Ribbeck GmbH Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary!

Packaging solutions tailored for the grocery industry in the 21.1.1985, Joachim Ribbeck founded Ribbeck GmbH. Shortly after the establishment, he opted for the sales partnership with the G. Mondini s.p.a and tray sealing systems (tray sealer) and filling technology for the Lebensmittelindustrie.Der Italian mechanical engineering was still very critical in Germany initially was seen to pioneer for Mondini in the German Markt.Mondini manufactures. Today, the Mondini have developed machines to the reference class on the tray sealer market.In the course of which the Ribbeck GmbH also developed very positively and is today the most important distributor of G. Mondini s.p.a worldwide. The durability and reliability of our machines and our customer service will cause that we receive excellent feedback from our customers “, as Joachim Ribbeck proudly on the occasion of the anniversary.” Today is an important partner of 8 of the TOP 10 food producers in Germany Ribbeck GmbH and looks towards a promising future. Complete packaging solutions from a single source, for this the Ribbeck GmbH in Bad Bramstedt as representative of G. Mondini is the world market leader for tray sealer S.p.A.. The innovative Mondini tray sealing systems (tray sealer) and system solutions feature excellent quality, maximum speed and low operating costs.