospitals and by Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, mining / oil / gas companies, government agencies, and also in the military. Ekahau partners include developers of wireless software, leading system integrators and international OEM partners develop wireless enterprise applications and marketing. Ekahau is a company based in the United States with offices in Saratoga, California; Reston, Virginia; Helsinki, Finland and Hong Kong, China.