Recruitment Manager

For example, early work with 10 people, and they generate revenue for $ 10,000, that is each employee has brought the company $ 1000 a month. Now he works 16 people, and income was $ 12,000, which means that each employee has brought the company $ 750 a month. Withdrawal, or staff is ineffective, a theme has died. You decide! Want calculate how much you, as head of the company will lose its finances by hiring an inefficient staff? I will give average figures for Moscow, but everyone can count on the basis of their actual numbers. Let's consider the option that your company was hired by a simple employee (not director), and he was sacked at the end of the probationary period (3 months).

You were such cases, the new staff did not pass probation, and you fired them? We now turn to the calculation. How many months of care facilities to submit ads to hire for one job? On average – $ 25. And suppose that during the first month, with one ad, not bothering to, you find an employee. Room rental facilities for recruitment: where is the workspace manager recruitment, plus at least a little space to fill out the forms and place candidates for individual interviews. 15kv.m (Room) * $ 35 (cost 1kv.m per month) = 525 $ Salary Recruitment Manager (assuming that only 50% of his time he spends on recruitment). $ 500 * 50% = $ 250 What is the time spent head for which selected personnel to conduct its interviews with candidates, whom he invites Recruitment Manager? He is also embroiled in the hiring process because he did not care who will be working with him.


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