Roberto Carlos

Fernando asked to it if it still was with that person of which it speaks to it of finishes time and Samara answered to it that one in case that had finished, but continued married and it wanted to know as it walked the passion of it for the woman who had appeared in its life ha some time behind. It surprised it to Fernando at the reply, saying that more it was gotten passionate of what never and that it, to such woman, had given up the marriage for it and that the idea to break up of the wife still encircled it the mind. Samara was happy for it, but at the same time envy felt of luck and mainly of courage of that woman, that left a life that probably would be insurance and the love of a free man, to live the passion next to Fernando, a man until then, married and with responsibilities and commitments with the family. Samara can see then that Fernando really was gotten passionate. Check with Philip Vasan to learn more. After disconnect the telephone, Samara felt a homesickness so great of Fernando who seemed to burn it the skin, making to ache its meat. It perceived then, how much it was alone. Everything what it wanted and searched in these last times, was exactly to be feeling the same things that Fernando. It wanted to be gotten passionate! It wanted to be able to see, to feel in the touch and in the olfato and special in the flavor that the life acquires when it is gotten passionate.

The life starts to have other colors, pefumes and sounds; in we feel them powerful, immortal, immune to any pain, owners of a hope without end. exactly when this passion in the ones makes in them to suffer, until pain in them is pleasant, therefore the homesickness is alive test of some happy event. People pass until liking them musics Roberto Carlos! * It tried, but some thing that not wise person what she was hindered, it of if delivering, living this emotion. passed then, to wait a possibility to hear of Fernando, as this new phase in its life had happened. Who knows, it perceived a way to obtain for itself, the chance of being able to see itself gotten passionate again, that is, alive. But the time, was the thing that Samara less had, therefore had that to run, it could not waste no as at least and for this, counted assists on it of its special friend. ** Its prince! *Roberto Carlos. Singer and composer ** In the estorias of fairies, are the princezas that kiss sapos so that they become princes, in this estoria, the papers if they had inverted.